Mandarin 7

Of the work you have completed in this class, what do you feel most confident about?  

I feel like my presentation for the hobbies unit is the project I am most confident about since I put a lot of effort because we got to choose to people to research about that we had interest in or wanted to. I also liked it since it was very interesting how we got to choose. I think it helped me be more interested in the project since we had a choice and we got to pick two people that we wanted to research their hobbies and more about them and make it in to a presentation to present.


Describe one of your best successes in this class.  What did you do to make it so successful?

I think that one of my best successes was getting my grades up for quizzes especially since we talked about different ways to study and which ways are effective for us when we want to learn/memorize new vocabulary for the quizzes. I think that one of the best ways that I made this successful was listening during class when Ms.Taoli was explaining how you should study and different ways you could study and to find out which ways are effective and also easy ways to memorize the characters and phrases.