One of the assignments that I am most proud of in ELA is my informative writing piece.

  • Why are you proud of this assignment?

This is because I’ve tried really hard and even though I missed a lot of classes due to MIRISA and cross country which made my grade go down I resubmitted it and got a better grade. I’ve also tried to as much as research as I could in the time I had.

  • How did this project challenge you?

A way that this project challenged me is that sometimes it was hard to get a lot of information on a topic, since there were times when there was alot of information on one topic but less on the other. Another way this project challanged me was because of the classes I missed.

  • How does this project represent your learning in ELA this year?

This represents my learnign in ELA this year since it shows that I’ve learned to write an informative writing piece and how to cite sources and put them in my writing.