Looking Back – SS End of Year Reflection

There are different contents that we have learned, skills that we have practiced, and different projects that we have done. Sadly, social studies has come to the end, as well as the school year. I have really enjoyed social studies as it was a very fun class and had very interesting units that I have enjoyed. Of course, there were different contents, assignments, projects, and skills there are a lot of best parts of social studies as well as some of the worst parts.

During social studies we have learned several different contents, did different projects and assignments and mastered different skills. The contents include the byzantines unit, christianity, islam, renaissance, and the black plague. The projects that we did are the renaissance fair, pecha kucha for the black plague unit, and different DBQ’s. I have really enjoyed the black plague and the renaissance units out of all the other ones because they were very interesting to me. I also enjoyed the christianity, islam and byzantine units as I have learned a lot of facts that I have not known. I highly enjoyed the projects this year especially the renaissance fair as it was something different that we have never done before, I really liked how we got to look at the different projects that the other students did as everybody made their presentation and activity different which was really interesting to look at. I also enjoyed the pecha kucha since I enjoy doing pecha kuchas. Even though I don’t enjoy DBQ’s I do think it is a very important part of social studies to do DBQ’s.

There are definitely a lot of good parts of social studies which for me includes the renaissance fair, the black plague unit and the films that we watched during class. As stated before, I really really really enjoyed the renaissance fair because it was very fun and educational at the same time. I also really liked the black plague unit, because personally for me, I found the black plague/black death really interesting even though it was tragic. I really found all the facts that I have never known before amazing and was very curious about a lot of things that happened during that time. The films that we watched during social studies that includes the renaissance movie bits that we watched very fun. I think they were entertaining and very educational at the same time. These are only some of the best parts of social studies because OBVIOUSLY social studies is amazing and there are a lot of amazing parts of it.

As much as social studies is amazing there are certainly some bad parts of it. Free write is one of the things that I despise most. I do enjoy writing but I feel like that the free write time is way too long. I think that 10 minutes would be enough to write about the topic we are giving but 15 minutes and sometimes longer, that is too much for me. I honestly have a attention span of a goldfish so I always end up drawing on my paper. I do really like some of the topics that are givin to write about, but sometimes I just have no idea what the topic is talking about which ends up with me drawing or talking to my neighbors. I do agree that free write is a good skill as we write on paper which we don’t do that often anymore as technology has become more popular leading to most assignments on our laptops. I do think that free writes should keep going even though it is one of my worst parts of social studies it is a good skill to improve on. Another thing that I do not like about social studies is the amount of blog posts. I’m pretty sure that social studies has the most blog posts. I do not enjoy writing blog posts as most of the time we are writing about a free write topic we wrote but editing it and revising it. But I think that the blog posts that we do that are about the unit that we have covered is a good thing.

These are some of the best parts, the only worst parts, and the contents, skills, and assignments that we did. I have had an amazing year in social studies with Ms. Mckinnon and will certainly miss her next year. Social studies has been phenomenal and I am looking forward to social studies next year.