Looking Back – SS End of Year Reflection

There are different contents that we have learned, skills that we have practiced, and different projects that we have done. Sadly, social studies has come to the end, as well as the school year. I have really enjoyed social studies as it was a very fun class and had very interesting units that I have enjoyed. Of course, there were different contents, assignments, projects, and skills there are a lot of best parts of social studies as well as some of the worst parts.

During social studies we have learned several different contents, did different projects and assignments and mastered different skills. The contents include the byzantines unit, christianity, islam, renaissance, and the black plague. The projects that we did are the renaissance fair, pecha kucha for the black plague unit, and different DBQ’s. I have really enjoyed the black plague and the renaissance units out of all the other ones because they were very interesting to me. I also enjoyed the christianity, islam and byzantine units as I have learned a lot of facts that I have not known. I highly enjoyed the projects this year especially the renaissance fair as it was something different that we have never done before, I really liked how we got to look at the different projects that the other students did as everybody made their presentation and activity different which was really interesting to look at. I also enjoyed the pecha kucha since I enjoy doing pecha kuchas. Even though I don’t enjoy DBQ’s I do think it is a very important part of social studies to do DBQ’s.

There are definitely a lot of good parts of social studies which for me includes the renaissance fair, the black plague unit and the films that we watched during class. As stated before, I really really really enjoyed the renaissance fair because it was very fun and educational at the same time. I also really liked the black plague unit, because personally for me, I found the black plague/black death really interesting even though it was tragic. I really found all the facts that I have never known before amazing and was very curious about a lot of things that happened during that time. The films that we watched during social studies that includes the renaissance movie bits that we watched very fun. I think they were entertaining and very educational at the same time. These are only some of the best parts of social studies because OBVIOUSLY social studies is amazing and there are a lot of amazing parts of it.

As much as social studies is amazing there are certainly some bad parts of it. Free write is one of the things that I despise most. I do enjoy writing but I feel like that the free write time is way too long. I think that 10 minutes would be enough to write about the topic we are giving but 15 minutes and sometimes longer, that is too much for me. I honestly have a attention span of a goldfish so I always end up drawing on my paper. I do really like some of the topics that are givin to write about, but sometimes I just have no idea what the topic is talking about which ends up with me drawing or talking to my neighbors. I do agree that free write is a good skill as we write on paper which we don’t do that often anymore as technology has become more popular leading to most assignments on our laptops. I do think that free writes should keep going even though it is one of my worst parts of social studies it is a good skill to improve on. Another thing that I do not like about social studies is the amount of blog posts. I’m pretty sure that social studies has the most blog posts. I do not enjoy writing blog posts as most of the time we are writing about a free write topic we wrote but editing it and revising it. But I think that the blog posts that we do that are about the unit that we have covered is a good thing.

These are some of the best parts, the only worst parts, and the contents, skills, and assignments that we did. I have had an amazing year in social studies with Ms. Mckinnon and will certainly miss her next year. Social studies has been phenomenal and I am looking forward to social studies next year.

Water System Reflection 3 – Science

What did your group do today?

Today our group finished our first part of our design and tested it and put it in agar.

What methods did you use to remove bacteria?

We used the natural method to remove the bacteria since the materials we used in the first part of our design uses sand, gravel, and charcoal.

What methods did you use to remove salt? What methods did you use to remove sediment? Would you drink your water after it has passed through your filter system? Why or why not?

We used the natural and biological method to remove the salt.

What methods did you use to remove sediment? Would you drink your water after it has passed through your filter system? Why or why not?

We used the natural method to remove the sediments because we used a piece of cloth to remove the sediments.

Would you drink your water after it has passed through your filter system? Why or why not?

I would not drink our water that has passed through our filter system because so far it is not as clean as I expected it to be and if we had finished the second part of our design and if the water went through it I would maybe drink it.

Water System Reflection 2 – Science

What methods (chemical, mechanical, biological, or natural) are you using in your design?

Our group is using the natural method because we are using materials such as sand, gravel, charcoal to get rid of some of the particles in the river water also we are boiling the water which is a natural method.

What steps do you need to do tomorrow to improve or test your design(systematic testing)?

Our group needs to finish the last part of our design and we will be done with our first prototype then we will test it and fix the parts that need more attention. Also I think that we should improve our design by making the charcoal and the sand cleaner by washing it over and over again several more times.

What is your prediction of how it will work?

I think that our design will make the water drinkable again if we make the design correctly and not mess up any parts. But I think that we made the first part of the design with the sand, charcoal, and gravel pretty well and will do a good job in distilling a lot of the big parts such as plants and such in the river water. And the other part of the distillation can kill the microbes and other extra things in the river water and take it out to make the water drinkable.



Water System Reflection – Science

How did you work with your group to brainstorm?
Our group brainstormed several ideas but at the end decided on one final one. The idea was that we use a bottle and put charcoal, gravel, sand repeatingly. This would get rid of the plants, soils, and such. Below the bottle there would be a whole where we would cover it up with a cloth and tie it secure with a rubber band so it would make the water a little cleaner. Then we would cut paper cups and use it as a slide that would go to the next part where the water would be heated up and would go up as it slides down the plastic and because on the other side there will be a rock it would be slanted as the water would go to that side and the water would drop down that side in to a cup and which would hopefully have clean and drinkable water. We worked as a group to brainstorm by drawing several drawings of what our design could look like and then decided on which one would work the best. 

What ideas can you offer?

An idea is that maybe we could think of which heat source we would use which we are limited to solar, people, or gravity power.

What is your group’s next steps?

Our next step is to finish building our prototype. We finished the first part with the water bottle and we would have to work efficiently to complete the last part of our design.

What should you bring?

I don’t think we would have to bring anything for next class because we have everything since we brought everything we needed today.

Food Drive Promo Reflection – ELA

We have made promos for the food drive that we have had for the An Linh School. We had made a poster and a video to advertise the food drive. For the poster that David and I made a poster that connects with our audience which are the middle school  students because we used words that middle school students would understand as we wrote more than what we would write to describe the conditions of the students at an linh free school for elementary students. We also used several pictures to capture the audience’s eyes. We used different advertising strategies and techniques such as putting the image of the hand with the food on the left because the right side of the brain is the part which processes and controls the left eye. Also we encouraged mental interactions for example putting a hand underneath the food instead of just putting the food. Also we put the hand so it gazed towards the words. We also put emotional words bigger such as ‘encourage’. During the work process we made a few designs and then chose one to focus on to make it our final and we decided on the background color so it would fit what we are trying to advertise. We had different choices we were looking at including yellow, orange and red. This was because yellow showed happy, warming, and joy which I thought was a good color to tell people to donate to make the children happy. Orange showed enthusiasm, warmth, and excitement. We used this color as our font because I thought it was a good color and I definitely wanted to include it because I felt like it really suited the goal of encouraging people to donate. We chose red as our background color/main color because it showed love, passion, and power. I decided this was a very suitable color because it really fit with the theme of making kids happy and showing love to the kids by donating. This is one of my favorite parts that we went through during the creative process because there were several options and we got to pick the color that we felt like suited our audience and poster. We then found a picture of two kids at An Linh Free School that looked very happy and we also added a paragraph explaining the children’s condition where they will not be able to have enough food during the summer. We also put the date the food drive was going to be, where the donations should go and who it is for in a bigger font. At the end, the results turned out a little different as we planned it but in a positive way as I feel like it would capture the audience’s eyes more. Another part of the creative process I found interesting and fun was the time where we had to organize where the text went, where the pictures went and all. I really liked this part and found it fun because we had to make it easy to look at and interesting enough to catch somebody’s attention. The last part I found fun was coming up with the ideas for the video because we could be as creative as we wanted to be. There were a lot of good ideas our group came up with even though we struggled with coming up with the most creative, humorous yet informative idea. There were a few moments where it was challenging such as deciding on one color for the background because me and my partner were talking about which color should be our background, the font, and the header because we had different opinions and ideas. Another challenging part was when we were writing the description of the kids in the school’s condition because we were trying to describe and put as much as detail possible for the reader to understand but at the same time it was hard because it shouldn’t have been too long. The last challenge I found while making the food drive promos was while filming because we filmed it at school people were going by the hallways where we had to film and there were background noises that could be heard but we overcame the challenge by deleting the sound and adding background music that fit the video idea. I have learned a few things through the food promos about persuasive writings. I learned that it should encourage people and should end the writing with what you expect and want them to do. I also noticed the essentials of persuasive writings during the promos such as expressing your attitude, employing exact words, and to write from different viewpoints. These are some of the things that I have learned and the information I have gathered during making these promos. I will definitely use these skills and information in the future.  

Free Write Blog Post – SS

My spring break was…

Honestly really boring. I mean I did hang out with Victoria from Friday to Wednesday but after that I barely did anything. I just sat in my room watching danisnotonfire from youtube on my big screen while eating oreos. So on Friday I went to Victoria’s house and we just talked while William, Victoria’s brother kept coming in and annoyed Victoria. The next day we went to Saigon Outcast, and then after that Victoria came to my house and because we had some guests over for some dinner so we spent most of the night in my room. We had dinner on the roof so we went upstairs to the roof as we got some food and came back down. Then on Sunday we just hung out and we went back to Victoria’s house at around 6pm and we played some volleyball and basketball and then went upstairs to change into our swimming suit and some gym clothes over it and went to the gym to run and do some workouts. Around an hour later we went swimming which was felt really good since the water wasn’t too cold but not warm. After around only 15 minutes of swimming we went upstairs again and had a shower and had some dinner. We then just talked while watching Ben Philip’s pranks which were hilarious. After that we just went to sleep. Then on Monday we went back to my place and just hung out talking and stuff and slept over and the next day I went to Victoria’s place as we hung out again and then the next day I went back home and just watched youtube videos and ate oreos. I also worked on some algebra to prepare for class as I checked homework, skyped people and went to bed. I would say it was a really boring break since I felt really lazy to do anything cool like maybe skydiving, but to be honest I would pick netflix and popcorn over doing something that takes effort any day. This was my very boring spring break. 

Tragedy of The Commons Water

During science we have been learning about water and the commons. Water is a commons problem because the water we share isn’t fresh and clean and some people can not support the same as the others. This makes it harder, this is because water is everywhere, also companies use the clean and drinkable water so the companies can make profit and they do not consider the people who can’t support and afford the clean water. Water makes up 75% of the earth but because of the salt intrusion there is only a small amount of fresh water. There are several ways that we can be stopping this problem which include trying to end the companies that are trying to make profits for themselves and not thinking carefully about the negatives outcomes. Middle school students can also make a difference in this problem by supporting to stop the companies by helping other people become more aware of the situation and problem that is happening. Also teaching the people about the importance of clean water and how it affects people.

The Renaissance – SS Blog Post

During SS we’ve been learning about the Renaissance. The Renaissance is a period in Europe which started as a cultural movement in Italy, from the 14th century to the 17th. It then spreaded to the rest of Europe. The Renaissance means rebirth, this was because it was viewed as the time where literature and art reinvented themselves. The cultural movement affected intellectual life of Europe. There are several people that have took a big part during the Renaissance for example, Leonardo Da Vinci who was a painter, inventor, scientist, and polymath. Michelangelo was also a famous person from the Renaissance, he was a sculptor, painter, architect. There are a lot of other famous people of the Renaissance including, Raphael, Titian, Donatello, and much more. Overall, the Renaissance was a very interesting time of history.


There are several things that interest me about the Renaissance but if I had to choose one it would definitely be the people. It was obvious that there were a lot of great artists, political thinkers, scientists and more. Their works and thinkings was very interesting and inspiring to me. I found it interesting how it was the time when they achieved a lot in art, science, literature and much more. Although there are many people that have interested me I found the artists the most interesting and inspiring. Leonardo Da Vinci, who is known for many of his famous artworks which one of the most famous being Mona Lisa. He had an immense force in creativity towards the start of the Renaissance. He took intersting in a lot of things including music, art, and science. He is one of the guys that I have found the most interest it due to his artworks and his inventions. There are definitely more things that had me interesting while learning about the Renaissance but the people and their achievement would be the one thing that I am very interested and would like to know more about.


Something that I would like to know more about in the future is the effects of the Renaissance today. I would like to know what would have happened if the people during the period of the Renaissance wasn’t here, or what would have been different if a specific theory wasn’t made. To conclude the Renaissance was the period that followed the Middle Ages. It was the time of rediscovery for the fact that during the Middle Ages there was no new art and science which is also the reason the Renaissance translates to ‘rebirth’. As a conclusion the Renaissance was a special time in history which I have enjoyed learning about but definitely would like to know more about.

Printmaking Owls




I chose this image because I really liked how the owl is flying because I think that the owl flying looks really cool and I really liked the small details in the feathers.


1.Plan and draw your design.

2.Carve the white areas out.

3.Go over your design with ink.

4.Put a piece of paper above your design and apply pressure.

5.Remove the paper carefully.

6.TADA now you have your design!