So Far The Best Part of 7th Grade – Free Write 1

So far for me the best part of 7th grade is my friends, the electives, the new students, the sport teams, and the new teachers. My friends are one of the best parts of 7th grade because without my friends I don’t think school would be exiting. Friends are the people who stick around listen to you and help you. My friends stuck up for me, helped me through school, and kept me out of trouble. Without my friends school would be impossible to handle by myself. It has not been so long since school started but since we met and, until now my friends are still by my side to guide me and I am there for my friends to help them. Another great part so far is the electives since in 6th grade we had to rotate and do each class, art, music, drama, and leadership for the whole year, also we had to do digital literacy for a semester. This year we got to choose between art, music, drama, choir, and yearbook, we also got to choose multi media or robotics and coding to do for a semester. I think this was really a highlight because it gave me more freedom for me on what I wanted to do. The sports teams are one of my favorite things about 7th grade. Because it really helps me stay active and fit. I am planning to join soccer and volleyball because I really enjoy it and it lets me less stressful. The teachers are definitely one of the best parts of 7th grade because it’s a new year and there are new faces around. Although I miss the awesome teachers that were here last year there are certainly great new teachers. These are some of the best things for me in 7th grade so far even though there are a lot more.

Poem Video for Writing

This assignment was to write three poems then choose your favorite one. Then we were supposed to make a visual with pictures and the poem, but the pictures had to be cc search or your own photos. After that we were supposed to make a video where you were speaking the poem. For the last step we were supposed to make a QR code for the video and add it to the visual. This was the process of making the video and the assignment. I am pretty satisfied with my end result but I think I could have done a better job with putting my whole face in it because a little bit of my forehead is cut off, and use more emotion and slow down on the parts that need to and speed up in the places that need to. Something I think I did a good job was speaking loud enough for my audience and clear pronunciation.

Social Studies Quarter 1 Relflection

It has almost come to the end of quarter one Social Studies. We have learned a lot of new skills and lots of new topics. We have learned about counting time which could also be known as chronological order, what is history, IC GRAPES, primary and secondary sources, free writes, how to observe, infer and question, Christianity.

I think that my strengths in Social Studies are free writes, IC GRAPES, counting time/chronological order, and primary and secondary sources. I think that IC GRAPES is a strength for me because I feel like know it pretty well and I know what IC GRAPES stand for and I can organize the words if they were given to me in the the 8 categories, IC GRAPES. I also think that counting time/chronological order is a strength for me because if I was to be given events I could arrange them in to order, also because I felt pretty confident when the question about counting time/chronological order came up on the test. Primary and secondary source is a strength for me, I may have to rethink that a newspaper is a primary source because it was not really clear for me. Still, I think that it is a strength because I feel very confident.

Everybody has their challenges and mine in social studies is what is history, and observe, infer, and question. I think that what is history which was a small lesson for us and was kind of a challenge for me because at the time I was not sure even after reading the package. But after reading it over I have understood a lot more than I have when I first read it. What is history is not a strength for me yet because I think that I could learn a lot more. Observing, inferring, and questioning is not my best skill. I think I could work on it a bit more. I am not satisfied yet with the amount of this skill I can accomplish with my own work and effort. I feel like if I put in more time and effort in this skill I will be able to be confident enough to teach others to observe, infer, and question.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” I feel like this is very true and I have several goals for next quarter. The first one is to study for the quizzes and tests more and put more effort and more brain power so when I see the questions I can remember what I have studied and hopefully know the answer. I think I need to improve this for next quarter because this quarter I have not done so. I have worked to study for the quiz but I feel like I can do much more. I personally think this is a really important goal because quizzes and tests help the teacher to see the gaps in the knowledge and this will help you to also know what to work on. The next goal is to raise my grade, you are probably thinking, wow, isn’t that obvious. Yes, it is but I feel like this quarter my grades weren’t the best, and that this quarter I may have not taken everything so seriously and put a lot of time and pressure on me to do so. So I think that I could raise my grade up not for my parents but for my own good. This is one of the most important goals for me because I feel better about myself when I have good grades because then I also feel like I know much more which will help me in the future. The last goal for me is to develop new skills and to have a good understanding. This goal is important to me because if you don’t know how to use the skill or understand it. That means that you do not know the skill and that is not really a good thing. This is a part of why I think that this is an important goal for me in quarter 2.

The Other Side of Truth Theme Art


For my theme art project I have drawn several things. I have chose the theme honesty for my theme art and I have wrote a sentence that shows honesty.  The sentence I have included was “I stole from your uncle’s shop-a lighter, a cigarette lighter.” (Sade Solaja, page 215). Honesty is shown in Sade’s action when she gives back the lighter she has stole from the store. This was when Sade admitted that she has stole a lighter from a shop. I have drawn a lighter showing what she stole and I also drew a person handing another person a lighter to show that she has gave her lighter. I have also drawn a shop to represent that she stole a lighter from the shop and a picture of someone stealing something. I have also drawn a scale that shows that honesty is heavier than dishonesty.

Writing Poems Reflection

In writing we have been working on 3 poems. We were supposed to choose one poem to make a visual and write a reflection on our blog including the visual. I have chose my poem called ‘Flea Market’ which you would probably guess that the poem is about a flea market. I chose several photos but all of them were photos of things that I have talked of in my poem about what I they are in the flea market that stands out to me because there are so many things at a flea market. The theme of my poem is mostly marketing because people are buying things. I am proud of my personification I have used in the poem. I think that my poem is in the meeting expectations because I have used most of the figurative language in the approaching expectations and I have used white space and line breaks very affectively. I have grown as a poet by learning how to use white space, line breaks and repetition. A challenge I had while writing the poems was using figurative language commonly.

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