Elizabethan Sonnet

Check out my Elizabethan Sonnet about the pain of war.




1. The pain of war never ends at the field

2.The memories still burn like that grenade.

3.The scars and wounds never completely heals.

4.My Best friend,my brother, shield them I pray.


5.That mine belonged to me but you took it.

6.No one gets left behind, no one gets left.

7.When we die we will persist not quit.

8.We will fight until the last dying breath.


9. We were in a tight spot with no bullets.

10.You ran straight at them, striking fear through all.

11.We came with seven, we got out with six.

12. Stacks of unread letters finally fall.


13.The silence of your voice, can’t be ignored

14. These are the wounds inflicted by the war.

Bye (6 word phrase)

Dad died.Company for sale.Cheap.



IW 8 Haikus


A big mean bully

Very Soft on the inside

A Hard Shell hides it


Raft Building

Forty degree heat

Tying knots and loading wood

Race to the finish



The chill of the night

The sound of nature and peace

One with mother earth


Cooking Class Project

The food that has some connection to my family is Pho. Pho has a connection to my family because it has been passed down from a long time. My great-great-great-great-great-great-grandma passed it down.Over the decades my family has a special kind of recipe that is passed down. Regular Pho is good but once you have tasted my family’s recipe I bet you will be coming back for more. It’s a special recipe that I have tasted but do not know,sadly. There is actually a difference,because I tried both. One from a pho shop and one from my aunt’s shop. Trust me, the difference in taste is so good. I think the combination of spices,vegetables,beef marrow and ginger really come together as one. It makes the perfect broth for the rest of the ingredients to sit in.


Here is the recipe for basic Pho, this is not the special pho my family makes.


3-5Star Anise-Spice (Spice)

1-2 Cinnamon Stick (Spice)

200-300 grams of Rice noodles

Bean sprouts (Optional)

Assorted Vegetables (Optional)


Garlic (Optional)


Beef Bone Marrow

100-300 grams of sirloin beef, cut into strips


In the packaging of the rice noodles follow the instructions on how to prepare the rice noodles.

Put a pot over high heat.Put the ginger,onion (sliced) in the pot and cook for about 4 minutes. Then pour 3 cups water  and add your Star Anises,Cinnamon Sticks and beef bone marrow. Reduce the heat by a bit and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Now you can drain the rice noodles. Remove the ginger,star anise,cinnamon stick and beef bone marrow. Divide the noodles between your bowls and add the broth. You can add vegetables or bean sprouts to your meal.Enjoy eating! Bon apetite.


Bento Boxes

Bento boxes….. My first experience with a bento box was when I ordered it in japanese restaurant. Even though the bento box looked nice I honestly thought I didn’t like bento boxes,but again I am force to make this, and it turns out it was delicious and fun to make.

Now for my bento box, I wanted to make it simple.So here is the ingredient list.

1)Weiner/Cocktail Sausages
2)Red/Yellow Bell peppers
3)A can of baked beans
4)1 Bowl of Rice
5)1 Plate
6)A sharp knife

The materials should be something like this

Materials Bento

I had plates but they weren’t big enough,so I used a bowl.

Here is the procedure.

1) Get as much sausages as you want.

2) Cut some indents in a top to make slots of your bell pepper.

3) Cut the skin of the bell pepper and try to shape it to the cut

4) Make a small indent and stick the pepper skin in to simulate the nail

5) Put Ketchup with a small knife and cover up and exposed sausage underneath the nail.

Here is the end result!


40 Book Challenge Relfection

At the end of this year I have a total of fifty-four books. I had to read a variety of genres. Let me tell you what genres I excelled in and the genres I had a bit of trouble in. First of all, fantasy and science fiction was my favorite.I went through them like nobodies business. Then came the autobiographies and the biographies. I had to read a couple books form each but I only enjoyed one. The one I enjoyed was a about a World War II veteran. Usually I would cringe when I have to read biographies and autobiographies but if they are from a major war, I would enjoy them. I’m a military fanatic. Anyway, I had to read 10 free choices which I quickly filled out with fantasy books. Then came the informational and traditional literature books.Traditional literature type books are the one I have no opinion on.It really just depends on the story really. Luckily I had lots of traditional literature books which were written back in 1950’s when my dad was a child,so I just read them and finished my traditional literature section. The informational books were quite enjoyable,but it took a lot of time searching. I only read informational books that has the subject I’m interested in. I found a stack of what I wanted and left the library.


If I compared my self as a reader from this to last year then the only thing I can say is that I’m starting to read thicker books.When I was in 6th grade I always finish the 40 book challenge by reading 3rd grade books.Now when I do the 40 book challenge I actually want to read books that are about 9th and 10th grade level. Now my thoughts on the 40 book challenge is kind of a mixed bag.Let me start by telling you what I like about it.First of all I like the 40 book challenge for it’s reading. I actually do like reading but only if I like the subject or author.Some genres that I struggled I managed to find the subject that I like in the genre. Making it fun. The second thing I like about the 40 book challenge is a the fact that it’s a type of training. By reading at least 40 books in a wide variety of genres you expand your knowledge and learn about some knew genres you might like. Maybe you really love fantasy but never read realistic fiction. After a taste of it you might be able to decide if you like it or dislike it.Alright, now I’ll tell you what I dislike about the 40 book challenge. First of all, the fact that upon completing the 40 book challenge you don’t get any extra points in your grade. I think if there was a grade bonus then a lot more students would read and complete the 40 book challenge.It could be seen as some’kind of joke because you have to read 40 books and teacher encourages you to do it but when you do complete you get nothing. A friend once told me having the sheer joy” of reading 40 books help but for most students “sheer joy” doesn’t improve their grade, and because of that most students put it aside.


My thoughts on reading is that I kind of like it. I love to read but again it has to be of a subject I like. Some people dislike reading though.Did your point of view change this year? Well, It didn’t. I completed the 40 book challenge. No more,no less.

40 Book challenge Noah


My highlights of 7th grade and my thoughts on the end of 7th grade (The Final Freewrite of year)

Two weeks of school is standing between me and summer holiday. Summer holiday signals the end of a wonderful school year.These final two weeks are really going to be hectic. Everything is crammed together in just 1 week so that the final week of school is fun.Seventh grade has been fun but I guess that chapter of my life is now coming to the end.Let me show the highlights of my year.Interestingly my first highlight of the year is finding out my homeroom teacher.

I got the same exact homeroom teacher I had back in 6th grade. His nickname is Mr.J.Back in 6th grade I took my “PADI Open Water Diver Course” with a couple of friends.It didn’t come cheap that’s for sure but when it was time to head out to Nha Trang to dive I found out our chaperon was my homeroom teacher.Skip ahead 4 months and a new batch of students were ready to take on the ocean. I was overjoyed to be told me and Mr.J were going. Mr.J as a Chaperon and me as a helper for the new divers. Go back to the start of 6th grade and I have to confess.I was kind of intimidated by Mr.J because he was 6 feet tall. Eventually my dad also got to know Mr.J and we invited them to dinner. That wasn’t only time we had dinner with Mr.J and his family. Many other times also, because of all that me and Mr.J are now what we call friends. That explains why I was really happy to have Mr.J as my homeroom teacher.

Right, my school starts in August and ends in June. Let’s skip to February, specifically on Valentine’s day. My school planned a special dance for Valentines day.About halfway through the dance it was time to slow dance. I knew how to slow dance but I never did it with a girl because I would always chicken out.After about 5 minutes of encouragement I finally did it.To my surprise she agreed.How amazing my first slow dance with a girl. Some people may think well that isn’t really a highlight but to it is.

Now comes my final highlight of the year. Every year my school organizes a WWW trip.More commonly known was Week Without Walls.Week Without Walls is designed so that we can learn but at the same time have fun.From 6-8 grade we go to places in Vietnam but in high school you go out of Vietnam.This WWW was special because my best friend Calvin is leaving. Basically this is his last WWW. We brought soda cans and beef jerky and on the last night of WWW, we partied till the sun rose.Yes, we actually did.We enjoyed our beef jerky’s,100 pluses’ and enjoyed watching Anaconda 3.Also camping was really fun.

That wraps up my highlights of 7th grade year. It was truly amazing and a wonderful chapter of my life.One I will definitely remember. All my teachers were really awesome.





<——- That’s actually me with my dive master