Realistic Fiction: Rules

Dear Readers,


   I just finished reading Rules by Cynthia Lord. The main characters in this book are Catherine, David, Kristi, and Jason. In the beginning of this story, Catherine feels sad and frustrated  because her little brother David has autism. She does not want to tell anyone that David has autism so she keeps it a secret.At the beginning, when Catherine made cookies and went to Kristi’s house nobody answered the door and it showed me that Catherine was very disappointed.


       I was surprised when Catherine is breaking her rules like only dancing in her room I think that she did that because she feels that she wants to try to not be shy.


As the story progresses, Catherine begins to change.At first she doesn’t want to share to anyone that her brother has autism, but then as the story progresses she shares with some friends that she feels comfortable with like Jason. By the end of the story, Catherine is breaking her rules like only dancing in her room. When she showed me that she was breaking her rules it seemed like she was not trying to be shy.


I liked when the author put the rules instead of the chapters number. I thought that because the rules are related to the main idea of the chapter so you could compare if you know the main idea of the chapter or not. I am still wondering if Ryan is now nice to David, because Ryan was always mean to David. I think the message of this story is to have less fear and more understanding toward the people with disabilities in their own communities and schools. I would recommend this book because Rules is a great book that shows that sometimes your life doesn’t seem like how you want it to, and this book show that Catherine who doesn’t have a normal life that fights over it.