Mandarin Reflection Blog Post #1

So far in Mandarin level 3 we have learned how to write and speak about our family members in Mandarin, appearance, and we are learning how to speak and write about personalities now. We learned a few words while learning how to speak and write about our family in Mandarin such as;

亲戚 (qīnqī ) relatives

爷爷 (yéyé) grandfather (dad side)

奶奶 ( nǎinai ) grandmother (dad side)

大伯 (dàbó) father’s elder brother

叔叔 (shūshu) father’s younger brother

姑姑 (gūgū) father’s sister


Some things that we do in class are projects, quizzes, Mandarin packets, some games, and writing. I enjoy the projects the most as we have more freedom and I also enjoy the games as we get to have a lot of fun while also learning. On the other hand, I do not enjoy packets as they seem pretty useless to be honest, and very time-consuming. I feel like we could accomplish more and study more in the time we would be doing the packets. I also don’t like the quizzes but I do feel they are necessary to learn more.

Below is a picture of my family tree which was for the project that we did when we were learning about our family in mandarin.