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Class of 2021

Reflection Graphic Novel – Writing

During Writing, we have been working on making a graphic novel. We were allowed to choose if we wanted to do it on paper or online, we also could write our own storyline.

In this section, you can see several techniques that I have incorporated. In the first panel (not the actual order in the comic), you can see a thinking bubble while in the second shot you can see an over the shoulder shot. The third panel would be a medium shot as it is waist up. The next scene is a bird’s eye view as it looks down upon the characters and the scene. The last 4 panels have a close-up shot. These are some of the techniques I have used.

In the comic, the panel starts from the left panel being first then going to the right then going down from right to left. The medium shot in the “first” panel is used for a clear view of who is where and where Amelia, the main character is looking at. The second panel is used to show what is on the menu. The third panel has a thinking bubble to show what the character is thinking and what she wants to get.

Art Chair Sculpture Final Reflection

In art, we have been working on chair sculptures. We were required to create and design this chair sculpture following a theme. We chose a theme and based off our chair design on it. For this project we tried to incorperate the different techniques we learned of sculptures during the proccess. To accomplish this, I used different materials such as plater, tissue paper, sand, clay, CDs and much more. I used plastering which is a new skills I learned during this project, and with plaster I created the vines, the icicles, the tree and the castle. For my chair I originally chose the theme dream having an idea where the top half if a good dream so like a nice dream catcher with a body of a human sleeping in the middle with nice elements to represent a good dream. While the bottom half is a nightmare take on the whole dream theme. For the assessment part we are being graded on the demonstration and presentation of the 4 elements in our sculpture. We learned several different things about sculptures during class. Such as the fact that there are three main parts to the process which includes subtractive process, additive process, and kinetic process. Subtractive process is when you remove parts from the material that you have been working on which can include a variety for example; wood, stone, marble, or clay. The additive is the opposite of this. It is when you add on to the material you’ve been working on such as clay or plaster. Last but not least, the kinetic process is when you add movement to the sculpture, or how the element depends on motion. Carving, modeling, casting, construction, assemblage, and relief. These are examples of basic ways to sculpt. We also learned about the elements: space, line, plane, mass/volume, shape, value, texture, and color.

To start this project off we were asked to build a snake eating a ice cream out of newspaper and tape. Gradually, we started adding videos and pictures of sculpting techniques and sculptures in general to our pinterest board. This was our research proccess/progress. We then started planning our general overview of the chair and how it will turn out at the end. We did some warm ups to understand more about how important the planning was because if we didn’t plan the things out it would get messy and confusing. We also planned out a timline and a schedule to keep track of what we need to get done each class to finish everything on time. The timeline personally for me acting out as a great guide so I could figure out how much I needed to get done and if I needed to come into studio time which I did for extra time. We also got a grade for a half way progress check and at the time I was more on the decorating side which lowered my grade and which I was not happy with, so I started working more on building on to my chair.

The image above was my original plan and design I was going to follow. Personally, I love free-handing things and going with the flow. So during the process I changed up some stuff that I thought would look better and things that were more realistic to in time. The things I designed were a little overboard and were things I could not finish in time. Therefore, I had to change up my plans and designs which made my final chair different from the plan at the end.

This is a gif of my progress of each class (not including short classes)

While working on this project I have learned a several different things. From words and definitions to techniques and skills. I have also learned that my strengths are thinking outside the box such as creatively thinking of a solution when things go wrong. (Which it often did). Also I think I did a pretty decent job at subtly but not too strongly addressing my theme which I changed to fantasy. I feel like people could get a vibe to the whole fantasy feel about the stop half being the whole story and the nice parts and the bottom part being the villian and the problem part of the story. But if I did get a chance to redo this project I would spend more time adding a bigger part to this sculpture, not just the vine but something in the middle. I have made a human with the top half of her body but could not finish it on time as I had to start over because the plastering at the head didn’t work out too well. Also I would do more sculpting with clay and add different elements and more details as well as adding more parts to the bottom half which portrays darkness.

Below I have embedded a presentation explaining the different elements and principles to get a better idea on what the definitions of these elements and principles are and I have also included how they are used for future references.

From this project I got to expand my vocabulary and learn more key words in this whole proccess. Looking at the picture below which made out of skitch, it shows the elements I have used and how the elements were used. It shows 6 different elements including colour, value, movement, texture, and more. An example of an element I used was value which is something new I learned. This means it has different shades to the object, light and shadow. And for mine, I used this on the icicles by adding different shades to it, some light and some darker. Another example is texture, I have added this element by adding sand in different places to add an effect and something that the audience could feel. These are some of the things I have learned and learned how to incorporate into sculptures.

At the end of this project, I was sad to stop working on it as it was a lot of fun. We could choose our own theme, think outside the box and pretty much do anything with it. I was also proud of myself for being able to finish this in time as I had a pretty big plan but I tried to make it more realistic with the time, which in the end it worked. In conclusion, I have learned so much during this time and would love more art projects like this where we can be more free and creative. These skills that I have learned could be easily put into my personal life that may not have to do with art such as timekeeping, staying organised, being on task and much more. I would really love to thank Mrs. Jardin for giving us an opportunity to make something amazing off of a theme we might feel strongly about or love.



Art – Chair Sculpture

Currently in art we are working on chair sculptures in which we are making a chair with a theme we chose. We got to choose our theme, design it and now we are working on making the parts (sculpturing) and painting the chair. During the design process we came up with different themes that we might like our chair to be based around, after that we chose our top 3, sketched designs out then decided which theme we would use. We also did some practice sketches where Mrs. Jardin gave us a theme then we drew 3 fast sketches trying to think outside of the box while designing. I am currently loving this project and I think it will be my favorite project I have done so far. I think the whole part of getting to design and sculpture our own chairs is amazing. I think this is a great way to learn more techniques on how to use different sculpturing techniques and is a great way to think outside of the box more.

I think the easiest part of the sculpture will be painting and making the parts for the chair but the most challenging part will most likely be trying to make the parts stable and to make it stay on the chair as seen with the last year sculptures a lot of their parts didn’t stay together. I have a lot of ideas but I feel as if it is too much so for now I have minimized how much I’m putting on my chair. I have an idea of putting wings on the sides and having a dream catcher painted on the seat but for now I think it is too much. The reason why we do the design process and we don’t take the first idea is because most of the time the first idea is the most boring. But as we design more and sketch out more ideas we are able to thinking deeper and think more creatively on what else we could add.

The thing I am most looking for is the final chair and when we are going to take the chairs to the plaza and share them. I decided that my final topic/theme would be dreams/nightmare. It is going to be a combination where the top part is a nice dream but as you start to look down it is getting darker. I just wanted it to represent that not everything is happy rainbows and unicorns and sometimes with good things bad things come too. Below is a picture of sketches and notes I have in my notebook.

As we started on our project we used an app called ’30 hands pro’ where we document our process. We take pictures of what we accomplished during the period then talk about what we did, what we will do next class, what we found challenging, or some techniques. I really enjoy this and I think it’s a great way to track our progress as a reflection instead of writing a big reflection at the end. Here is my video so far.


Pintrest: https://www.pinterest.com/yennyyk/sculpture/

I am currently still adding to my pintrest board, but so far I have 6 great tutorials that will help me along the way and I am still adding pictures to my board.

This is a tutorial I found that I decided to follow as it has a great step by step tutorial on how to plaster your sculpture correctly. I am using this technique while plastering my vines and leaves. This is the tutorial:

Post 2:

I think I got a decent grade for my progress grade. I got an A+ for my blog post which is more than what I was expecting. I think my blog post was okay and it is a grade which I was expecting around. I think I could have fixed my 30 hands videos which I messed up on. I think to deserve an A on this full project I could plan out my schedule very specifically.

Day 1: Finish the seating part of the chair

Day 2: Add the cloth to the sides of the chair

Day 3: Start on the waves

Day 4: Finish the waves

Day 5: Make the claws and tail

Day 6: Finish the claws and tail

Day 7: Make the castle, tree, bridge

Day 8: Finish the castle, tree, bridge

Day 9: Add the pieces together

Day 10: Finish up the sculpture

Come in during lunch breaks and after school when I need more time to finish up a piece.

Art Chair Sculpture – Blog Post

What will be easy?
I think the vines will be easy to make but on the other hand I do not think that the head will be easy to make and put it on the sculpture. I think the flowers and leaves will also be easy to make.
What will be challenging?
I honestly don’t think it will be easy. I feel like I won’t have enough time, might fail sculpting parts of the sculpture. I do feel like I can complete this but I don’t think this will be an easy task.
What ideas do you have already?
I have a lot of ideas. I actually think I have to many. I have extra ideas as in adding details such as wings and a sun and more parts of the monster. I know I have a lot of ideas and I am worried about the possibility of not finishing them such as the dream catcher, the monster, the small details such as the castle and the trees.
Why do we use the design process and not just take our first idea?
Because the first design usually doesn’t show all of our drawings and I feel like the first design is the worst as it is probably the most simple and easy. I personally do not like my first design as it looks like I did not think outside of the box and I could have made it more creative and added more.
What are you looking forward to about this task?
I am looking forward to sculpting, presenting my sculpture, and also looking at the final design.
What topic are you thinking of? Why?
I have decided to choose the theme of a dream/nightmare. So I am going to have parts of good dreams and also add nightmare parts. I chose this theme as I really like fantasy and wanted to add happy fantasy dreams as well as part of nightmares to show the life isn’t always rainbows and cupcakes.
ADD a photo of your design and briefly explain how you think you’ll make it.
I am planning to make most of my sculpture using plaster and paper mache. Also I am going to use some clay for the small details.

Ecodome Reflection – Day 43

December 14th, 2016

This is our last trial for our ecodome project. This trial is our last and longest trial as this trial will last for the whole winterbreak.


Quantitative –

  • 3 plants
  • 2 grasshoppers
  • Around 8 stones

Qualitative –

  • All the plants are very green
  • The soil is humid
  • The container is infront of the window

We have only made minor changes as we thought our last trial went well. So we decided to keep most of the components. We only changed the one plant as one them died last time, and we changed it to a different type of plant.

Ecodome Reflection – Day 35

December 6th, 2016


  • 3 plants
  • 2 petri dishes
  • stones



  • 3/3 plants survived
  • Both crickets died
  • There was no water left on both petri dishes


  • The soil was very moist
  • There was less water on the sides of the container than the less trial
  • The plants were the same color as it was.


For this trial we have mostly have changed our water source. We have decided to take out the container with our water and replace it with petri dishes with water. This was done as the grasshoppers probably died of humidity on our last trial as we had A LOT of water. This was our last trial before our big trial (during the whole winter break) so we decided to try this way, and if it didn’t work we decided to go back to our old way. But we believed this was a better design and decided to keep it this way for our longest and last trial.

Ecodome Reflection – Day 23

November 25th, 2016

For this trial, we are leaving it for a whole week as we have WWW.

(We lost the pictures for this trial.)


  • 3 plants
  • 1 container filled with water
  • stones



  • 1 plant died
  • All the water in both petri dishes evaporated
  • Both of our grasshoppers died


  • There was a lot of water on the side of the container
  • We couldn’t find our dead grasshoppers

Changes to make:

  • Amount of water
  • Change type of the plant of the plant that died


As grasshoppers are found eating mostly plants, we decided to add bigger plants and take out the unnecessary food (peppers) that we added for the last trial. For the next trial we are planning to change the type of plant as we had 3 different types of plant and one could not survive.

Ecodome Reflection – Day 12

Day 12 – November 14th

Pictures of Ecodome


  • Container with around 350ml of water
  • 3 plants
  • 5 small peppers
  • Tissue paper soaked in water



  • One out of 2 of our grasshoppers died
  • None of the peppers were consumed (5)
  • All 3 of our plants survived
  • About 150ml water was left in the container at the side


  • The container smelled like rotten plants and dead bugs
  • Very foggy with a lot of droplets of water around the container
  • The food had rotten a bit
  • We couldn’t find the dead grasshopper

Changes to make:

  • Amount of water (Less)
  • Food source (Just plants)
  • Add petri dishes
  • Take out the container with water

Video of Conclusion





Radical Inventions Debate

Debate Planning Doc

Statement: Solar power is a better solution than nuclear energy in terms of providing a power source.

Pro Team: Yenny and Min Seo (Solar Power)

Con Team: Nam and Jun (Nuclear Energy)

Radical Inventions DEBATE REFLECTION

Pro? Con?

From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.

I have learned more about the art of persuasion, such as that you have to be calm but also use different tones of voices, but to never shout. Also I have learnt that speak clearly, explain, to act confident, even if you’re not and to be respectful to the audience, judges, as well as the opposing team. Also in the art of persuasion, you have to make eye contact and you have to not say ‘umm’ or ‘ahh’ as a filler word.

How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully.

As a debater to establish credibility, you have to get information from reliable sources and to state them as you present your arguments. If you learn how to stay calm, focus on the topic, speak clearly, explain, and cite your sources, you yourself earn credibility from the audience and the judges and it looks as if you fully know what your topic is about. Also, knowing your topic from all angles helps you as a debater and helps to earn yourself credibility.

What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?

I was surprised about the amount of pressure there was. As we were being filmed and having a time limit, I felt very pressured. I was also surprised by the amount of effort that was put in for one debate such as the time keeping, the moderator and much more and I was generally surprised on how well the debate looked and sounded as it looked more professional and real than I imagined.

What were you most proud of in your own debate?

I was most proud of my opening statement as well as my conclusion. I felt though as if my opening statement captured the audience’s attention well, and my conclusion left a strong message behind with something to think about. I was also proud of the amount of evidence I had for my claim as well as citing my sources as I was presenting.

What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?

If I could do the debate again I would have slowed down while speaking as well as speaking more during the open rebuttal. I would also want to be more prepared for the open rebuttal, even though I had a lot of information of the topics I have felt the opposing team might ask about, I definitely felt like I could add some more effort into improving it.  



Judge Assessment

Peer Assessment

Debate Footage: 


Art Reflection – Endangermalia; Before It’s Too Late

Final layered alliteration page – 


On this page I drew the big hippo, hammock, horse and the pumpkins. I also did the merging and layering on this page. I am really proud of this page as we spent a lot of time on the coloring and trying to draw the hippos as best as we could. Our partner from the New York school, Baylee did a very good job on the lettering and the hippo, I think it fits really well with the overall page.

For extra/second jobs I have drawn 2 more animals for the research page (n and v). I also layered the drawings for the research page for the letter v.


For the publicity part of this project, I have made a video for the book launch we are going to have at the assembly. I have also requested and helped to put this project into the yearbook. I have also worked on the book launch script with other people that are also working on this book launch.


I really enjoyed the skype call as we got to interact with the other school more and we had a chance to talk more about the book all together and overall, I really enjoyed the skype call and I hope to talk to them more in the future. img_0093


Link to shop: http://tinyurl.com/zzzk4l4

I think the shop is a great way to promote the book more to people all across the world and has a good appeal to the eye. I also really like the small introduction to what the book is about. To promote the book, I will try to share it on my social medias as well as talk about it to my family and friends.