Exploratory 6

  1. In which area have you noticed the most improvement? How do you know?

I think I most improved on my improvising skills. At the start of the year I couldn’t think of anything but Drama this year has taught me a lot. Now I can think of something magically from my head. I think the MIRISA art exchange helped me a lot too because I had one workshop for drama.

  1. Describe one of your best successes in this class. What did you do to make it so successful?

I think the biggest success was my final skit. We as a group made this successful by asking questions and editing it with the group members so that it sounds good and everybody agrees.

  1. Describe a challenge you faced in this class. What did you do to overcome that challenge?

I challenge that I faced in this class was learning to stay focused and having fun at the same time because drama is all about having fun with the skit or play while being serious and staying focused.

  1. Describe a skill you have learned this quarter that you will definitely use in the future.

Improvisation. I will need this in the future definitely because who knows? You might become a actor or you might be starring in a play and you forget the line. You can definitely use improvisation as long as it is on topic and it makes sense.

  1. If you were to redo a piece of work for this class, what would it be? What would you do differently to create a different outcome?

I would redo my drama final skit/play. Not the whole thing but just the part that we didn’t have enough time to add sound effects and use more prompts and costumes to make it more realistic.

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