Poem Video for Writing

This assignment was to write three poems then choose your favorite one. Then we were supposed to make a visual with pictures and the poem, but the pictures had to be cc search or your own photos. After that we were supposed to make a video where you were speaking the poem. For the last step we were supposed to make a QR code for the video and add it to the visual. This was the process of making the video and the assignment. I am pretty satisfied with my end result but I think I could have done a better job with putting my whole face in it because a little bit of my forehead is cut off, and use more emotion and slow down on the parts that need to and speed up in the places that need to. Something I think I did a good job was speaking loud enough for my audience and clear pronunciation.

2 thoughts on “Poem Video for Writing

  1. I liked it because in the video you had a loud and clear voice. It was really nice to hear it. I also liked your reflection because I think you explained it well.

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