ELA Argument Writing Reflection

1. What were the strengths of your writing piece?

I think my strengths were that I used a lot of facts. I also think that my strength was that I made it clear the the writer what my claim was. I believe my last strength was that I used topics sentences and description to support my claim.

2. What would you change about your writing piece?

I think I would change my lead for the reader to be more hooked to the first paragraph. I also think I would change my ending so that I wrote what it could mean to consider. The last thing I would change about my argument writing would be my evidence because I did use facts but I forgot to give the person credit. I know it is a bad thing but I was rushing trough, so I didn’t have enough time.

3.How did scoring the exemplar help you fairly score your own piece?

It helped me because I reread the rubric which made me see things I didn’t at first. Another reason why scoring the exemplar helped me fairly score my own piece because I could score my writing more strictly after I scored the exemplar. Scoring the exemplar made me think of scoring it as any other exemplar so that I didn’t grade my piece unfairly.

Monarchy To Democracy

How did ancient Greece go from a monarchy to democracy? 

Ancient Greece’s form of government that started in 2000 and ended at 800 B.C.E. was Monarchy. In some city-states, aristocrats insisted that their king obtain the crown through an election rather than a inheritance. Then they limited a king’s rule to a certain number of years. After that the aristocrats in many city-states overthrew the monarchy and took the power to themselves. For this reason by 800 B.C.E., almost all of the city-states in Greece were no longer ruled by kings. After monarchy came oligarchy,which started in 800 and lasted until 650 B.C.E. Oligarchy was mostly ruled by a small group of wealthy people, which was different for every city-state. Compared to the poor, oligarchs had very comfortable lives. The poor saw the unfair differences between their difficult lives, because of this reason the oligarchs were backed by the people, they used their soldiers to throw the oligarchs out of power.


In a tyranny which was started in 500 B.C.E is sometime called a dictatorship. A tyrant  is another name for a dictator. A tyranny is different from a monarchy in several ways. A tyrant cannot claim that the laws of the land give him the right to rule. This form of government in ancient greece lasted until about 500 B.C.E. Around 500 B.C.E The people of athens were the first to try governing themselves. This government form was democracy. In a democracy every free man had his rights to say what he wants about his city-state. They directed democracy by having assemblies where the people would get to vote in each and every new law. With a democracy, free men owned businesses. But not all Greeks believed in democracy. They usually used the assemblies against them. Even though this might have been the first official time the people of Greece tried having a democracy, they did have a king chosen back when Greece was a monarchy. The Greeks were unsuccessful with democracy but the idea of Democracy lives on until today.


Looking Back, Looking Foward


DBQ, Timeline, 2 column notes, Organize

Evidence: For the DBQ I got a good score that I thought I deserved. I think I did good in the DBQ and I got better on the 2nd. Timeline: 23/25 which equals 92%. 2 column notes: neat, organized, had all details. Organize: binder, notes, and free write.

List of growth:

Writing (Free write), Highlighting key information, Technology.

Evidence: Writing (free write): can’t write non-stop, blog post free write grade A. Highlight key info: can’t find key sentences and words quickly. Technology: I had trouble making the grade 6 column next to the home column.

Goal: I think that my goal should be to get higher than A-‘s on all projects and quizzes. I believe this is a reasonable grade that I could reach if I prepare for quizzes and improve my writing skills for DBQ’s and free write blog posts.

Yenny 🙂

Drop Tower

In ELA we wrote about our winter break in a screen play, so this is my winter vacation story in a screen play. I hope you like it.

Drop Tower + Sweets = Best winter break!

(Yenny,Anna,Seon-Yeong,Seah,and Sally are in the basement of the shopping mall. It is 1:30 on December 21 and they are in the arcade room. They walk out of the room and see a big drop tower. Seah and Sally wants to go on the drop tower but Yenny and Anna don’t. Seah starts telling Yenny and Anna how fun it is but Anna rejects. Seon-Yeong tells Yenny and Anna if Yenny or Anna, one of them goes on it Seon-Yeong will get Yenny,Anna,Seah,and Sally sweets.)

Seah (turns to Seon-Yeong): Oh my god mom, can we please please please please go on that drop tower. It will be so much fun.

Sally (joins in the conversation): Yeah aunt it will be amazing! Please please please!

Anna (in a scared voice): There is no way i’m going on that thing.

Yenny: Duh~

Seah (turns to Yenny): But it will be so much fun. Come on dude. You scared?!

Yenny: Of course not.

Seon-Yeong (points at the candy store): If you go on the ride, just one of you, after the ride we will all get candy.

Yenny: Fine. Anna, lets make it fair and do rock, scissor, paper.

Anna (nods): Okay.

Yenny & Anna: Rock Scissor Paper!

Yenny (pulls out a fist)

Anna (pulls out a flat hand): I win! You get to go on the drop tower. Nah nah nah boo boo!

Yenny: Fine. But you are going to regret this.

Anna (shaking her head): I don’t think so.

Seon-Yeong (pulls out her wallet): 3 children and 1 adult please for the drop tower.

(2 minutes later. On the drop tower.)

Yenny (shaking): I don’t think I can do this.

Seah: Come on it will be fine. Right Sally?

Sally: Sure why not.

(The drop tower goes up slowly to the top.)

Yenny: Are you sure this is sa…

(Drop tower goes down really fast and goes up slowly again)

Sally: It wasn’t so bad was it?

Yenny: Yeah, it’s actually really fun.

Seah (flipping her hair): Told y…

(Drop tower goes down again)

(3 minutes later)

Yenny: I can’t believe I actually enjoyed it.

Anna: Really? Shoot I should have went.

Yenny: (Turns to Seon-Yeong and Seah): Can we go again?

Seon-Yeong: Maybe next t…

Sally (Joins in the conversation): What about the candy?

Anna: Oh right, I almost forgot.

(Walks in to the candy store.)

Seah (Looks at the jelly bean section): Wow.

Yenny: I know right there is a huge bucket of jelly b…

Sally (Turns to Yenny and points at the big bucket of jelly beans): Wow! Do you see that Yenny? There is a whole bucket of jelly beans!

Yenny: Yes Sally I do! What do you think I am doing in front of the bucket of jelly beans?

Sally: Umm…