Social Studies Parable Poster and Reflection

In Social Studies we have been learning more about Christianity. We have been reading some parables and we have been identifying the moral/lesson and the plot.

Which of the parables appealed to you most, and why?

In my opinion, I think The Good Samaritan parable appeals to me the most because it teaches me to my be good to everybody no matter if it is your enemy or not. This parable has a lot of morals to it because of how the Samaritan helped the robbed person. I also think that this parable is really easy to remember and not forget which is another reason why this parable appealed to me.

How do parables relate to the spreading of ideas?

Parables have a very big impact on spreading of ideas  because the moral is very easy to remember because it has a very deep meaning behind it.Parables are an example of a situation of that parable so it engages the reader more. If the situation changes, “telling it like it was” becomes irrelevant, but the parable lives on. They were made to spread because they could be told over and over again.

This is my poster:

Mandarin Reflection

So far in Mandarin we have learned how to read and write more countries and we have also learned how to read and write languages. We have also learned some keywords such as I can speak, I have been to, I can not speak, I have not been to in Mandarin. We made posters and have played games to practice the vocabulary words and more. We have took several quizzes. We are now currently working on the subjects at school such as P.E, art, music, math, and much more. The keywords are 课,有的,还。 These mean class, some, and also. Here are the poster we have made:

Photo on 9-18-15 at 2.23 PMPhoto on 9-18-15 at 2.26 PM

This is me poster                           Countries poster

All about myself. My name is Yenny. I am 11 years old. I am in the 7th grade. I am Korean. I have 4 people in my family, my dad, my mom, younger sister, and I. Both my mother and father work. They are both business women and men. My father takes his car to get to work. My mother walks to work. I wake up at 6. I go to school at 7:15. I walk to school everyday. I can speak Korean and a little bit of Mandarin/Chinese. I have been to nine countries, Korea, Maldives, etc. The country I liked the most is Australis and the Maldives. I live in Vietnam.

Team Building Activities Reflection

So far we have done three team building activities. We first did the scavenger hunt then we did the paper tower building activity then we did the cross river team building activity. For the scavenger hunt we were in a circle that was made using two ropes and tying them together. We had to go through the list and take pictures when we find the place. Then we did the paper building tower activity which was when we had to build the tallest tower we can using paper and tape. And the most recent activity we did was the cross river activity. We had to use mats to get to one side to the other.


For the scavenger hunt we were in our advisory groups and we had to be in this little circle together, the circle was made using two ropes. There were two people who got to be out of the circle. The first was the person holding the iPad to take the photos to show that we have got to the place. And next was the person with the piece of paper which told us where we had to go. I got to be the person who held the iPad. We were not so good as a team in the first few minutes. People got shoved and got pulled but then we stopped and talked about how we could do better as a team and we got way better. I think that we could have worked better as a team but I believe that we did pretty good in including everyone and not shouting a lot.


The next team building activity we did was the paper building tower activity where we got separated into smaller groups from our advisory and we had 10 minutes to make the tallest tower we could using only paper and tape. I feel like our group did a pretty good job in working together and splitting up the work so we could make the tower faster but I think that we could have done a better job at the beginning because we spent a lot of time arguing about which idea to use. But overall I feel like we were successful in the tower building even though our tower was not the tallest.


The most recent activity we did was the river crossing activity. We were given two mats and we had to use both to get from one side to the other no body part touching the ground. We had to work fast but also carefully as a team in order for us to get to the other side perfectly without anyone touching the ground. I feel like we were pretty good since we were second or third. I feel like we did a good job in keeping everybody together since we did not touch the ground but I feel like we could have done a better job in working more as a team. I think this because mostly the boys were in charge and I think we could have made it faster if everybody helped and there was not just one leader but everybody was a leader.


Overall I think these activities were very helpful for us to see how we have to improve as an advisory. I also think that if we improve we can do a lot better in the upcoming team building activities and the week without walls. I think that this was a great experience for our advisory and the whole seventh grade.

Juggling Reflection



Place two balls in your right hand and the other ball in your left. Reverse the instructions if you are left handed. Start by throwing the ball in the front of your right hand in an arc to your left hand. When ball (1) reaches its highest point, throw the ball in your left hand (2) in an arc to your right hand. Catch (1) in your left hand.Throw the ball from your right hand (3) in an arc to your left hand. Catch (2) in your right hand. This move can be difficult.When that ball (3) reaches its highest point, throw the ball in your left hand (1) in an arc to your right hand. Catch (3) in your left hand. Then you repeat the steps. The highlight of juggling is that it is easier to juggle with three balls if you know how to juggle with 2. The lowlight of juggling is that it takes a lot of concentration. I tip is to start with one ball and practice a lot and if you feel like you have got it you should practice a lot more with two. Before going on to three.

Book Talk Reflection

I believe I did pretty good in my introduction which was to have a creative introduction with a thoughtfully selected quote. I think I did a good job on not giving too much away about the setting, plot, and the characters. I think I did pretty well on stating the theme. I think that I did really well on presenting a thoughtfully composed conclusions. I believe that I could have had a better insightful analysis as why I chose this quote and I think I could have been more specific. I think I could have been more excited to share the setting, plot and characters. Even though I believe that I did pretty well on stating the theme I think I could have made my theme more specific. For my conclusion I think that I could have been more enthusiastic. I think that I did pretty good on my public speaking more specifically speaking clearly and loudly enough for other people to hear. I think that I could improve my public speaking by looking at the audience more. I think I could talk more enthusiastically to make my video more appealing for other viewers.

Name Sculpture

A name sculpture is making a sculpture out of your name. Cutting out each letter in your name and making it as a sculpture. Our first task was to draw out our names in bubble, box, or graffiti, then cut them out. Over all I am really satisfied with my work because I spent a lot of time in cutting and decorating the letters and especially the base. Overall I am pretty pleased with my work. We were required to use emphasis, movement, contrast, texture, and focal point in our letters. It also has to look interesting in every angle. I am really happy by the balance of my letters because I put in a lot of thinking in to the balancing part. Another strength is the design of my letters because I tried to make every single one unique in their own way. Finally, I am also impressed with how it looks in all different angles because I spent a lot of time trying to make it look interesting from every angle. Next time I would change by looking at more examples because if I did I think it would have looked much cooler by the designs and the positioning even though I am happy with my work I feel like I could do much better. If I was to do this task again I would the size of my letters to be exactly the same because my letter ‘y’s are smaller than the rest. I faced a challenge which was arranging my letters because some of them won’t stay in place. I found cutting the letters easy since I had experience in this part. Overall I really enjoyed this task but I find that the slots are hard to make because you have to make it long enough for the other letter to fit in but if your letters are too small the letter might tear apart, however decorating the letters were easy for me.

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