Reflection Graphic Novel – Writing

During Writing, we have been working on making a graphic novel. We were allowed to choose if we wanted to do it on paper or online, we also could write our own storyline.

In this section, you can see several techniques that I have incorporated. In the first panel (not the actual order in the comic), you can see a thinking bubble while in the second shot you can see an over the shoulder shot. The third panel would be a medium shot as it is waist up. The next scene is a bird’s eye view as it looks down upon the characters and the scene. The last 4 panels have a close-up shot. These are some of the techniques I have used.

In the comic, the panel starts from the left panel being first then going to the right then going down from right to left. The medium shot in the “first” panel is used for a clear view of who is where and where Amelia, the main character is looking at. The second panel is used to show what is on the menu. The third panel has a thinking bubble to show what the character is thinking and what she wants to get.

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