English Language Arts Personal Narrative Blog Post

Below is a segment of my personal narrative, which is titled “Another Day, Another Event For The Pink Rabbit And For Me”.  This narrative tells about a time when my rabbit that I always had that loses her hand and leg.  In the segment below, “I told her it was okay and I told her just to give me it. She lended me it while squeezing me other hand. She told me to close my eyes. I felt a warm bunny in my hand so I opened my eyes and I opened my hand and there she was. But something looked suspicious.”

Answer the following reflection questions (at least two sentences per question):

  • Why did you select this segment to post on your blog?                                                     I chose this segment for my blog because I think that you could see something from my perspective. I also chose this segment because I thought that it was a good segment for the reader to feel that it was hard for me to close my eyes and not see a arm and leg of my favorite stuffed toy.
  • What are you showing off in this writing piece (Dialogue, descriptive language, similes, focusing on a small moment, etc.)?                                                                     I think I am showing of descriptive language. I think that because I wrote words that I don’t use to often in other writing which don’t include personal narrative.
  • What will you continue to develop in your writing?                                                             I think I should continue more on my dialogue and similes. I think this because I didn’t really see so much similes as much as dialogue.

My S.M.A.R.T Goals

My 3 S.M.A.R.T goals for the next year/semester:

1. Better aiming at the goal. (Soccer) I have never been good at aiming right at the goal because it has always gone right or left or up.

2. I really really really wanna push myself to actually study for quizzes and tests.

3. Expand my circle of friends. I have always been a firm believer in the saying, “I would rather have a few good friends than a lot of fake friends”; that being said, I do think it is good to expand your circle of friends. No one needs a million best friends, often we get comfortable with our small circles of friends and don’t venture out to meet new people. This semester I am making it a goal to expand our circle of friends.

Le Ball Handle

In P.E we had to practice at least 6 ball handling skill, film it and we finally had to put in our blogs. We had to make teams of 2 to 3. Out team was me, Yeoun Jae, and Vivian. We did pretzel, squeeze the banana, punching bag, figure 8, figure 8 without touching the ground, spin the ball.

We had a lot of trouble because sometimes the film was too long and some were too short. We weren’t 100% all great but I hope you enjoy our ball handling skills. We also got got mad because we kept on dropping the ball.

We were really happy when we were done with the film. I felt success when I didn’t drop the ball once in a move.




Timeline of My Life So Far

Hi, my name is Yenny and I am in sixth grade. In  Social Studies we have worked on chronological timelines.

We made our life until now timelines because our first unit was about chronological orders and timeline that had to do with history. We first made our first draft on a piece of paper and the second draft on an A3 piece of paper. Finally and last but not least we made our final draft on our laptops, on a website called TimeRime.com. (Which is where you can make timelines with  detailed description and pictures and more.)

In this project we had to make a timeline showing the most important events of our life, till now. To learn more about timelines and chronological order, each of us made our own timeline.

We had to have 6 to 8 main events in timeline showing our main events of our life until now. We also had to add  pictures for every event and very detailed description and pictures and event. Our timeline that we made and posted on our blog will be graded and be 25 points of our grade. Because our first unit is about timelines and chronological order we had to put our 6 to 8 main events in order.

So I hope you like my timeline of my life until now.