Social Studies Quarter One Reflection

This quarter in social studies we have learned a lot of things. We learned about timelines, DBQs, Bias, free writes,  early settlements of ancient Egypt, Kush, and Canaan, and how did the Nile shape ancient Egypt. A few things that I have done well during the quarter was my blog posts which include my timeline and free write. I think this because on my timeline blog post I tried my best on the writing and for the pictures I wanted to find pictures and captions which really describe the important event of my life until now. Some things that I have enjoyed in social studies are the DBQ and my blog posts. I enjoyed doing the DBQ because it was a way to get a lot of things in your mind that you learned from the past while learning more about it by thinking and writing about it. I enjoyed blog posts because I like to write about the things that we did in class and share it to everybody.

An area that I can improve on is my test skills and analyzing documents/sources. I think I can reach this goal by studying before the test instead of just thinking ‘I know everything, I don’t need to study!” And I think I can reach the goal of analyzing documents by not forgetting to put the source in.

This is my a little photo of my class in social studies:


The one with the with his hands opened is David. The girl next to him is Vivian, the girl in front of vivian is yeoun jae. And finally the boy next to yeoun jae is san.

The one with his hands open wide is David. The girl next to him is Vivian, the girl in front of Vivian is Yeoun Jae. And finally the boy next to Yeoun Jae is Min Seo.

Science Unit 1 – Diversity of Life


How is it Alive?

I am a house sparrow. I am a small, plump, grey bird wandering around the streets.I respond to stimuli by flying away, somewhere away that other people won’t come near. For an example if you come near I will be scared that you might catch us and lock us forever. So because of a reason like that we try to stay away. We have different kinds of sparrows. My friend is a Chestnut sparrow, and my best friend is Eurasian sparrow. We have very strong beaks. Most of the sparrows I know live  in open spaces which includes grasslands, deserts, and scrubland. We are generally known as social birds. We are probably are one of the most successful bird species on the planet. Though we are found in widely varied habitats and climates, we typically avoid extensive woodlands, grasslands, and deserts away from human development. Although we are found naturally in Europe and much of Asia. We grow and develop, but at first which is when the eggs begin to develop. With the yolk in the egg for a few days, then the sparrow hatches. The female develops a family of young animals, the patch of bare skin and plays the main part in incubating the eggs. Even when blind, we continue to be shown reproductive development. When the days are long but not when the days are short.

Classifying Life

I live in the kingdom of animalia. I know this because I am an animal and more specifically I am a bird. My phylum is the chordata and I live in the class of aves. I am an multicellular, and I am in the chain which generally begins with an autotroph such as a green plant


Evolution and Ancestry


Survival in the Environment

We usually live where there is houses and some of us live not so near the houses. You won’t find us in woodlands, forests, or grasslands, and in extreme environments such as deserts. In spite of the disturbances of other birds, starvation and others. We eat mostly on the seeds of grains and weeds, but we are sometimes we eat insects and many other foods. Our predators include domestic cats, hawks, owls, and other predatory birds and mammals. We learn our skills of getting food by eating whatever is edible. We develop our food finding skills by moving to different places such as in towns or cities we search in garbage containers, outdoors of restaurants, and even just on the streets. It is hard to develop our food finding skills near the supermarkets, automatic doors, and near hotels too.


Role in the Environment

I am a primary consumer, but I am also a predator because my preys are worms, other kinds of plants and more. A reason why I am a primary consumer is because I eat grass which is at the bottom of the pyramid.

Parental Care

When I get old I can lay 2 to 5 eggs at a time. For us sparrows both sexes incubate, and our chicks hatch after 11-14 days. Our parents share nesting duties equally. The young sparrows are unable to feed themselves for about a week, we leave the nest when we are cared by their parents for around a two weeks.

Social Studies Free Write blog post #1 – What was the best event of your life.

Free write #4                                                      What was the best event of your life so far?

The best event of my life so far was when I was born because if I haven’t been born I wouldn’t have been able to make any events in my life or even be here writing this but if it is obvious that the best event of your life was when you were born I have another event which was when I got to go to Maldives. I liked Maldives because you could smell fresh air and sea water which you can’t smell in cities. Maldives was also I great place for swimming and scuba diving because the water was clear like a transparent glass door, but the water that was there, you could see all the corals even if you weren’t in the water. Also Maldives was the best event of my life because the resort was awesome. The resort didn’t have any concrete floors you had to go on with shoes but the resort had sand everywhere so that you could go barefooted. It seemed like a million tiny fish kisses on my feet every time I put my foot back in. At first I thought this was going to be my worst event of my life because it took around 5 to 6 hours or more and 2 to 3 trips to get there, but when I saw how amazing it looked my emotions went from depressed and a feeling like ‘”Why am I getting pushed to go there, it’s not like their going to give me anything.” to blissful as in a feeling like “OMG, this is why they wanted me to go.” I loved everything that I could see to hear, and maybe, sometimes hear, and that is why a trip to Maldives was one of the best events of my life. As a conclusion, the best event of my life was that I was born. But again stated if that didn’t count because it is too obvious I choose that the big wonderful trip to Maldives was one of the best event of my life, and I am saying one of my best events because who knows there might be more wonderful events. Before I finish this post I want to tell you one another best event of my life so far. It was last year’s summer vacation. Our family went to Korea for the summer and my uncle made a game. It was a good game because we had to work as a team and no one could be left out. We went to this big resort all together,  we swam, and we had lots of fun. But the biggest reason why this was a best event is because of the scavenger hunt we had with out whole family which is really hard because they have different vacations and different schedules but we managed to be all there and have fun, and that concludes my free write on what was the best event of your life so far?

The 7 Minute Challange

The 7 minute run challenge is trying to find your running pace that you can maintain for the whole 7 minute. My goal for the 7 minute challenge was to maintain my running pace for the whole 7 minute challenge. I did meet my goal sometimes. It was hard to maintain my pace because I think I went to fast at the beginning. The challenges I faced was my breathing because it was hard to catch my breath and another challenge I faced was sweating. It was hard to not sweat even if I didn’t want to because it was hard not to sweat while running as much as you can. One success I had was that I ran 5.6K in 7 minutes in 5 trails. I did not like the 7 minute challenge because it was quite a challenge. But I did like it because it was a challenge that pushed yourself to find the pace you can maintain.

photo 4

This is a heart rate table I made:


Activity Heart Rate Active Heart Rate Zone Healthy Heart Rate Zone
Rest 64 nope nope
Ant Tag 123 nope no
Popcorn 148 yes no
Suicides 178 yes yes
7 Minute Challenge 204 yes yes

Journal-English Language Arts

This is one of my journals I did from the last couple of weeks which the topic was to right about if you agree or disagree with the quote “The internet is so big so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.” -Andrew Brown.

September 26, 2014

“The internet is so big so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.” -Andrew Brown Do you agree with this statement? Why/ why not?

I don’t agree with this because there is nothing for you to do or than you can’t enjoy your life. I do agree that the internet is so big and powerful and pointless but I hardly disagree that is may be a complete substitute for life. I do agree that is is very big and powerful because you can do mostly anything with it except things like eating and drinking, or going to the bathroom, but mostly everything like facts, answers, and even movies and books you can use it for your own goods in your life. But I feel like it should not be a complete substitute for life because there is so many things out in the world you never tried and if the internet completely takes over you life you might not get to do things like riding on a roller coaster and throwing up on the person in front of you or you might not get a chance to get to win a spelling bee and be disqualified and be upset. I know that it might sound like ‘Why would anyone want to do this. This is a complete waste of time I think it is better that the internet be a complete substitute for my life.’ But it is things you can’t do if you are in the virtual world of computers all day. As a conclusion I agree that it is very powerful and big but I do not agree that the internet can be a complete substitute for life.

Reflection on Math Video by Me & Elin

During math class last week me and my friend Elin made a video on how to combine like terms. We started of we the vocabulary words like terms and combine. Next we made up a question that we can combine like terms. We showed how to combine like terms by telling the audience that like terms can be combined but unlike terms can not be combined. We have used the app explain everything with an i pad.