SS 7

During Social Studies, we have learned many topics but the one I want to share is the black death. We have studied about it by the packet (DBQ), and by making and presenting a PechaKucha The reason I chose this topic is because it was very interesting to learn about and was different from the past assignments we did because we showed our learning by presenting it with a partner.

For the assignment on the Black Death, we had to read the DBQ packet and had to answer the questions. So for some background information, the Black Death started in the 14th century entering Europe through a port in Italy which killed millions of people. We then had to fill in the document which was the Black Death Research planner. We had to first choose our essential question which we settled with ‘What was the positive side of the Plague that hit in the middle ages?’ We then researched sources and put the information in one box and then put it in our words and put it in the box next to the box for key information. We also had to find pictures for the PechaKucha and had to relate to the information. After that it was just making the presentation and practiced. On the day we presented we were recorded. So I learned several things from researching about the positive side of the Plague. One of the reasons was that for the survivor’s perspective of life was much more easier for the fact that their work was in higher demand and land was abundant also the pay was high and also for the fact that serfdom disappeared. Another reason was that the death/depopulation gave more resources such as land and rose the living conditions. And thanks to the resources there was something to help the advancement of technology and medicine.