Yenny’s Genius Hour Interview

What was the intended goal of your Genius Hour topic?

My goal was to share with other SSIS community about my genius hour topic.

Why did you want to investigate your topic?

I really had no idea about what I should do for the first time when our class was choosing topics. But then while I was looking at some other examples of what other people did for their topic I found a topic that seemed I had interested in.

What steps did you take throughout the process? 

At first I had to research. Then I started to make a presentation. But then I found that I had to less information to share so then I had to start again to research more.

What surprised you during this process? What challenges did you encounter?

A surprising thing was when I was presenting because I thought they would ask me questions I don’t know. There were a lot of challenges for me but the hardest one I think was presenting to people.

How did you share your learning with the SSIS community?

I shared my presentation while going to other classes with my other two friends who were also doing something about the human body. We where sharing in 3 different groups, rotating. And we went together to all the 3rd grade class to share because we heard that they were studying about the human body.


What did you learn from your Genius Hour experience?

I learned that you have to feel confident to present to others.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your Genius Hour experience?

I want to share that you have to feel confident about your topic and don’t think it is boring.


This is my circulatory system presentation.