SS Black Plague Blog Post

The Black Plague is also known as the Great Pestilence, the Great Plague, Black Death, and the Bubonic Plague.  The Black Plague was a combination of three different plagues. Bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic. The most common plague was the bubonic while the pneumonic plague was less common but deadlier than bubonic. The septicemic was even deadlier and killed all of its victims. During social studies we have been looking at the Black Plague. We have learned about the causes and symptoms, the history of the plague, and how Christianity and Islam reacted to the plague. In this blog post I will be talking about what I have learned, questions, what I want to know, and unclear things to me.


What I have learned so far is that the reason why the Black Plague spread throughout Europe was mainly because of the trade routes. We identified that the trade routes were close to the parts of the places that had gotten the plague. The simulation/game helped me understand more because we were on trade routes and some people had gotten the plague or cholera, and had put more beans in it which made it harder for people to survive. And because it was contagious it spread from person to person faster. Another thing that I had learned was that it originated from China, then later was brought to Europe and spread via trade routes. Something I want to know is what are the possible reasons historians debate on today about how the plague was caused aside from fleas and rodents. Because according to the paper ‘The Black Death: How Different Were Christians and Muslim Responses’, it says that ‘Although the causes f the plague are still debated by historians today, most believe the Black Death was caused by bacterial strains.’ So I was wondering what were other possible reasons that historians debate on to how the Black Plague started. I also want to know what happens if you pop the buboes aside from pus coming out. Would you die? A question I have is if people with religions during the plague prayed what did people without religions do? Did they just hope for the best? Something that I wonder is if you were near or touched a buboes what would happen. I wonder if they would also get buboes, if they would get the plague, or if they were fine. Another thing I wonder is if The Black Death is lurking till this day, and if it is, even if you take the medication could you still die or does the medication work 100 percent. These are the things that I have learned, what to know, questions, and things I am unclear about. Although there are much more that I need to learn I think that this was a really interesting topic about a huge disaster.

2nd Science Egg Drop Test


The problem we were trying to solve was how do we design an helmet that will protect our egg from a head trauma. The requirements for this time was the ones last time, which was it couldn’t cover the face. A new requirement was that it had to roll on the side and it also had to fit in to a blue cup that Ms.Fox showed us. Newton’s first law (unless acted by an outside force), showed that when the egg hit the surface, by dropped in a vertical distance, the surface was the outside force that has prevented/stopped the egg from going in a straight line. The second law which was mass times acceleration equal force, applied to our egg drop because the faster the egg accelerates during the time it takes the go down the more force is will have when it hits the surface. For newton’s third law which was for every action there is an opposite reaction showed when the egg hit the surface without any protection it bounces a tiny bit. A recommendation for us last time was to make our design smaller which we did and this time a suggestion for us was to have some weight on one side so it would roll on one side better. The helmet performed better than next time. Our helmet met the criteria. It fitted in the blue cup and rolled on one side.

Something that excites me about my new design is that it is smaller and has a softer inner part and has a good outer protection. Something we did differently was that we made our design smaller because it was a problem last time because out design was 3 times larger than our egg. A question I might ask to an expert is “Is there different kinds of materials that makes the helmet last longer?”

Stroke Improvement – Swimming

Did you improve? Why, why not?

I improved both freestyle and breaststroke. For freestyle I have improved about 0.30 seconds and for the breaststroke I improved about 3 seconds. The reason I feel like I improved is because of the exercises we did. I feel like this helped me improve because it helped me with my breathing and my kicking.

Talk about challenges and successes during this swim unit

A challenge I have faced was the arms. I have noticed that I do not extend in to streamline. A success for me was the breathing in freestyle. I have improved more with the help during swimming class.

Use your times from the swim time trials

For the first time trail for freestyle I got 19.38 seconds and for my breaststroke I got 33.75 seconds. For the second time trail for freestyle I got 19.01 and for my breaststroke I got 31.17.

Art Stop Motion Videos and Reflection

I would rate the first one 8/10 because I really enjoyed that the video was really smooth. I think that they did a good job at this because he took the time and took a lot of pictures. For the second video I would give it a 9/10 because I really enjoyed how everything was so creative and when you first see it, you know what is what. For example, you could clearly see that the sticky notes was butter since they are both yellow and then the person uses a butterknife. I really liked the last one because they recreated the games with different kinds of material. I found this really cool and I would give it a 9.2/10 because I really also liked how they put in the sound effects.

Wire Sculpture Reflection

We have been working on wire sculptures for this project.

What do you think of your sculpture overall?

I am pretty proud of my work overall and I feel like I was really successful.

What things are you happiest with? Why?

I am really happy with my background, I feel like it blended really well. I also really like my patterns, I like how it is really original.

How did the colours turn out? Would you use different ones next time?

I really like how the colors turned out. I would not change the color if I could next time because I think the colors turned out pretty well and the sponge effect made it look more cool.

Did you discover any new paint techniques?

Yes, I have discovered to use sponges which is pretty much how I painted my background. I have also discovered and used the flicking paint technique, I really like this technique because it makes it look really cool and I figured I would use white which I did because it matched my background better.

Could you have planned more or were you properly prepared when you started to paint?

Yes, I feel like I didn’t have a lot planned but it turned out pretty well.

For a future class what do you think they could use as a theme? For example, they could represent music.

I think a cool theme for a future class would be cubism, represent music, realism, or abstract. Also I think a cool theme would be galaxy.

Did you enjoy this task? Why? Why not?

I have really enjoyed this task because we got to use paint, and I personally really like making sculptures, which is why I really enjoyed this task.

Do you prefer using Comic book/ Pic Collage/ Life Cards to show your development?

I prefer comic book and pic collage. I like using comic book because we can use different kinds of effects. I also like pic collage because it is very simple to show the process. I also like how there are a lot of stickers.