Ecodome Reflection – Day 35

December 6th, 2016


  • 3 plants
  • 2 petri dishes
  • stones



  • 3/3 plants survived
  • Both crickets died
  • There was no water left on both petri dishes


  • The soil was very moist
  • There was less water on the sides of the container than the less trial
  • The plants were the same color as it was.


For┬áthis trial we have mostly have changed our water source. We have decided to take out the container with our water and replace it with petri dishes with water. This was done as the grasshoppers probably died of humidity on our last trial as we had A LOT of water. This was our last trial before our big trial (during the whole winter break) so we decided to try this way, and if it didn’t work we decided to go back to our old way. But we believed this was a better design and decided to keep it this way for our longest and last trial.

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