Ecodome Reflection – Day 23

November 25th, 2016

For this trial, we are leaving it for a whole week as we have WWW.

(We lost the pictures for this trial.)


  • 3 plants
  • 1 container filled with water
  • stones



  • 1 plant died
  • All the water in both petri dishes evaporated
  • Both of our grasshoppers died


  • There was a lot of water on the side of the container
  • We couldn’t find our dead grasshoppers

Changes to make:

  • Amount of water
  • Change type of the plant of the plant that died


As grasshoppers are found eating mostly plants, we decided to add bigger plants and take out the unnecessary food (peppers) that we added for the last trial. For the next trial we are planning to change the type of plant as we had 3 different types of plant and one could not survive.

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