The Cherokee Tribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, My class is doing a research about native americans. We are going to go to a field tripn to a museam so we our trib is going to get a lot of things. My first topic is clothing. I have no idea of what I know about clothing!!!! My second topic is weapons and tools. And as the same I have no idea!!!!! My tribe is Cherokee and my team mates are Me ,Kolton,Eiji, and Kirsten.

Tribe: Cherokee
TeamMates: Yenny,Kolton,Eiji,Kirsten
K(What I already know): …………..
W(What I want to know):
~Is the fabric soft?
~How did they make the clothes?
~Were the clothes soft?
~Were they made out of animal fur?
~Did mens were dresses?



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