Behind The Six Doors

I opened the first door and see

clouds that are starting to darken

every minute the shades of the cloud changes

as the sky turns pitch black, everything else seems gray.


I opened the second door and hear

music on full volume bursting out of the speakers

as thousands of people hold up their posters,

screaming on the top of their lungs

cheering on and on for hours constantly.


I opened the third door and taste

little pieces of cotton candy flying around the whole room

just everywhere in the air, enough to capture stares

every piece of cotton candy was mixed together

with crushed pieces sour patch kids

a little bit of both, sweet and sour.


I opened the fourth door and smell

burned barbecue on a hot grill

as the smoke fills up the air in the room.

The smell burnt food sizzling

as small pieces of barbecue falls into the grill,

setting it on fire producing more smoke that fills the air.


I opened the fifth door and feel

the ground from where I was standing, shaking hard.

The sky was dark as the lightning struck the ground,

and for one moment, everything that I was standing on

seems to be falling apart right beneath me.


I opened the sixth door and I sense

envy of green floating in the atmosphere

with each stare across the room.

Only a few with great minds can

brighten certain places up of the

dark green room.  

Introduction to Justin Bieber


I ask them to listen to a

song and feel the excitement, the rush

just like a live concert.


or to cherish every note he sings


I say drop a piano on him,

and he’ll absorb every graceful rhythm and note out of it.


or walk inside his room

and feel the various vibes going around


I want them to understand each word in his song lyrics


But all people do is listen to the sound of each words

not wanting to understand the depth of the song

and how far it really goes.


They begin to laugh along with the beats

as the song goes on

and criticize

from what goes through their ears.







Imagine by: NRK P3

We Are Free.

IN SCHOOL, May 8, 2013.


The full agreement from the Saigon South International School student body, when in the course of human events, it becomes a must that we as students speak up in our voice and take actions towards it, instead of just words. All of the times in our lives we have been taught to speak up and take responsibilities for what we have done, if we as students are desperate enough.


Each and everyone of us students have something we want to stand up for, each of us holding a truth that can’t be recognized. There has always been an invisible tape, tapped to our mouths and no one, not even the worst of the worst should be treated like this. Everything that we’ve believed in is flipped around and turned upside down, how are we suppose to feel and react to this? It takes time for little things to affect us students, but it really has been long enough and it’s our time to speak for  ourselves. We students understand that we all have boundaries, although everything that we have been forced to do is pointless and just unreasonable.


  • We can’t hang out in the hallways, even if we’re done with our lunch and we have extra time left.

  • We only have three chances of being tardy to school, and after that we have detention for it even though most of us students being late is all caused by traffic.

  • Individual problems are sometimes not handled delicately, and decisions are made even though a few might’ve disagreed to it.

  • We need to have supervision from the teachers whenever we’re outside in the playground, wanting our own freedom and free time to have fun there.

  • The lunches are expensive and for low quality. Some of us students even skip lunch because we either aren’t comfortable with eating certain things, or they would run low on the food, we students lined up for.


We as the student body, have offered ideas over and over again as we take turns bringing them all up to you. The ideas from all of us start to build up more and more, and from time to time we have grown impatient of this matter. The more ideas and suggestions we bring up to you, the more you chose to turn it down and pick on us for that matter (like having your own voice is wrong). The relationship between you and us as the student body is on the edge of the cliff right now, that we all planned to meet up with each other last Wednesday, under the spider web in the elementary playground to discuss this issue.


For more than 9 months, we have made it through school under these terrible conditions that you have brought upon us, but now is really the time that we say goodbye to being silent. From now on, our voice will be heard even if it’s the most silent voice of all. From now on, we students have every right as much as you do to every access at school even if it’s the smallest thing. This is the last time we will speak of this matter, trying to fight for our rights, and this will be the last time you ignore our requests because we are all free in our own way, in every way.


Written by the leader of the student body in Saigon South International School,

Ardelia Soh.

Without Even Noticing It…On Facebook.

Do you feel like it’s your own choice or fault, if you were born with something? Is it really anybody’s fault that they have what they were given? There’s always a lot of problems in this case, but the one that seems to affect the world is racism. It happens to more people than you know it, and even today it still happens. Whether your black, white, or asian? There’s really no problem in it, but just problems in how we talk to one another whether if it’s online or face to face. In the article called “ Spreading Racism via Facebook” by Tom Jacobs, he explains how users on Facebook deal with racism to one another all over the world.


What’s important to remember is that, it’s nobody’s fault with what they’re born with. On Facebook (in this case, but not just Facebook unfortunately) there has been messages out there about racism and most of the users who follow or find those messages entertaining, the chances of those users are them spreading it more to their own friends. Once people read about something that has to do with racism (and most of them don’t know it does) they are all on the internet, so if the user finds it entertaining it would spread all around the world, since it is public to everyone’s eyes. When people post or agree with those messages online, most of the people wouldn’t think before they do it. The thought of maybe hurting someone by being racists in a way, has not been accrued to most of the users so they would just go right ahead and spread it. “But critical thinking is often absent when people are motivated by the desire to be accepted, or to be entertained.” That quote taken from the article just shows how much people don’t really think before they post something on Facebook because once you do, people will start doing the same thing because they find it funny and they might do it just to fit in, like he said  the users have the “desire to be accepted”. What makes this problem so common on Facebook with every user is because when people read a post about it, they don’t find it very offensive or hurtful to others because they don’t really think carefully about what the posts says and what it means. Some people are involved with this problem on Facebook because either they are experienced with the online world or it’s just plainly their personality which can be pretty bad.


To my conclusion to this article, I just feel that most of the people that is a part of this problem isn’t very aware of what they are doing online or even just supporting the person saying it all. I mean, from my personal experiences I’ve stopped using Facebook (but not because of this situation) I wouldn’t really witness any racism going around, passed by person to person. But after reading this article, it just made me realize that it might have been happening and I might’ve even witnessed it without knowing that it’s racism. To me, bullying and judging people just because it’s their skin color isn’t at all an exception. There are lots of people who understands that in the world, (like my classmates too, because we’re an international school) but then there are actually still a lot of people out there being racist. I mean, why pick on people for who they are and what they’re really born with? Racism is a big problem before with the world and still today because apparently people just don’t stop judging others for what the color of their outer layer skin is. There are civilized people in the world, and we just need to show that it’s wrong for others and try to do something about it. So next time your on Facebook, try to pay attention and understand closely at what the person is saying or joking because you might’ve missed your chance at standing up to it.


Picture by:  Barack Obama
Picture by: Barack Obama



Our Class Seminar

What could a bunch of 8th graders do once they get together during class? A seminar of course, and that’s what my friends and I were up to when we came together during class to discuss about modern day slavery. For that week, my whole class was concentrating on modern slavery and was starting to question ourselves, just being more aware of the fact that it’s still happening. It’s really surprising to learn about it for a whole week because there are actually more slaves today than there are back in the 1700’S.

I guess the thing that everybody was wondering about is, if we could watch videos of slavery and a fair amount of people know about this issue, why is there no change being made? The first few questions in my class’s seminar, did have a pretty good start to it. The questions from the start was mostly answered my Sammy and Winnie and a few others too but I can’t be sure who. We were given three yellow cards to talk three times, and I have to say Sammy and Winnie used it up pretty fast! They were probably the top contributors in the class with Victoria and Michelle because they had really good questions and were very engaged with the conversation. On the other hand while Sammy and Winnie was using up their cards pretty fast, Victoria and Michelle was using it wisely but was very engaged with the whole class. Sammy asked a really good question, where it was about if we actually need the things that we use right now, and are willing to keep buying the things from the companies who uses slaves for our very own product. That question lead to a lot of thinking in our circle and even though my class was almost finished with the seminar, people were still thinking about it and taking turns trying to answer it, like me.

What I said in the seminar was that no a lot of slaves today are aware of the fact that they are under slavery themselves. I feel like there is actually a higher rate of slaves today because now they are a lot cheaper, so the slave owners would actually take advantage of that fact along with the fact that they would trick them into slavery themselves by making them owe the slave owners as much as 18 dollars of money. With the slave owners doing that, the people are actually working up to their debts and then once they are used to it, they are already under slavery without knowing it.

This is definitely my first seminar, and it was overall good! My classmates and I are just kids sitting together for one class to talk about the topic that we were working on and were actually trying our best to understand what is going on with the issue and perhaps how to even help out.

Another Form Of Bullying

When millions of people are looking up to you and admiring you, how does it feel when all of that is gone because of what you said? When Lance Armstrong admitted that he uses drugs to win the 7 Tour De France titles on Thursday night in a interview he had with Oprah, it shocked the world. When Oprah told Lance to be completely honest when she asked him the series of yes or no questions and that’s when the truth starts to spill. His excuse for it? “The definition of cheating is to gain an advantage on a foe, I viewed it as a level playing field.”

Lance Armstrong didn’t thought of it as cheating back then, when he still did it during races. Now, a bigger word out here is that Lance Armstrong admitted that he did bully those who knew the truth, spoke up to him cheating, and accused him of using drugs. It’s a miserable form of bullying in this case because for those who spoke up about Lance, their lives became ruined by Lance Armstrong himself. For whoever accused him in his life for using drugs, he would sue them all. For example like his former masseuse (Emma O’Reilly) spoke up about him using drugs once she heard him tested it out on 1999. “She’s one of those people I have to apologize to, she got run over, got bullied. We sued so many people.” Lance said about her. For another example Betsy Andreu and her husband Frankie, who also said that Lance Armstrong were using drugs when they heard him admitting that he was using testosterone in a hospital room in 1996. Lance Armstrong called her crazy and that just proves how much he wants to win back then, so it really got in to his head and he makes bad choices. He even admitted himself that he was a bully to a lot of people saying “Yeah, yeah I am … If I didn’t like what people said, I tried to control that.” when Oprah asked him if he was a bully or not. It does eventually apply to everyone in their life that, you should never push anything too far and get it out of hand just to win in something.

What I felt about this when I heard it, was that I was just plainly disappointed. I personally don’t know much about Lance Armstrong but if I was a big fan, I wouldn’t even know what to think! I mean now that he has admitted the truth, and millions are mad at him I feel like he’s only being human. I’m not saying it’s okay to go overboard and lie to everyone just to win but I feel like again, Lance Armstrong is human and we human’s make mistakes(even very big ones sometimes). Like he said “I’ve made some mistakes in my career and that was a mistake. That sounds ridiculous. I’m embarrassed.” I agree to one part of what he has to say, but another part I would have to disagree with him. He’s saying that he’s embarrassed to make that mistake in his life, and he should be with the lies but another part of that I would have to disagree with him. People make mistakes. And we as people are humans and humans aren’t perfect, so he shouldn’t be “embarrassed” to make mistakes in his life. Although it is no excuse for him in this situation I feel like what he does in his past shouldn’t define who he is and it’s not impossible for him to be a better man. I could be wrong but I believe that the past don’t make us who we are, so let’s just wait and see before we hate on him.


Fight Cancer Then Speak Up.

Paint a mental picture right now in your head. Imagine yourself being 6 years old again, trying to fight for cancer. In this article it’s written by Steven Messenger. Aghelos Kouvaras was fighting with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that was found in his abdomen. Aghelos wasn’t only fighting cancer at 6 years old but he was also fighting for endangered penguins. It sounds a little bit weird for a 6 year old to be worrying about endangered penguins and different species but Aghelos is determined to fight on it.

As days and weeks pass from Aghelos being in treatment sitting in a hospital, all Aghelos does is read about endangered penguins.  “He didn’t want an X-box or a Playstation. He said he wanted to save penguins. ‘What are we going to do without animals?’ he asked. If they die, we will all die” said his mom Elizabeth Kouvaras. For some reason Aghelos is only interested in endangered penguins and for that, he is determined to do his best and speak up about it. Now that Aghelos is done with fighting cancer, he is taking his passion for endangered penguins to the next level and doing something about it. In 2011, Aghelos took his passion into action and he was involved with 80 other people in the 5K race which is called ‘Run for the Wild’ and for the results of that, his spirits with many other kids has raised over 3,000 dollars from the raise to help endangered animals.

It’s definitely already hard enough that Aghelos has to go through cancer and fight it but he also made it through and fight for what he wants when he is just 6 years old. I personally cannot imagine having cancer at 6 and just spend most of days in the hospital fighting for myself to survive or not. The thing is, Aghelos was already passionate in endangered penguins when he was still fighting cancer and once he made it, he took his words into actions. Aghelos just personally taught me that even when your at your darkest times, you should never give up because you never know what’s gonna happen. He had cancer, fighting for it and one day he made it through cancer and now taking some actions.

This Is Just To Say

I have deleted this usb

that held so much

of your important things.



And which you

have been keeping for years.



Forgive me

they were convincing

so “harmless”

and so easy.






You have mistaken

I don’t keep a usb

with “important things”.


You probaly thought

that was mine

and for your information

I once saw it on the principal’s table.



see you tomorrow at the principal’s office?

and good luck!



Give Back And Pay It Forward.

When it comes to people paying it forward and giving back to others, we won’t always know it do we? I mean, right now at this second millions could be helping someone else right now, either if it’s a big or a small deal. In this case a small coffee house in Bluffton, South Carolina today has been giving a lot. This article is written by Cord Jefferson. For the past 2 years, people have actually been stepping in and out of the coffee shop paying for other people’s drinks.

Two years ago a woman came in and she paid for her drinks but left an extra 100 dollars and told the staffs “Saying she wanted to pay for everyone who ordered after her until the money ran out.” She told the staffs and the manager there to keep her as an anonymous every time she drops off the money every two or three months. Of course, no doubt people did question why would someone just send money to pay for their own drinks until the money runs out. But than somehow, from time to time people would eventually donate as well! It did take a while for the word to spread around 12,000 people but it did. Some would even just walk in the coffee shop and just donate and come out and go on with their day. It’s really crazy how one person can really change everyone around them eventually, because in this case it all started from this one woman who came in the shop regularly to pay for everyone’s drink, just a huge kindness act.

It can happen to any coffee shop, done by anyone but it isn’t. Any country, anywhere, whoever you are you can do the same as that woman did. It just takes a small act and who knows everyone would even be following you to do it. Imagine stepping into a coffee shop, and getting ready to pay for your drinks already when the cashier says someone has already paid for it. It would feel great wouldn’t it? Now, it’s true that it’s easier said than done but who says you can’t do it and make someone’s day? The woman who paid for everyone’s drink, remained an anonymous to everyone who appreciated her kindness because it wouldn’t matter if people know about your act of kindness or not. It’s the thought that counts.