Realistic Fiction Reflection

1.Most interesting things you learned?
2.What did you do best or proud of?
3.What can you do better on?
4.What made me write this story

The most interesting thing I learned is that some people can sometimes be in the same airport, same airplane, same hotel, and be next doors like the two girls in my story they even got to scuba dive together.
In my realistic fiction story I am most proud of making a realistic fiction story during class time.It feels like my class was a writing shop so I can concentrate. I felt like I was an author while writing the story.
I think I can do better on paragraphing my story into parts and looking carefully at spelling and punctuation.
I decided to  write about Scuba Diving because I am going to Australia and I might go Scuba Diving.

I hope you enjoy my story:)

Yenny’s Realistic Fiction

Scuba Diving
A fine autumn morning there are sounds of the shaking trees and the sounds of the birds chirping around. There was an airport in Los Angeles in the airport there was a girl named Suki. Suki was from Los Angles and she cries a lot. Suki had blonde hair and blue eyes, and she always did two pony tails. Suki was very active and playful too. In the airport was another girl named Kymmy. Kymmy was childish,honest, and kind. She also had blonde hair, and she had earrings. When Suki’s family and Kymmy’s family were abording to the plane they saw each other. They said “Hello nice to meet you.”
When they found their seats, they were sitting next to each other. Suki and Kymmy became best friends. When they landed at New York City, the weather was really warm it was a perfect day. They went to their hotel. But again they were in the same hotel!!! Then they went to their room. They were next door!!
The next day, they went scuba diving together. After thirty minutes, Suki had no air left in her air tank!Suki was drowning. But Kymmy had a lot of air in her tank. While Kymmy was swimming she saw Suki’s bracelet that was glittering.She was so curious she took a look.When she saw it was Suki, Kymmy put Suki put her in her back and swam to the top. When Suki’s parent’s knew that Kymmy saved Suki, the next day they had a surprise party for her. And the rest of the vacation was fine.