Mandarin Sickness Project Reflection

Our current unit is about different kinds of sickness. We learnt new vocabulary such as different sicknesses and how to have a conversation more specifically how to make an appointment, talking to the doctor and more. Some keywords that I learned is sickness are 嗓子疼 (sǎngzi téng) sore throat and 感冒 (gǎnmào) cold, and more.

We also learned how to make an appointment with a nurse to see the doctor during this unit. I learned that when we visit the doctor he would ask us ‘你常生病吗’. We could say our symptoms by saying ‘头痛 和嗓子疼’.

We all have different learning process but I learned to memorize my script by looking at a sentence once then trying it without it and if I can’t I would look at it again and try again. We first learned the key words then had a quiz and then we were supposed to make an imovie with 3 parts. The first one talking to a friend and talking about the symptoms and the second one was making an appointment with the nurse and the last one was with the doctor at the hospital.


Science – Healthy Eating Reflection

Parent: One area of strength we have as a family is eating vegetable and fruits. We tend to eat a lot of greens in our dinner and we eat fruit every day as a dessert after dinner. Student: One area I can improve upon is changing my protein food about my habits.(Me) I think that I personally have to eat more protein food because I try my best to eat less meat. I’m trying my best to cut down on meat, but it doesn’t mean I don’t eat meat at all. I eat meat when I feel like I need more protein in my body and that it would help me. I also feel that I don’t eat as much as meat as I would need. Also, I think that we should improve on our sauces and condiments. I will retake this survey in one month and compare how much I improved and what we would still have to improve as a family. So our plan is to improve on eating grains and sauces and condiments since the survey stated that we need improvements in that area. 

sciene blog post reflection