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In writing we have been working on 3 poems. We were supposed to choose one poem to make a visual and write a reflection on our blog including the visual. I have chose my poem called ‘Flea Market’ which you would probably guess that the poem is about a flea market. I chose several photos but all of them were photos of things that I have talked of in my poem about what I they are in the flea market that stands out to me because there are so many things at a flea market. The theme of my poem is mostly marketing because people are buying things. I am proud of my personification I have used in the poem. I think that my poem is in the meeting expectations because I have used most of the¬†figurative language in the approaching expectations and I have used white space and line breaks very affectively. I have grown as a poet by learning how to use white space, line breaks and repetition. A challenge I had while writing the poems was using figurative language commonly.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Poems Reflection

  1. Your poem is really describing the flea markets well, and it has repetition to create good rhythm. I think your poem could be better if it had more imagery and figurative language. Also, you may want to put the poem to the right because people may not be able to see how you played with white space.

  2. I think your poem is really describing the flee markets in many interesting ways. I liked how you put white spaces. I think your picture was really matching the poem and it has a great repetition to create a good rhythm for your poem.

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