Art Chair Sculpture Final Reflection

In art, we have been working on chair sculptures. We were required to create and design this chair sculpture following a theme. We chose a theme and based off our chair design on it. For this project we tried to incorperate the different techniques we learned of sculptures during the proccess. To accomplish this, I used different materials such as plater, tissue paper, sand, clay, CDs and much more. I used plastering which is a new skills I learned during this project, and with plaster I created the vines, the icicles, the tree and the castle. For my chair I originally chose the theme dream having an idea where the top half if a good dream so like a nice dream catcher with a body of a human sleeping in the middle with nice elements to represent a good dream. While the bottom half is a nightmare take on the whole dream theme. For the assessment part we are being graded on the demonstration and presentation of the 4 elements in our sculpture. We learned several different things about sculptures during class. Such as the fact that there are three main parts to the process which includes subtractive process, additive process, and kinetic process. Subtractive process is when you remove parts from the material that you have been working on which can include a variety for example; wood, stone, marble, or clay. The additive is the opposite of this. It is when you add on to the material you’ve been working on such as clay or plaster. Last but not least, the kinetic process is when you add movement to the sculpture, or how the element depends on motion. Carving, modeling, casting, construction, assemblage, and relief. These are examples of basic ways to sculpt. We also learned about the elements: space, line, plane, mass/volume, shape, value, texture, and color.

To start this project off we were asked to build a snake eating a ice cream out of newspaper and tape. Gradually, we started adding videos and pictures of sculpting techniques and sculptures in general to our pinterest board. This was our research proccess/progress. We then started planning our general overview of the chair and how it will turn out at the end. We did some warm ups to understand more about how important the planning was because if we didn’t plan the things out it would get messy and confusing. We also planned out a timline and a schedule to keep track of what we need to get done each class to finish everything on time. The timeline personally for me acting out as a great guide so I could figure out how much I needed to get done and if I needed to come into studio time which I did for extra time. We also got a grade for a half way progress check and at the time I was more on the decorating side which lowered my grade and which I was not happy with, so I started working more on building on to my chair.

The image above was my original plan and design I was going to follow. Personally, I love free-handing things and going with the flow. So during the process I changed up some stuff that I thought would look better and things that were more realistic to in time. The things I designed were a little overboard and were things I could not finish in time. Therefore, I had to change up my plans and designs which made my final chair different from the plan at the end.

This is a gif of my progress of each class (not including short classes)

While working on this project I have learned a several different things. From words and definitions to techniques and skills. I have also learned that my strengths are thinking outside the box such as creatively thinking of a solution when things go wrong. (Which it often did). Also I think I did a pretty decent job at subtly but not too strongly addressing my theme which I changed to fantasy. I feel like people could get a vibe to the whole fantasy feel about the stop half being the whole story and the nice parts and the bottom part being the villian and the problem part of the story. But if I did get a chance to redo this project I would spend more time adding a bigger part to this sculpture, not just the vine but something in the middle. I have made a human with the top half of her body but could not finish it on time as I had to start over because the plastering at the head didn’t work out too well. Also I would do more sculpting with clay and add different elements and more details as well as adding more parts to the bottom half which portrays darkness.

Below I have embedded a presentation explaining the different elements and principles to get a better idea on what the definitions of these elements and principles are and I have also included how they are used for future references.

From this project I got to expand my vocabulary and learn more key words in this whole proccess. Looking at the picture below which made out of skitch, it shows the elements I have used and how the elements were used. It shows 6 different elements including colour, value, movement, texture, and more. An example of an element I used was value which is something new I learned. This means it has different shades to the object, light and shadow. And for mine, I used this on the icicles by adding different shades to it, some light and some darker. Another example is texture, I have added this element by adding sand in different places to add an effect and something that the audience could feel. These are some of the things I have learned and learned how to incorporate into sculptures.

At the end of this project, I was sad to stop working on it as it was a lot of fun. We could choose our own theme, think outside the box and pretty much do anything with it. I was also proud of myself for being able to finish this in time as I had a pretty big plan but I tried to make it more realistic with the time, which in the end it worked. In conclusion, I have learned so much during this time and would love more art projects like this where we can be more free and creative. These skills that I have learned could be easily put into my personal life that may not have to do with art such as timekeeping, staying organised, being on task and much more. I would really love to thank Mrs. Jardin for giving us an opportunity to make something amazing off of a theme we might feel strongly about or love.



Radical Inventions Debate

Debate Planning Doc

Statement: Solar power is a better solution than nuclear energy in terms of providing a power source.

Pro Team: Yenny and Min Seo (Solar Power)

Con Team: Nam and Jun (Nuclear Energy)

Radical Inventions DEBATE REFLECTION

Pro? Con?

From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.

I have learned more about the art of persuasion, such as that you have to be calm but also use different tones of voices, but to never shout. Also I have learnt that speak clearly, explain, to act confident, even if you’re not and to be respectful to the audience, judges, as well as the opposing team. Also in the art of persuasion, you have to make eye contact and you have to not say ‘umm’ or ‘ahh’ as a filler word.

How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully.

As a debater to establish credibility, you have to get information from reliable sources and to state them as you present your arguments. If you learn how to stay calm, focus on the topic, speak clearly, explain, and cite your sources, you yourself earn credibility from the audience and the judges and it looks as if you fully know what your topic is about. Also, knowing your topic from all angles helps you as a debater and helps to earn yourself credibility.

What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?

I was surprised about the amount of pressure there was. As we were being filmed and having a time limit, I felt very pressured. I was also surprised by the amount of effort that was put in for one debate such as the time keeping, the moderator and much more and I was generally surprised on how well the debate looked and sounded as it looked more professional and real than I imagined.

What were you most proud of in your own debate?

I was most proud of my opening statement as well as my conclusion. I felt though as if my opening statement captured the audience’s attention well, and my conclusion left a strong message behind with something to think about. I was also proud of the amount of evidence I had for my claim as well as citing my sources as I was presenting.

What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?

If I could do the debate again I would have slowed down while speaking as well as speaking more during the open rebuttal. I would also want to be more prepared for the open rebuttal, even though I had a lot of information of the topics I have felt the opposing team might ask about, I definitely felt like I could add some more effort into improving it.  



Judge Assessment

Peer Assessment

Debate Footage: 


Project reflection-Handicapped accessibility ramp


Use the questions below to reflect on your learning on the task: “Building a Handicapped Ramp” When you’re done, paste the questions, your responses and media (pictures I  send you) in your blog. Write a lengthy paragraph and use your peer evaluations to help you with this.


How successful were you in designing a ramp that complied with the American’s with Disabilities Act and the space constraints? If you were not successful, what would you do differently?

I think I was successful in this lab because I showed how much I know of finding the AMA and IMA and I also showed progress throughout my lab showing everything I know in a commercial.  I think I would rate myself 9.5 out of 10 because I know I wasn’t perfect on this ramp assignment but I think I have to give credit to myself for doing the best I could.


How did evaluating the designs and work of others help them? How did evaluating your peers help you understand the problem better?

I think I learned that there were different kinds of ramps you could make just having to have a IMA of 12 or over and that the height had to be lower than 2 meters. I have learned of evaluating David’s and Victoria’s that you could add support under your ramp to make it more stable. So throughout the process I added a lot paper and a lot of tape to make it stable. It may not look perfect because of the tape and crinkled paper everywhere but I think I tried my best of showing how much I know about designing ramps.


How did conducting “tests” on other people’s ramps (IMA and AMA) help with data collection and analysis?

I learned that how to get the IMA and IMA without friction, AMA, and AMA without friction better by doing it again and again and help do the peer-evaluation. It also helped me by understanding how you can get the IMA of 12 or more in different ramps by seeing different ramps by different people.

Did you change your model throughout this process? Why?

I did have one thing I changed which was crinkling paper underneath my ramp to make it stable enough for the wheelchair to not fall. I think that I did the right thing to put paper underneath because if I did not the wheelchair would fall down everytime I try to  finish my calculations and my IMA and AMA would not be exact.


This is my commercial for my ramp

Journal-English Language Arts

This is one of my journals I did from the last couple of weeks which the topic was to right about if you agree or disagree with the quote “The internet is so big so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.” -Andrew Brown.

September 26, 2014

“The internet is so big so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.” -Andrew Brown Do you agree with this statement? Why/ why not?

I don’t agree with this because there is nothing for you to do or than you can’t enjoy your life. I do agree that the internet is so big and powerful and pointless but I hardly disagree that is may be a complete substitute for life. I do agree that is is very big and powerful because you can do mostly anything with it except things like eating and drinking, or going to the bathroom, but mostly everything like facts, answers, and even movies and books you can use it for your own goods in your life. But I feel like it should not be a complete substitute for life because there is so many things out in the world you never tried and if the internet completely takes over you life you might not get to do things like riding on a roller coaster and throwing up on the person in front of you or you might not get a chance to get to win a spelling bee and be disqualified and be upset. I know that it might sound like ‘Why would anyone want to do this. This is a complete waste of time I think it is better that the internet be a complete substitute for my life.’ But it is things you can’t do if you are in the virtual world of computers all day. As a conclusion I agree that it is very powerful and big but I do not agree that the internet can be a complete substitute for life.

My S.M.A.R.T Goals

My 3 S.M.A.R.T goals for the next year/semester:

1. Better aiming at the goal. (Soccer) I have never been good at aiming right at the goal because it has always gone right or left or up.

2. I really really really wanna push myself to actually study for quizzes and tests.

3. Expand my circle of friends. I have always been a firm believer in the saying, “I would rather have a few good friends than a lot of fake friends”; that being said, I do think it is good to expand your circle of friends. No one needs a million best friends, often we get comfortable with our small circles of friends and don’t venture out to meet new people. This semester I am making it a goal to expand our circle of friends.

Genius Hour Session Two

For session’s two genius hour topic I have chosen to make a video game to share with the SSIS community.

My intended goal of my genius hour topic was to share my game to the SSIS students grade 3 to 5.

I wanted to investigate my topic because in session 1 genius hour topic some people did designing games and it looked fun and easy to do, so I wanted to investigate how hard and fun designing games are.

There were many steps throughout my process. First I had two choices to choose between gamestar mechanic and scratch. I went in both, sign up, and tried making a game on the two websites. I figured out making a game on gamestar mechanic was more fun because their were sprites to pick. So I made my game on gamestar mechanic. Then when I tried making a game it was no use because there weren’t too much sprites. So I went on a mission to find more sprites. I searched on websites, watched videos how to get more sprites and then I finally figured out where to find the other sprites… it was really easy, you just had to go to the mission section finish all the missions and you get sprites. After getting all the sprites there were I went to my workshop again and I finally finished my game. I then published it to the web and shared the embed code with Ms. Heather for her to put my video game on her blog. After that we (people that made video games) shared it with students grade 3 to 5. And that was my steps throughout my process.

There were many surprising things throughout making my game but the most surprising thing was that they (gamestar mechanic) doesn’t give you extra sprites when starting. Many hard things came along as well but the most hard thing was to finish the game on time.

We (video game people) shared the games with the SSIS community by embedding the link to Ms. Heather’s blog and then having people come to the video game day and playing the games on Ms. Heather’s blog.

I learned from my genius hour experience that it is very hard making a game even though it looks very easy.

I want to share one last thing about the genius hour experience… Gamestar Mechanic is AWESOME.

Cat Tien Memories

We, 5th grade students went to Cat Tien for their fist field trip. It was 2 nights and 3 days. From March 5~7. My roommates were Vivian and Yeoun Jae. We (my roommate) got the brand new cabin. It was called magnolia. A type of flower. There were 2 groups I was group 2. The bus ride took 4 hours and 30 minutes. The restaurant that we ate our breakfast, lunch, dinner was called yellow bamboo.

Day 1 Journal.
First night at Cat Tien. About 9:50 p.m (time I wrote my journal.)
What I really was waiting for finally came true! My first field trip in 5th grade! I can’t believe it. I feel good because our cabin is new and also because the people said that it is VIP. After getting of the 4 hours 30 minute bus ride and riding a boat wasn’t a waste of time after all I thought. We had lunch after we got off. It was terrific. BUT THEN… I changed my mind we had to go on a hike! It was exhausting. The hike was about an hour and a half. Going up a narrow road with 32 kids! But good thing we had rest time after. After a little it was dinner time. Lunch was okay but dinner was awesome! There was beef to noodles the restaurant was awesome. The noodles were a blast! We had to order more because we finished it all in 20 seconds. When the noodles arrived before it was even on the table everyone started hogging like hog for the noodles. I saw that the noodle went all over the waiters hand. I also saw that she was staring at us as if we were children that never ate anything. It was funny.

After the horrifying dinner we went back to prepare for the night sensory hike. The night sensory hike was half exiting and half creepy because all you got to see was black and white. It seemed like I was looking into a black and white T.V screen. After walking a little (?) we sat down and we were quite for 5 minutes to hear & see the sounds and backgrounds that we can’t see or hear in the city. It was more awesome than I thought it would be. You could see the moon more brightly and you could see tons of stars. I enjoyed it when I thought I wouldn’t.

After we got back we had the bonfire. Mr. Sullivan got to put the oil on so that the fire would spread easier. It was when the fire was on. I took my long sleeved shirt because it was too hot. The teachers got to tell stories but tomorrow we, students get to preform. We even get to roast marshmallows it will be awesome! It was my first time doing the bonfire. It was awesome.

When the bonfire was over we went back to our cabin and we had a shower before we slept. And unwanted people came in and showered because their bathroom got locked because of the boys. (It was Eileen’s cabin.) I thought why did Eileen and her friends let the boys in at first. It was because of the boy that it was locked. They played with their bathroom. After the last one Annabel left we heard a knock. It was Ms. Trester. She told us it was time to sleep so we turned off the light and went to bed. We were suppose to sleep at 10 but because Vivian laughed too much we slept at 10:30. It was an awesome first night at Cat Tien.

This is a presentation of the scavenger hunt we did during the hike.

I hope you enjoyed it my presentation.

Day 2 Journal.
Last night at Cat Tien. About 12:40 a.m (time I wrote my journal)
We woke up at about 7:00 in the morning. Ms.Trester woke us up. When she left we opened the door and everyone was outside we figured out we were late for breakfast. So we got dressed as fast as we could. But I was too lazy so I wore my p.j for my shirt because it looked like a normal shirt. But I had to change my pants because it looked too like p.j. So then I changed them.
I wasn’t expecting the breakfast too much. And I was right. The breakfast was horrible. It said it was omelet and bread but egg and bread came out. It was terrifying. I was jealous of those who had instant noodles with beef. It looked so tasty. But good thing the next day I have I have instant noodles with beef.

Next we went to see the moon bears, sun bears, gibbons, peacock, crocodile, and leopard station. We saw the moon bears, sun bears, gibbons, peacocks, and the crocodile but we couldn’t spot the leopard. I think it didn’t want to come our because we were too noisy. The sun bears were cute, they were real small and they were more cuter because they were playing in their hammocks.

The most thing I liked and remembered was when we put food for the bears to find. Moon bears were omnivores so we hid fruits, leaves, and peanut butter. But too bad we couldn’t hide fishes or meat. When we were done we went up to a tree house where we could see the moon bears finding their food.

Moon bear’s eyesight weren’t so good so it took them quite a while to find their food. But lucky their sense of smell was good. So it didn’t take too long to find their food. It was fun looking them finding their food and fighting for it.

At 7:00 p.m we went to another animal spotting tour but on a jeep. We spotted about 17 deer and 1 gibbon. If you looked back after a while it was creepy. It was like if slender man came our. Vivian who was sitting next to me kept on trying to get a leaf. After her hard (?) work she finally got one. Vivian let me touch it is was really soft.

When the animal spotting tour was over we went to the bonfire. Today students got to preform. I preformed also with Elin, Vivian, Kirsten, Muccia, Phuong Tam, Angela, and Tara. We did the bubble trick. It was cool. After saying the words and counting to 16 you could feel a bubble it was more cool because no one else could break it except yourself. And lastly what I was waiting for was here. Roasting marshmallows. I ate 6. The marshmallows were bigger/larger than I thought. So it was better. Some students even burnt their marshmallows because they thought it tasted better, but not me I just liked it perfectly gold. And that was my journal for my second night at Cat Tien.

My micro ecosystem page.

Day 3 Journal.
Time don’t know. Coming back to HCMC.
It is the last half day at Cat Tien. We had breakfast, it was awesome. Instant noodles with beef was the best choice. After breakfast we played group challenges. We (Our human knot group of 8.) were the first ones to finish the human knot in exactly 3 minutes. And the first ones to finish the knot game in about 3 minutes. Thanks to Annabel’s leadership we were the first ones. Annabel was the one to figure our the pattern. After the group challenges we got to make our own lunch. We were making sandwiches. I put peanut butter, cucumber, and tomato in mine. After eating it I figured out that I shouldn’t have put in cucumbers after all. When we got in the bus to go back to HCMC we watched the last lion a documentary 1/4 of the way. 1/4 of the way we stopped at a rest place. We (me, Dino, Tam, Ms. Trester, and e.t.c) played uno. Ms. Trester said no one ever won her but Dino did. I think she was lying. It was funny when Dino won her. When we got back to the bus we watched WALLY. I have never watched WALLY but after watching it I wanted to watch it again. It was a fantastic and a heart warming movie. When we got back to school. We still had time left until we went home so we worked on our journals. When I saw my mom I quickly rushed to her. I kissed and hugged her as much as I could. And the way back home I told my story about the amazing first out of home story. It was great. It was awesome. It was amazing…

Cat Tien Photos

Motion and Design

In the motion and design unit we were in groups of three. My teammates were Elin, Tara, and myself. We had to name our car company, we called our company ETY Motors. (It stands for Elin, Tara and Yenny.) We each had our own part. I was the technology person and the car maker, Tara was the tester and the car maker with me, and last but not least Elin was the average finder and the poster maker. I liked my job because I got to write down the distance traveled,  and because I got to make the graphs.

During the motion and design unit we built cars, tested the car, modified the car, and finally had a competitions with the other six companies. We had seven competitions. And we won first place on the wind racer competition second place on the rubber band racer and finally third place on the final distance and final rate competition.

I liked building the gravity car the most because it was the first car I ever built in motion and design. I also liked building the safety egg car because we got to use sponges, which were really soft.

I think the final competition model car had the most kinetic energy because we had two kinds of energy. Wind and elastic energy. I also think it had the most kinetic energy because we used the fan power has 3 and 8 winding until it reached it’s max.

I was most proud of our poster because I think our poster was the most eye catching poster. I was also proud of our commercial. We kind of had some arguments about which theme music we will use but after a while we found a theme music that everyone agreed on.

If I could do anything again from the motion and design unit I would like to build the safety egg car, and build a faster car for the other cars that didn’t win in the competition.

During the motion and design unit I found that it was challenging to make the car go in a straight line. Because if there is only a small mistake the car would not go in a straight line.

We (ETY Motors) came up with the final competition model the wind and elastic energy racer because we won first place in the wind racer competition and second place in the elastic energy racer.


The Wind Racer (Fan speed 2)

Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3



593 cm

690 cm

560 cm

614 cm

Modification 1 (Car length shorter)

482 cm

436 cm

642 cm

520 cm

Modification 2 (long car length + rubber band 5 winds)

910 cm

750 cm

710 cm

790 cm

This is the data chart for the last challenge car.

This is the fist car we ever built, the gravity car. The white thing is the smoke. Tara made it.

This is our safety car. In this challenge we had to carry a passenger, an egg. We had to let go of our car on a ramp, we had to let go of our car until it reached the max. Our car broke sadly when the slope was 40  degrees.

This is the spring motor car.

This is the wind racer model.

This is our elastic car model.

This is a picture of our final challenge car. Double X9000