In this comic, I put a lot of effort in this section. This is because there is tons of filming techniques and comic techniques. The first two panels represent polyptych because it is two scenes in one whole background to represent that I and my brother are ready for the bike ride. There is a long frame shot below the two first panels to represent how long the bike ride is. Across the section is every panel is a long shot to see the view of riding a bike. In the long frame shot, I added motion lines to represent that I the bike is moving. In some sections, I added balloons to tell the reader what I am saying throughout the story. What is challenging about drawing this section is actually drawing the section because for the sake of time, I am drawing this using pen since pencil is not allowed. I will make some mistake throughout drawing this. What was easy about this part is coming up with what techniques that I am going to use because since this is my experience, it is easy for me to do that.

What will be easy for my chair sculpture is making the mountain, and the metro because they things require less skills. What will be challenging is making the actual city because it is very hard to make buildings with the provided material like cardboard. The ideas I have already is making the tubes and the metro sticking out. We use the design process, but not taking our first idea because some of your ideas might change during the process. I am looking forward to making the chair because I have a lot of good ideas to make my chair the best chair. The topic I am thinking of is the city because when I looked at the image of the city, one picture inspired me to make the city. What I think to make this city is using cardboard and buying models because I want is to be less time consuming.

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Art Video 1 and 2 Reflection

Most Relevant Tutorial

How I planned to use this for my chair is that I am going to draw the outline of the folding in a different material. I did this using cardboard by cutting the shape and dividing it into equal parts. Then I fold the parts to make a square or box. Then I cut out the roof and stick it into the building and I could then glue it in to the base of the city.

Post 2

I was expecting for my chair grade to get a least a A on my chair and get my chair done on time. This is because I want to get a high overall grade on Art and I don't want to delay anytime on finishing my chair. What I need to do the achieve a A is not have any gaps on my art work, use the sculpture elements, and add a lot of details to your chair.

Time Line

10 Classes Left

1st Class: Cover the base with buildings.

2nd Class: Work on Harbor and paint the water in the harbor.

3rd Class: Paper mache the buildings.

4th Class: Make the tubes and print out map and stick it in.

5th Class: Make the metro train.

6th Class: Make the mountain and paint it.

7th Class: Make the cable car station on the top and bottom and tie the string from the bottom to top station.

8th Class: Make Cable cars.

2 Videos

Art Video 3

Chair Elements

Chair Improvement GIF


Final Reflection

The task was to create a sculptured chair based on the theme you choose. What I have to do is create a sculpture on my theme which is City. We are being accessed on how strong, how neat, and the usage of the elements of the sculpture.

Overall, I am proudest for my chair because this chair is the biggest thing that I have ever accomplished in my whole life. My three strengths are building making, plastering, and painting over the chair. I am good with these things because the plastering of my metro tube is thick and stable. My buildings are neat and the same length of each side. Also, my painting is very creative. The skills I need to develop is making the sculpture more stabilized. What I learned about the process is plan carefully because when I planned carefully, I got a successful chair.

How my ideas changed when I progress by when I looked back at my plan, and sometimes when ideas just came to my head. When someone is starting this project, the advice I would give the person is plan carefully on what things you can do, and make the structure neat and strong. The elements my chair have is lines, space, mass, and texture. For lines, the hanging metro lines because it is hung by strings which represent lines. The space between each cardboard building represents space. The mountain is very heavy so it goes with mass, and the cardboard of the buildings represent texture because it feels rough like sandpaper.

I think the task is good because the task helps you learn how to do big projects independently. What was challenging is making the structure stabilized because the parts keep falling off. What was easy is coming up with ideas quick and making the buildings. The skills that helped me in other sculpture is organization because I am really organized in my buildings and chairs.

My debate statements is, "The light bulb had a more profound impact on human history than the atomic bomb." In the pro we have the light bulb and the group members are Karstan and Christian. On the con, we have the atomic bomb and the group members are me and Minh.

Debate Roles:

Debate Planning Doc:


Judge Assessment:

Peer Assessment: Didn't have this job.

Here is our video


Components of My Ecodome

  1. Two sticks (For grasshopper to enjoy and have fun)
  2. Soil covers 1/14 of the Ecodome (Nutrients for plants)
  3. Water covers 1/14 of the soil (Nutrients for the soil)
  4. Leafy plants from the backyard of our School (Food for Grasshopper)
  5. 1 grasshopper (Requirement)
  6. 7 rocks (Make things warm)


The changes we made to this ecodome is we added 1 more stick for the grasshopper not to get bored and enjoy the ecodome. We added more plants for the grasshopper to survive. I also added more water since I had a lot of soil.

I have a lot of biggest success for this research paper which is knowing how the write a major research draft.  Another one is finding good sources for my research paper since the sources are real facts and good facts. I also learned how to create a good outline to make my writing look professional. It is also the time that I learned how to create notecards to make my writing easier. Notecards are cards where we put notes such as facts, quotes and etc. Notecards are one of the techniques that lead to my biggest success on knowing which fact and which quote to use for my research paper.

The difficulties I have while writing the research paper is researching because some sources are not trustable and most of the sources have things that I already have in my notecards. Also, another difficulty is management on moving sentences around and checking my writing if I got enough quotes and facts in my paper. It is difficult to me because my paper is long and sometimes I got mixed on where to put it. I had one biggest difficulty which is citing the source manually. I had sources that when I try to auto-cite it in easy-bib, they can't create the citation, so I had to cite it manually. I had to scroll down and look everywhere in the website for information on who the author is and the date it is copyrighted.

I have done a lot of things differently compared to my previous writings such as changing my conclusion and intro outline. I added another sentence to the thesis to make a little intro to the thesis. Also, I put the where, who, and why in my background info to give a little information about Dubai which is my topic. For the conclusion instead of summarizing the paragraphs, I added additional information to it to tie the things up. In the paper, I started explaining the fact by definitions and example in most of the fact. I hadn't even done these things in my previous writing which is also one of the biggest changes I made in my writing.

Click on this link to see my final research draft


Qualitative Data

  1. More plants at the beginning and now there are less plants
  2. Alive at the beginning and now it is dead
  3. More plants are dying since they don’t get that much water
  4. More water at the beginning and now less water
  5. More Moisture in the walls of the jar
  6. Water is still flooding the whole jar

Quantitative Data

  1. 2 plants die off
  2. 1 grasshopper is dead
  3. 1 stick is lying down because it fell off
  4. 2 Plants are still alive




Our grasshoppers died because we put too much water in the soil and caused a flood and the grasshopper drowned in the water. Plants also dieOther people made different ecodomes by giving more space for the bugs to explore around. Also, they put homes for the bugs to live and they don’t flood the whole soil like we did because we put too much water. We need a home for the animals as shade so they won’t suffer dehydration and we also need food as resources to provide sustainability for the organisms. We need about 7 plants just in case that the insects starve, a small piece of cardboard for shelter, and rocks to cool things down. Organisms interact with each other by having fun playing with each other, being a family, and interacting with our things.


This is our previous materials for the previous ecodome.

  • 10 Black and White Rocks: Cool things down in the ecodome
  • Soil: To support Trees
  • Leafy Plant from school garden: Source of food for grasshoppers
  • 1 Grasshopper
  • Brown Dirt: Good for Plants
  • 1/4 of Water: nutrient for soil and plants

To improve our ecodome, we will not put too much water. Also, give the plants some sunlight because they die since they don't have enough sunlight. For the next attempt, we would be adding water again for the grasshoppers to drink it and remove all the dead plants. Also, replacing the dead ones for the new plants because we don't want it to be risky for the grasshoppers to live in this environment and die.

Here is the link to my video:


Components of our Ecodome

  • 10 Black and White Rocks: Cool things down in the ecodome
  • Soil: To support Trees
  • Leafy Plant from school garden: Source of food for grasshoppers
  • 1 Grasshopper
  • Brown Dirt: Good for Plants
  • 1/4 of Water: nutrient for soil and plants

The changes we made to our ecodome today is we took out the bottle cap of water to prevent the water from evaporating because when the water evaporates we will be scared that the grasshoppers will be fried because it is too. hot. We also added rocks to prevent the ecodome from being too hot because that will also fry the grasshoppers.


photo-on-11-2-16-at-9-01-amWhat are the compnents of your ecodome? Why have you chosen each one?

  • Water to fill ¼ of our jar: For our grasshopper to drink so survive.
  • Leafy Plant tree from garden: Food for grasshopper also to drip water to refill the river during evaporation.
  • 1 Grasshopper: Good for this environment.
  • Brown Dirt : Good for Plants
  • Grass from the backfield : Design
  • White Rocks: Prevent the water in the lake from going into the soil.

What we changed in our picture is, we took out the rocks for the river and added a bottle cap with poured water in it. Instead of adding 1 grasshopper, we added two of them. We also added a branch as a place for the grasshopper to stay on. We added small plants instead of grass.



  • There is no moisture at the beginning and now there is moisture.
  • Plants are still alive at the beginning and 1 of them is dead.
  • Grasshoppers are still alive at the beginning and now all of them are dead.
  • Water is still there from the beginning until now.


  • 2 of grasshoppers are dead
  • 4/5 plants are still living
  • Moisture that covers the whole ecodome



Our grasshoppers survived about a week and two of the grasshoppers are dead, but our plants are still alive. We observed that they died of moisture and a lack of food. We looked at the bottle cap of water and the water is still there and it looks like that the grasshoppers didn’t drink the water. The leafs have holes in it which mean maybe the grasshopper eat the leaf. Other people have bigger ecodomes and they used recyclable materials to be a place for water, food, or build houses for these organisms. What we can improve for all organisms is take out the bottle cap of water because it will prevent moisture and add food to the ecodome because our grasshoppers died of starvation. How much food is needed is enough for the organism to survive. We don’t really know how organisms interact with each other, but we know that they are just standing still.


Here is our components for our ecodome

  • Water to fill ¼ of our jar: For our grasshopper to drink so survive.
  • Leafy Plant tree from garden: Food for grasshopper also to drip water to refill the river during evaporation.
  • 1 Grasshopper: Good for this environment.
  • Brown Dirt : Good for Plants
  • Grass from the backfield : Design
  • White Rocks: Prevent the water in the lake from going into the soil.

For the next attempt, we would be adding rocks to cool things down and not make it a hot climate and also adding more soil to the water to make to plants have more nutrients to live.

One thing that I did best is using good evidence from the surveys that I sent to write a good editorial piece for my newspaper. Also writing a good counterclaim arguments in my writing. What I need to improve on is creating more questions in my survey so I can have more information to make my writing easier. During this newspaper unit, I learn how to get along with other people by asking them questions. Quarter 1 is kind of ok to me because I understand what the unit is and I am glad that I passed Q1 in ELA with a good A. One thing I don't like about quarter 1 is it is a lot of pressure where we have to go interview people and thinking of something to write.

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