How did humans evolve?

How Did Humans Evolve?

From a primate, to what we are today. There are religions that explain how this has happened, but based on the religion of Science, in a way we are able to prove that humans were once primates. Science. The only religion you need. If we were once a primate, how did primates become humans? Now, science can be explained as we explain how humans evolved. The answers will be answered, from the evidence that we evolved from primates the steps on how we’ve evolved. Now, without further ado, the question will be answered.

Paleontologists have found bits and pieces of this story including DNA, fossil records, and much more. Although these may be big clues, they are still the only puzzle pieces that we have found. A puzzle that will answer the question: How did humans evolve? Scientists have found that the evolution of humans started off with apes. It is found that humans didn’t directly evolve from apes, but the two share a very common ancestors millions of years ago. No matter how close apes and humans look alike, there is still a big difference between a human and an ape. To combine the gaps, there comes the Australopithecus, the species that sits in the middle of the apes and humans; or alternative between apes and humans. The australopithecus are like humans because of it’s two feet, walks upright, and also has evolved from the apes. However, in the last decade of time a lot of fossils have been found in Africa. The are fossils from early transitional “proto-hominids.” There are three such as Sahelanthropus, Orrorin, and Ardipithecus. The earliest proto hominis is the Sahelanthropus. It dates from around seven to six million years ago from now. The next proto- hominids were the Orrorin. The Orrorin lived about six million years ago. Lastly, the Ardipithecus dates from five point eight to four point four million years ago. To continue the stages of evolution, we have Lucy, also known as the Australopithecus afarensis. It is one of the longest and best known ‘pre-human’. Lucy was found three point eight five ~ two point nine five million years ago at Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania. Luc
y has a flat nose, small brain (less that five hundred centimeters cubed. Third the size of a human brain). It does share characteristics with apes and humans, as described. However, we didn’t discover Lucy until nineteen-seventy-four when fossils were suddenly discovered at Hadar, Ethiopia, and Laetoli, Tanzania.

The next step of evolution started when some hominids started to make tools called the oldowan. These two-million years old oldowan were first discovered by Louis Leakey during the nineteen-thirties. The first tools that hominids started to use were shaped like stones, except they were chipped out to have cutted edges. This evidence suggests that the oldowan tools were probably used in many kinds of ways, such as breaking things apart. The oldest known Oldowan tools were found in Gona, Ethiopia, and about four or more species of hominids were found in Africa using these oldowan. After the oldowan were used, the first species of the Homo Clade with a larger brain than most the species in the hominid family appeared. Later on, the hominids made hand-axes. These hominids included the ancestors of the Neanderthals. The Neanderthals were known to be very similar to humans. They are known to be the extinct species of Human. In eighteen-twenty nine, the first Neanderthal skulls were found at Engis, while on the other side, the hominids were spreaded out of Africa, and spreaded around Asia and Europe. The homo-neanderthalensis are known to live in Europe, and the Homo-Erectus are known to live in Asia.

As we continue, we come a step closer of becoming a human. A hundred-thousand years ago, the hominids brains were ranged around the size of the current range of humans. Now, it comes to Homo-Sapiens. Humans are also Homo-Sapiens. We share the same scientific name. Currently, the Homo-Sapiens are the only surviving species from the hominid family. Early Homo-Sapiens lived in Africa. Meanwhile, Homo-neanderthalensis and homo-erectus spread through other parts of the world. In addition to that, around fifty-thousand years ago, the Homo-sapien (also now known as us humans) culture starts to show up. Humans started to add body embellishment towards themselves, and were able to produce cave paintings.To elaborate, the cave paintings were found on cave walls and ceilings in Asia and Europe. Although these cave paintings were found, no one knows the exact purpose of these paintings yet. Perhaps, it might have just been an ancient way of making art. While human culture was showing up, a small group of modern humans stretched their range beyond Africa. Last, but not least, around twenty five-thousand years ago, other species in the homo-family were gone extinct, except the homo-sapiens and the modern humans. The homo-sapiens and modern humans were spread throughout the world, and at last here we are, ‘humans’.

On the other hand, there are religions that will understand and prove how the world starts. However, the religions don’t have as many facts backed up with their details. There would be evidence proven, using DNA, fossils, and others. This would all fit into the lines of science. While some people might say “ God created all.” There isn’t any scientific evidence which is the difference between science and religion.

In conclusion, we have found with our research and facts that science proves a better way of looking at things. Without it, evidence of evolution and human life would not be found. Science is the only religion you need as it has provided us with information that you can’t go against. Nothing beats science. Everything is found, tested and proven to be true. Welcome a new religion into your daily lives as it is proven. Science will stay. With the steps given above, we see that the human evolution is a lengthy process. With a simple step with primates given the opportunity to walk, our species exists.

World Religions

In Social Studies we have been learning about 2 world religions very carefully, Christianity and Islam. I am here to tell you about Christianity, Islam, and one most interesting topic to me. In this blog post you will learn about how Christianity shapes the lives of Christians, the central beliefs, sacraments, and the Christian worship and the Christian year. You will also learn about how does the beliefs and practices of Islam shape the lives of Muslims, and the 5 pillars of Islam. Last but not the least I will tell you about the 1 most interesting topic and why. So here it goes. . .


Lets start off with a little background of Christianity. Approximately a third of the people call themselves Christian. Now on to the central beliefs. Let’s explore some of the basic Christian beliefs which are the Holy Trinity, the Resurrection, and Salvation. Christians only believe in one god, and they see God as three things being in one; the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is more likely known as the Trinity. Christians believe that Jesus is the father of God. Most of the Christians believe that god was a normal human that he went through the life cycle like a normal person, but that he was half divine and half human. Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead and joined his father in heaven after his burial. This is a miracle known as the Resurrection to Christians. They believe that they can also look ahead to life after death. They also believe that Salvation is an award from god, Salvation is the deliverance, by the grace of God, from constant punishment for sin. Now on to the sacraments, Baptism involves water to symbolizes a new phase in a person’s life, another sacrament is the Holy communion. It is central to Christian worship. The New Testament tells us that Jesus began this sacrament at the Last Supper, by saying that the bread is my body and the wine is my blood, almost all Christian churches celebrate Holy Communion in some way. The Christian worship mostly takes place in churches, and most churches hold their services on Sunday, because it is the day that Jesus rose from the dead. There are two special events in the life of Jesus and the Christian year is marked by the events, Christmas and Easter. Christmas is the holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus, and Easter is the most important holiday in Christianity because it celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. You know a little more about Christianity, so now on to Islam.


In this paragraph you will learn about the 5 pillars of Islam, the first pillar of Islam is the Shahadah, the declaration of faith. To show the belief in one God and in Muhammad’s prophethood, a person testifies, the second part of the shahadah identifies God’s messenger as Muhammad. They also believe that all souls will face a day of judgment. The second pillar is Salat, daily prayer. Muslims are called to prayer 5 times a day: dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and after nightfall. Before praying they must preform the ritual washing. All people from different classes stand side to side, shoulder to shoulder, but men are separated from women. They may worship anywhere, some Muslims carry a rug to have a clean space to pray on. The 3rd pillar of Islam is zakat, or charity, Muhammad told the people with more riches to share their riches with the less fortunate. They believe that wealth becomes pure by giving some of it. They must share about one-fortieth (2.5%) of their surplus wealth each year, to their poorer neighbors.  The forth pillar of Islam is Siyam, or otherwise known as fasting, but Muslims were not the first people to fast to show the worship of God. They have to fast for a whole month during the Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, during the month, for the daylight hours Muslims are not allowed to eat any food or drink any kind of liquid including water. Fasting teaches Muslims what it would be like to be poor and hungry. Pregnant women, travelers, the sick, the elderly, and the young children do not have to fast. The last pillar is hajj, the pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah. In the 12th month of the Islamic year, thousands and thousands of believers from all over the world come together at Makkah. All adults Muslims who are able to make the journey are expected to perform the hajj at least once in their lifetime.  By bringing Muslims from different places and cultures together, the hajj promotes fellowship and equality.


From this lesson I found that the most interesting topic for me was the Christian year since I had no idea that Easter was the most important holiday in Christianity. I was also surprised that it celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. I also was stunned by the fact that the Christian year is marked by events in the life of Jesus and his followers. I also learned that the first Christmas is told in the Gospel of Luke. These are some of the things I have found very interesting about the Christian year and why I think I found this topic the most interesting.


As a conclusion, there are many different types of world religions. Even though we only focused on two main ones I felt like it was enough for me to understand the basics. I have learned a lot about Christianity and Islam, but from all that I have found one most interesting thing which was the christian year. It caught my attention, since I have not learned a lot about it and it was about the two holidays that I really enjoy.

Top 10 Movies You Should Watch Before You Die

Top 10 Movies You Should Watch Before You Die

These are the top 10 movies that I personally really think that you should watch before you die. These are not in order, because I really enjoy and like them equally. The following movies I believe are appropriate for more of a middle school level. Also these recommendations include the genre, and how long the movie is, so it is easier to see if you want a specific type of movie. I hope you enjoy my recommendations and watch the following movies.

  1. Up : Fantasy/Comedy-drama – 1h 41m

Up is a very touching movie that is a Disney animation. Carl is a 78 year old man who has a dream of tying hundreds and hundreds of balloons and going to the wilderness. When he does he later discovers that Russell is on board. Russell is Carl’s nightmare. This is a comedy movie that has very interesting characters. I realize that some people might think this movie is for children, but the plot is amazing and the feel is fantastic. I think that any gender, any age will enjoy this movie. Your heart will “float” away at times.


  1. Life of Pi : Drama-film/Adventure – 2h 7m

Life of Pi is a very adventurous film. It is a story about the after decision to sell the zoo in India move to Canada. The tragedy begins when a really big storm starts and sinks the boat, leaving Pi alone in the middle of the sea, as the only survivor, or should I say human survivor. Pi is not alone, he is on the boat with a tiger. He must learn to train him and trust each other. This is a really deep movie with a lot of adventure. My opinions on this movie is that it is very interesting and very deep at times.


  1. Cheaper by the Dozen : Drama/Comedy – 1h 46m

Cheaper by the Dozen is a very original comedy movie. It is about two parents, Tom and Kate who have decided to raise 12 kids. Tom is a football coach in a high-school, while Kate has retired to raise the kids. A lot changes when Tom is offered another job, coaching, in a new city. This is a very touching movie about a family and how they try to solve things in their hands. I really enjoyed this movie because I felt like it was a very heartwarming movie that a family would enjoy.


  1. Poltergeist : Thriller/Horror – 1h 54m

The Poltergeist is a very touching movie even though it is a horror movie. It is about a family with 3 kids, Kendra, the oldest, Griffin or Griff, the middle child, and finally Madison, the one with the “gift” for talking with ghosts. They rent a house which the parents like but the kids don’t. They find out later that the house was once where the cemetery was, they also find out that people that moved the grave only said that they did but that the bodies are still there. It is a lovely movie about the family and at the same time it is a very fun and thrilling horror movie. I felt very sad at times when Griff’s mom did not believe him, but I also was very touched at times.


  1. The Fault in our Stars : Drama film/Comedy-drama – 2h 13m

The fault in our stars if a movie made from a touching realistic fiction novel. This Movie is very well directed and will make you feel what the character feels. This movie is in the perspective of a teenage girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster. She is diagnosed with cancer and she falls in love with Augustus Waters (Gus). They have a lot in common including the love for books. Especially The Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. When Gus gets plane tickets and the chance to meet Peter Van Houten, Hazel’s life has an amazing twist. I personally really really enjoyed this movie since it was a very a different movie compared to others. It was a touching movie that really caught my attention in the beginning of the movie.


  1. Aquamarine : Fantasy/Coming of Age – 2h 46mAquamarine is a brilliant movie. This movie is about mermaids, and how two teenage girls (Hailey and Claire) find out that mermaids are real. They find this out after a huge storm hits. The mermaid, Aquamarine, is trying to prove to her father that real love does exist. Aquamarine asks for help to win the heart of a handsome lifeguard named Jake. In other words a mermaid’s search for “love” with humans. This movie is a fantastic fantasy movie. This movie will show you how important friendship is. Aquamarine is very confident about herself which is something I really liked about her. I loved the plot of the movie and the characters, but the thing I liked most about the movie is was the feel.


  1. A Cinderella Story : Teen film/Romance – 1h 35m

A Cinderella Story is a brilliant movie. The movie is about a girl Samantha (Sam) who lost her father in a earthquake. Then her stepmother got all of the things because he didn’t have a will. She also got Sam. Sam is a diner girl who is in love with a boy. She goes to the ball because the boy said he wants to meet her. But she never shares her identity behind the mask. I loved the plot of the movie and the characters, but the thing I liked most about the movie is was the feel.


  1. Breakfast Club : Comedy drama/Drama – 2h 10m

A 1985 movie, Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club is about five random high school students that spend their Saturday together in detention. Each and one of them are in detention for different reasons. The jock, the princess, the brain, the basket case, and the criminal. They have to survive the 8 hours of detention together. During detention they are suppose to write about the topic “who they really are” in a thousand word essay. Together they form the Breakfast Club. It is a old movie but it is still a movie that I believe most people will love.


  1. Pitch Perfect & Pitch Perfect 2 : Musical/Music Genre – 1h 52m, 1h 55m

Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 is a very fun and very interesting since it is partially a musical. It is in the perspective of a girl named Beca, who doesn’t at first like collage. She then joins a accapella group named The Bella’s. She gets to perform in different places, some turn out to be tragedies, more than you could possibly imagine. The two movies are hilarious, and a great mix of comedy and a musical. I really enjoyed this movie because of various reasons, but mostly the fact that it had a lot of singing involved in it. I would highly recommend this movie to people who teens, but I believe that most people would enjoy it.


  1. Titanic : Drama Film/Romance – 3h 30m

Oh, the tragedy. Titanic is a movie based on a true story. It is very romantic film. It is about Rose, telling the story 84 years after the Titanic. Jack wins a ticket to go on the ship. He meets Rose, and Rose leaves his fiance for the poor artist, Jack. Titanic, the ship of dreams. Also known as the unsinkable. This is a very heartwarming story that Rose tells from the beginning of departure until the end. This is one of the most well known movie, but this is not why you should see this film. It is because it captures the moments of the Titanic very realistically, and it feels like you are actually in that moment. You will “sink” into the movie very easily.

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