PE 7

Physical Education Reflection


Name: Yenny           Grade: 7                          Advisory Teacher: Ms. Taoli


The following questions will serve as a reflection based on your experience in physical education classes. Please answer the questions as honestly as possible.


  1. What is your favorite activity/unit in physical education class? and why? Please link your related blog post to show your parents.

My favorite unit in PE class was the soccer unit since I enjoy playing soccer and I really enjoy running and we got to do both. We played soccer, while improving some skills and doing the 1.2k challenge.


  1. What are your goals related to fitness?

My goal that relates to fitness is trying to get my running faster, also improving more soccer skills. I hope that I get to run faster for long distance running since I feel confident with my short distance.


  1. What are you doing to reach your fitness goals outside of PE class?

I will try to run outside of school and try to practice my soccer skills more often, at school and outside of school.