Algebra 7

1. Thinking back on the start of the school year and how you felt about your math abilities, in what ways have you improved?
Looking back at my math abilities at the start of the school year I think it’s right to say that it was pretty bad but now I think I’ve learned a lot of school and I have improved.

2. Thinking about all that we have learned this year, what topic was the hardest for you and why?
I think that the hardest topic for me would’ve been the study guide/skill quiz 10 because I was not familiar with it at all and I felt like it was rushed and we didn’t have enough time to prepare.

3. For which topic did you work the hardest to understand the material? What was so difficult and what did you do to make sure you learned it?
The topic I have worked the hardest to understand the material would be study guide/skill quiz 9 and because it was hard I tried my best to understand the material and something that was so difficult about it was again, not being too familiar with the topics and I went to my tutor and asked questions to make sure I learned it.

4. What do you struggle with the most in math?
Something that I struggled with in math was taking quizzes since I felt like we didn’t have enough time. I think it was just me though..

5. If you were to travel back in time to the first days of school what advice would you give to yourself about math class?
Probably, study everyday about an hour.

6. Thinking ahead to the rest of the year, what do you think you need to do to succeed in math?
Do the study guides everyday and the mastery challenges as much as I can.