Art Reflection – Endangermalia; Before It’s Too Late

Final layered alliteration page – 


On this page I drew the big hippo, hammock, horse and the pumpkins. I also did the merging and layering on this page. I am really proud of this page as we spent a lot of time on the coloring and trying to draw the hippos as best as we could. Our partner from the New York school, Baylee did a very good job on the lettering and the hippo, I think it fits really well with the overall page.

For extra/second jobs I have drawn 2 more animals for the research page (n and v). I also layered the drawings for the research page for the letter v.


For the publicity part of this project, I have made a video for the book launch we are going to have at the assembly. I have also requested and helped to put this project into the yearbook. I have also worked on the book launch script with other people that are also working on this book launch.


I really enjoyed the skype call as we got to interact with the other school more and we had a chance to talk more about the book all together and overall, I really enjoyed the skype call and I hope to talk to them more in the future. img_0093


Link to shop:

I think the shop is a great way to promote the book more to people all across the world and has a good appeal to the eye. I also really like the small introduction to what the book is about. To promote the book, I will try to share it on my social medias as well as talk about it to my family and friends.




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