Art Chair Sculpture Final Reflection

In art, we have been working on chair sculptures. We were required to create and design this chair sculpture following a theme. We chose a theme and based off our chair design on it. For this project we tried to incorperate the different techniques we learned of sculptures during the proccess. To accomplish this, I used different materials such as plater, tissue paper, sand, clay, CDs and much more. I used plastering which is a new skills I learned during this project, and with plaster I created the vines, the icicles, the tree and the castle. For my chair I originally chose the theme dream having an idea where the top half if a good dream so like a nice dream catcher with a body of a human sleeping in the middle with nice elements to represent a good dream. While the bottom half is a nightmare take on the whole dream theme. For the assessment part we are being graded on the demonstration and presentation of the 4 elements in our sculpture. We learned several different things about sculptures during class. Such as the fact that there are three main parts to the process which includes subtractive process, additive process, and kinetic process. Subtractive process is when you remove parts from the material that you have been working on which can include a variety for example; wood, stone, marble, or clay. The additive is the opposite of this. It is when you add on to the material you’ve been working on such as clay or plaster. Last but not least, the kinetic process is when you add movement to the sculpture, or how the element depends on motion. Carving, modeling, casting, construction, assemblage, and relief. These are examples of basic ways to sculpt. We also learned about the elements: space, line, plane, mass/volume, shape, value, texture, and color.

To start this project off we were asked to build a snake eating a ice cream out of newspaper and tape. Gradually, we started adding videos and pictures of sculpting techniques and sculptures in general to our pinterest board. This was our research proccess/progress. We then started planning our general overview of the chair and how it will turn out at the end. We did some warm ups to understand more about how important the planning was because if we didn’t plan the things out it would get messy and confusing. We also planned out a timline and a schedule to keep track of what we need to get done each class to finish everything on time. The timeline personally for me acting out as a great guide so I could figure out how much I needed to get done and if I needed to come into studio time which I did for extra time. We also got a grade for a half way progress check and at the time I was more on the decorating side which lowered my grade and which I was not happy with, so I started working more on building on to my chair.

The image above was my original plan and design I was going to follow. Personally, I love free-handing things and going with the flow. So during the process I changed up some stuff that I thought would look better and things that were more realistic to in time. The things I designed were a little overboard and were things I could not finish in time. Therefore, I had to change up my plans and designs which made my final chair different from the plan at the end.

This is a gif of my progress of each class (not including short classes)

While working on this project I have learned a several different things. From words and definitions to techniques and skills. I have also learned that my strengths are thinking outside the box such as creatively thinking of a solution when things go wrong. (Which it often did). Also I think I did a pretty decent job at subtly but not too strongly addressing my theme which I changed to fantasy. I feel like people could get a vibe to the whole fantasy feel about the stop half being the whole story and the nice parts and the bottom part being the villian and the problem part of the story. But if I did get a chance to redo this project I would spend more time adding a bigger part to this sculpture, not just the vine but something in the middle. I have made a human with the top half of her body but could not finish it on time as I had to start over because the plastering at the head didn’t work out too well. Also I would do more sculpting with clay and add different elements and more details as well as adding more parts to the bottom half which portrays darkness.

Below I have embedded a presentation explaining the different elements and principles to get a better idea on what the definitions of these elements and principles are and I have also included how they are used for future references.

From this project I got to expand my vocabulary and learn more key words in this whole proccess. Looking at the picture below which made out of skitch, it shows the elements I have used and how the elements were used. It shows 6 different elements including colour, value, movement, texture, and more. An example of an element I used was value which is something new I learned. This means it has different shades to the object, light and shadow. And for mine, I used this on the icicles by adding different shades to it, some light and some darker. Another example is texture, I have added this element by adding sand in different places to add an effect and something that the audience could feel. These are some of the things I have learned and learned how to incorporate into sculptures.

At the end of this project, I was sad to stop working on it as it was a lot of fun. We could choose our own theme, think outside the box and pretty much do anything with it. I was also proud of myself for being able to finish this in time as I had a pretty big plan but I tried to make it more realistic with the time, which in the end it worked. In conclusion, I have learned so much during this time and would love more art projects like this where we can be more free and creative. These skills that I have learned could be easily put into my personal life that may not have to do with art such as timekeeping, staying organised, being on task and much more. I would really love to thank Mrs. Jardin for giving us an opportunity to make something amazing off of a theme we might feel strongly about or love.



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