Reflection – Journal:

I selected this work sample to share because it shows how I write and the progress I made since August. This particular work piece shows how much progress I made by the word count or the length. Also you can see a wider variety of word choices. If I could redo my journal I would redo my typing by increasing always instead of decreasing and increasing, up and down again.

Reflection -Redesigned book cover:

I chose to share this assignment because it really engaged me most out of all the other assignments. I also chose this because it significantly helped me learn how to use Google drawings more. This work piece shows how much progress I made by looking at the color scheme, shapes, and a lot more. If I could redo my resigned book cover I would add more shapes and chose a different color scheme that has the same colors but more so that I could make it more outstanding.


Redesigned book cover – The fault in our stars

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