PechaKucha Reflection

I feel like I specifically did well on trying to make the best use of time. I think this because mostly all of my slides finished when I was done saying everything I needed to make the readers know everything they need with no spoilers. Something I found specifically challenging was the images because my topics were very specific so I had to expand my thinking to something more general. At the end I found the images that I needed that went with what I had to say. I found this more interesting and easier to do because it was open genre and I did a book that really meant a lot to me which made it easier for me to talk about it. I also think this PechaKucha was better because I spoke louder and more clear. My reading plans for this summer is to read 30 chapter books in 2 months. I am also currently working on reading 10 books before I go to Korea for the summer.

My PechaKucha:

Math Reflection

What does this test show I know?

This test shows that I know how to find the area of a circle, parallelogram, triangle, and more.

What is a part of the test I would redo if I could, and what mistake did I make?

I would redo the part where we had to find the area of the pool. I made a mistake where I wrote down the wrong numbers but the formula was correct.

Take a webcam picture (or other picture)  that is evidence related to one or both of my answers above. Add it to my post with a caption.

Problem number 8b

Problem number 8b


Christianity Presentation :)

We are currently learning about Christianity in Social Studies. We read the packet and we made a presentation. We started off by making a title which mine is Christianity. Then we would make another slide and name it the title of the part we learned in order. First it was the Central Beliefs and I made another text box that states the things I learned in that part, which was Holy Trinity, Resurrection, and Salvation. After that we put a picture for each subject such as for the Holy Trinity I put a picture that I found on Google, safe to use and share. We had to put one picture per slide and the picture had to be free to use and share, which meant we could  use comp fight, cc, and/or google. There could not be any description or sentences but you could have a title. I put a title for each picture which would make it more clear for the reader.

This is my presentation: