PechaKucha – Social Studies

In social studies we’ve worked on our PechaKucha for the topic we have been studying; The Black Death. I really enjoyed this PechaKucha since it was a good way of showing what we’ve learned. It was a very ‘intresting’ working with a partner since in the past PechaKuchas I have worked alone. It was hard trying to get the timing correctly since there are two people and we don’t have telepathy to know how long the other person is going to take. Also it was hard trying to practice with my partner since we couldn’t find a time that worked for both of us. Although there were some hard times I’ve personally really liked this presentation, also because we usually just took quizzes and DBQ’s but for the PechaLucha we had to get us present our learning and had to work with a partner. This is my PechaKucha I did with my partner Minseo:

Tied for 1st Place; Team YUH! – Soccer

Soccer has always been my favorite sport and I had so much fun during this unit. We have just finished our soccer unit where we played games, practiced skills, and ran. My role in the soccer unit was the captain which was a great experience. 

I think I did a good job at telling my players their positions and explaining the drills to them. A challenge that I faced is leading the team meeting at the end since I had to provide a positive and a corrective feedback for the team which was not always easy to come up with along with the goals for the team.

Sometimes my running results improved while other times I didn’t do better. I think it was because some days were cooler than others while some days were burning hot which made me run slower. An example was that the first time I ran the 1.2k challenge I got 5 minutes and 55 seconds but the second time I got 5 minutes 26 seconds. It felt amazing when I beat my score by around 30 seconds since you feel like I felt like I’ve just beaten myself. 

As I look back at my fair play points I can see that I put a lot of effort in my games and drills. I felt like I tried my best since I love playing soccer and it is my favorite sport to play. If I went off task it was probably because something or someone was distracting me. Honestly, I tried my best to talk kindly and positively to my teammates and other teams. Let me just emphasize on the TRIED. I can’t say anything since it’s the other person’s point of view.

I loved this kind of unit since we did different drill and practiced a lot of skills. A way that I think that Ms. C can improve this unit is that I think that she could let the students choose with the different choices of drills and the captain. I would highly recommend it to others since it really helped me with some of my skills I could have worked on but didn’t have enough time.

This is our publicist notes.

This is our red team soccer unit final video.