Genius Hour Session Two

For session’s two genius hour topic I have chosen to make a video game to share with the SSIS community.

My intended goal of my genius hour topic was to share my game to the SSIS students grade 3 to 5.

I wanted to investigate my topic because in session 1 genius hour topic some people did designing games and it looked fun and easy to do, so I wanted to investigate how hard and fun designing games are.

There were many steps throughout my process. First I had two choices to choose between gamestar mechanic and scratch. I went in both, sign up, and tried making a game on the two websites. I figured out making a game on gamestar mechanic was more fun because their were sprites to pick. So I made my game on gamestar mechanic. Then when I tried making a game it was no use because there weren’t too much sprites. So I went on a mission to find more sprites. I searched on websites, watched videos how to get more sprites and then I finally figured out where to find the other sprites… it was really easy, you just had to go to the mission section finish all the missions and you get sprites. After getting all the sprites there were I went to my workshop again and I finally finished my game. I then published it to the web and shared the embed code with Ms. Heather for her to put my video game on her blog. After that we (people that made video games) shared it with students grade 3 to 5. And that was my steps throughout my process.

There were many surprising things throughout making my game but the most surprising thing was that they (gamestar mechanic) doesn’t give you extra sprites when starting. Many hard things came along as well but the most hard thing was to finish the game on time.

We (video game people) shared the games with the SSIS community by embedding the link to Ms. Heather’s blog and then having people come to the video game day and playing the games on Ms. Heather’s blog.

I learned from my genius hour experience that it is very hard making a game even though it looks very easy.

I want to share one last thing about the genius hour experience… Gamestar Mechanic is AWESOME.