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Currently in art we are working on chair sculptures in which we are making a chair with a theme we chose. We got to choose our theme, design it and now we are working on making the parts (sculpturing) and painting the chair. During the design process we came up with different themes that we might like our chair to be based around, after that we chose our top 3, sketched designs out then decided which theme we would use. We also did some practice sketches where Mrs. Jardin gave us a theme then we drew 3 fast sketches trying to think outside of the box while designing. I am currently loving this project and I think it will be my favorite project I have done so far. I think the whole part of getting to design and sculpture our own chairs is amazing. I think this is a great way to learn more techniques on how to use different sculpturing techniques and is a great way to think outside of the box more.

I think the easiest part of the sculpture will be painting and making the parts for the chair but the most challenging part will most likely be trying to make the parts stable and to make it stay on the chair as seen with the last year sculptures a lot of their parts didn’t stay together. I have a lot of ideas but I feel as if it is too much so for now I have minimized how much I’m putting on my chair. I have an idea of putting wings on the sides and having a dream catcher painted on the seat but for now I think it is too much. The reason why we do the design process and we don’t take the first idea is because most of the time the first idea is the most boring. But as we design more and sketch out more ideas we are able to thinking deeper and think more creatively on what else we could add.

The thing I am most looking for is the final chair and when we are going to take the chairs to the plaza and share them. I decided that my final topic/theme would be dreams/nightmare. It is going to be a combination where the top part is a nice dream but as you start to look down it is getting darker. I just wanted it to represent that not everything is happy rainbows and unicorns and sometimes with good things bad things come too. Below is a picture of sketches and notes I have in my notebook.

As we started on our project we used an app called ’30 hands pro’ where we document our process. We take pictures of what we accomplished during the period then talk about what we did, what we will do next class, what we found challenging, or some techniques. I really enjoy this and I think it’s a great way to track our progress as a reflection instead of writing a big reflection at the end. Here is my video so far.



I am currently still adding to my pintrest board, but so far I have 6 great tutorials that will help me along the way and I am still adding pictures to my board.

This is a tutorial I found that I decided to follow as it has a great step by step tutorial on how to plaster your sculpture correctly. I am using this technique while plastering my vines and leaves. This is the tutorial:

Post 2:

I think I got a decent grade for my progress grade. I got an A+ for my blog post which is more than what I was expecting. I think my blog post was okay and it is a grade which I was expecting around. I think I could have fixed my 30 hands videos which I messed up on. I think to deserve an A on this full project I could plan out my schedule very specifically.

Day 1: Finish the seating part of the chair

Day 2: Add the cloth to the sides of the chair

Day 3: Start on the waves

Day 4: Finish the waves

Day 5: Make the claws and tail

Day 6: Finish the claws and tail

Day 7: Make the castle, tree, bridge

Day 8: Finish the castle, tree, bridge

Day 9: Add the pieces together

Day 10: Finish up the sculpture

Come in during lunch breaks and after school when I need more time to finish up a piece.

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