Xiklo 9 (Creativity)

Xiklo is High School Arts and Literature Magazine, therefore, as a member of Xiklo, I can read and look at many artworks and proses created by students. Our main task was to choose which ones would be published in the magazine and to edit each page. Since every artwork and prose required enormous effort from the students, I needed to be careful and reasonable with my votes so that there are equal and fair chances given to everyone. Through this club, I improved a lot on decision making because in a short period of time, members were required to evaluate the artwork and decide appropriately. While I was editing other people’s work, I could collaborate with other people because I asked for their opinions in the page I was working on. I wish that I can encourage other students to improve on their art and writing skills, not only concentrating on studying.

Smile Bank 9-1 (Service)

As a member of Smile Bank, which is an organization that helps the victims of Agent Orange, I went to Heaven’s Blessing Orphanage. There, I assisted the staffs in order to reduce the amount of work they need to do, and I got to interact with the children. Although we only spent a few hours at the orphanage, it left me with a strong impression, especially when I helped the kids to eat lunch since many of them could not control their bodies. It was difficult to do so because it was my first time to give food to another person. Therefore, I did not know which position to be in and how fast I should give him the food. After a long period of time, when he finally finished his designated amount of food, I felt rewarding and proud. In addition, I also massaged some of their stiff bodies, and played simple games with those who are capable of doing some activities. Through these priceless experiences I learned about different lives in this world and became to appreciate more on my life and be more thankful for what I have. Sometimes I cooperated with other members, such as giving a massage together. I interacted more with others during activities held by Smile Bank for fund raising. We needed to have teamwork for selling Italian soda.


En Una Tienda De Ropa

This project was assigned at the beginning of the year, when we learned vocabularies pertaining to shopping. Creating this video was a new experience for me because for the first time in my life, I used green screen. It was easier than I thought, however, the background’s quality was not great. In addition, Kristy (my partner) and I were not mindful about what colors we wear, so in some parts, there is time when part of our body is invisible due to the green screen; anything green becomes the background.

Pavé Chocolate

Recently, our Spanish class learned about food and verbs related to cooking. With what we have learned, individual student was to create a video explaining the recipe of a food, using Spanish. I chose to cook pavé chocolate, a type of chocolate I had previously made before, and it is very easy to make, so I decide on that. Working on this project was interesting and fun because I enjoy cooking, however, it was my first time to cook something without any help, so my final product was not great.

Interview With Park Tae Hwan

During Spanish class, we were to each create a comic about an interview with an athlete, a celebrity, or any other type of famous person. For my assignment, I decided to interview with Park Tae Hwan, a swimmer from Korea. Of course, it is impossible for me to have an actual interview, so this was made out of an imagination. The most difficult job was to finish this on time since we were given 2 classes, and I was new to this application, so it was challenging to get used to it. However, I am proud of my outcome, compared to how I finished in such a short amount of time.


Protestant Reformation CSI

CSI - Protestant ReformationThe picture above is my CSI of Protestant Reformation. CSI stands for color, symbol and image that symbolize a vocabulary chosen. The color I chose to represent this event was brown because printing documents about Reformation helped to spread the idea. Back then, papers’ colors were brown, so I selected this color. Among those documents, there was 95 Theses written by Martin Luther, which criticized the Catholic Church, mainly the sale of indulgence. This gave tremendous influence to people’s thoughts, therefore, I chose to put 95 Theses as the symbol (this is in the image). For the image, I chose to illustrate a scene where people gathered in front of the Church’s door to protest because this shows that all those documents were effective since people were starting to go against the Catholic Church.

Newton Vehicle Blog Post 3

Our Triple S Balloon Car's design stays the same as last time.
Our Triple S Balloon Car’s design stays the same as last time.

The science assignment about Newton vehicle was very interesting, and it gave numerous lessons about force. During the design process, I learned that it is crucial to think of every possible factor that can affect our car. At first, our team did not consider a lot about friction, so we thought of the same design as above, but using a flat cardboard instead of the box. This was not a good idea since the balloon will eventually touch the wheels, causing the vehicle to stop. Through this, I learned that if the design process is carefully done with more thoughts, then the actual experiments would be easier. Therefore, in order to improve our design process, we will need to discuss more about each part of the vehicle, even as little as what type of wheel we are going to use. This is because even those have an effect on the vehicle’ movement. While building the vehicle, I learned that according to Newton’s third law, when force is exerted on an object, the object also releases the same amount of force to the opposite direction, and I also learned how this implies to the vehicle. The reason why our vehicle can move is in here; the balloon exerts force by releasing the air, so the air exerts the same amount of force to the opposite direction, causing the balloon, therefore the vehicle, to move. Using this force, our vehicle can travel a few meters, however, our box is big compared to the wheels, so we can have smaller box in order to reduce the mass. By doing so, we will be able to help our car to go farther, as Newton’s second law is stated. To extend our experiment, I would like to try to make a vehicle using only balloon to move forward on water. This will be challenging since it takes more force to move on water because of the friction. In addition, the vehicle will need to be able to float on water.

Newton Vehicle Blog Post 2

During the science class, after a couple of trials with different types of wheels, we settled down with the design of Triple S Balloon Car that is shown above. This vehicle looks very simple,  however, it is constructed based on all three laws of Newton. First of all, this car will not move or stop on its own if there is no force exerted onto it, which is the Newton’s first law. When the air from the balloon is released, then the vehicle will begin to move. After it starts to move, the car will gradually stop, which is caused by the friction between the wheels and the ground. Therefore, it comes to a stop only when the friction, another kind of force, is happening. The reason why this vehicle can move with only little amount of force that the car is being pushed by is because all materials are light. We utilized objects such as box, disposable chopsticks, bottle caps and balloons, which all have little mass. This helps the vehicle’s acceleration to increase than the one with more mass when same amount of force is exerted onto the vehicle, since acceleration depends on the mass of an object, according to the Newton’s second law. Finally, the Newton’s third law is what helps our vehicle to be able to move. It is stated that when a force is exerted to an object, the object will also give equal amount of force but in opposite direction. In this case, the balloon releases the air and exerts force on the air outside. Then, the outside air also gives equal force to opposite direction, which is to the balloon. Since the balloon is attached onto the vehicle, this causes the vehicle to also move. In conclusion, our Triple S Balloon Car used all three laws of Newton.