Cat Tien Memories

We, 5th grade students went to Cat Tien for their fist field trip. It was 2 nights and 3 days. From March 5~7. My roommates were Vivian and Yeoun Jae. We (my roommate) got the brand new cabin. It was called magnolia. A type of flower. There were 2 groups I was group 2. The bus ride took 4 hours and 30 minutes. The restaurant that we ate our breakfast, lunch, dinner was called yellow bamboo.

Day 1 Journal.
First night at Cat Tien. About 9:50 p.m (time I wrote my journal.)
What I really was waiting for finally came true! My first field trip in 5th grade! I can’t believe it. I feel good because our cabin is new and also because the people said that it is VIP. After getting of the 4 hours 30 minute bus ride and riding a boat wasn’t a waste of time after all I thought. We had lunch after we got off. It was terrific. BUT THEN… I changed my mind we had to go on a hike! It was exhausting. The hike was about an hour and a half. Going up a narrow road with 32 kids! But good thing we had rest time after. After a little it was dinner time. Lunch was okay but dinner was awesome! There was beef to noodles the restaurant was awesome. The noodles were a blast! We had to order more because we finished it all in 20 seconds. When the noodles arrived before it was even on the table everyone started hogging like hog for the noodles. I saw that the noodle went all over the waiters hand. I also saw that she was staring at us as if we were children that never ate anything. It was funny.

After the horrifying dinner we went back to prepare for the night sensory hike. The night sensory hike was half exiting and half creepy because all you got to see was black and white. It seemed like I was looking into a black and white T.V screen. After walking a little (?) we sat down and we were quite for 5 minutes to hear & see the sounds and backgrounds that we can’t see or hear in the city. It was more awesome than I thought it would be. You could see the moon more brightly and you could see tons of stars. I enjoyed it when I thought I wouldn’t.

After we got back we had the bonfire. Mr. Sullivan got to put the oil on so that the fire would spread easier. It was when the fire was on. I took my long sleeved shirt because it was too hot. The teachers got to tell stories but tomorrow we, students get to preform. We even get to roast marshmallows it will be awesome! It was my first time doing the bonfire. It was awesome.

When the bonfire was over we went back to our cabin and we had a shower before we slept. And unwanted people came in and showered because their bathroom got locked because of the boys. (It was Eileen’s cabin.) I thought why did Eileen and her friends let the boys in at first. It was because of the boy that it was locked. They played with their bathroom. After the last one Annabel left we heard a knock. It was Ms. Trester. She told us it was time to sleep so we turned off the light and went to bed. We were suppose to sleep at 10 but because Vivian laughed too much we slept at 10:30. It was an awesome first night at Cat Tien.

This is a presentation of the scavenger hunt we did during the hike.

I hope you enjoyed it my presentation.

Day 2 Journal.
Last night at Cat Tien. About 12:40 a.m (time I wrote my journal)
We woke up at about 7:00 in the morning. Ms.Trester woke us up. When she left we opened the door and everyone was outside we figured out we were late for breakfast. So we got dressed as fast as we could. But I was too lazy so I wore my p.j for my shirt because it looked like a normal shirt. But I had to change my pants because it looked too like p.j. So then I changed them.
I wasn’t expecting the breakfast too much. And I was right. The breakfast was horrible. It said it was omelet and bread but egg and bread came out. It was terrifying. I was jealous of those who had instant noodles with beef. It looked so tasty. But good thing the next day I have I have instant noodles with beef.

Next we went to see the moon bears, sun bears, gibbons, peacock, crocodile, and leopard station. We saw the moon bears, sun bears, gibbons, peacocks, and the crocodile but we couldn’t spot the leopard. I think it didn’t want to come our because we were too noisy. The sun bears were cute, they were real small and they were more cuter because they were playing in their hammocks.

The most thing I liked and remembered was when we put food for the bears to find. Moon bears were omnivores so we hid fruits, leaves, and peanut butter. But too bad we couldn’t hide fishes or meat. When we were done we went up to a tree house where we could see the moon bears finding their food.

Moon bear’s eyesight weren’t so good so it took them quite a while to find their food. But lucky their sense of smell was good. So it didn’t take too long to find their food. It was fun looking them finding their food and fighting for it.

At 7:00 p.m we went to another animal spotting tour but on a jeep. We spotted about 17 deer and 1 gibbon. If you looked back after a while it was creepy. It was like if slender man came our. Vivian who was sitting next to me kept on trying to get a leaf. After her hard (?) work she finally got one. Vivian let me touch it is was really soft.

When the animal spotting tour was over we went to the bonfire. Today students got to preform. I preformed also with Elin, Vivian, Kirsten, Muccia, Phuong Tam, Angela, and Tara. We did the bubble trick. It was cool. After saying the words and counting to 16 you could feel a bubble it was more cool because no one else could break it except yourself. And lastly what I was waiting for was here. Roasting marshmallows. I ate 6. The marshmallows were bigger/larger than I thought. So it was better. Some students even burnt their marshmallows because they thought it tasted better, but not me I just liked it perfectly gold. And that was my journal for my second night at Cat Tien.

My micro ecosystem page.

Day 3 Journal.
Time don’t know. Coming back to HCMC.
It is the last half day at Cat Tien. We had breakfast, it was awesome. Instant noodles with beef was the best choice. After breakfast we played group challenges. We (Our human knot group of 8.) were the first ones to finish the human knot in exactly 3 minutes. And the first ones to finish the knot game in about 3 minutes. Thanks to Annabel’s leadership we were the first ones. Annabel was the one to figure our the pattern. After the group challenges we got to make our own lunch. We were making sandwiches. I put peanut butter, cucumber, and tomato in mine. After eating it I figured out that I shouldn’t have put in cucumbers after all. When we got in the bus to go back to HCMC we watched the last lion a documentary 1/4 of the way. 1/4 of the way we stopped at a rest place. We (me, Dino, Tam, Ms. Trester, and e.t.c) played uno. Ms. Trester said no one ever won her but Dino did. I think she was lying. It was funny when Dino won her. When we got back to the bus we watched WALLY. I have never watched WALLY but after watching it I wanted to watch it again. It was a fantastic and a heart warming movie. When we got back to school. We still had time left until we went home so we worked on our journals. When I saw my mom I quickly rushed to her. I kissed and hugged her as much as I could. And the way back home I told my story about the amazing first out of home story. It was great. It was awesome. It was amazing…

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