Science: Understanding Basic Chemistry

In Science 8’s Chemistry unit, I learned a lot about the Periodic Table, and I have memorized the 5 reactions in chemistry. Throughout my time learning chemistry, I really enjoy learning about Metals, Metalloids, and Gases that are the form of the elements. Learning about the groups in the Periodic Table and the atoms really confused me, but with a little work, I understood the atom structure.

The Walk in the Park

By: Min Kwan Shin, Jonathan Lee

Edited by: Tommy Tran Vu, David Le Tri

One day I walked around the famous park

What I saw made me happy to say “yes”

I saw a pretty velvet flower here

I grabbed my camera ready to shoot it.

and then a dog pounced on my shoulders, head

first in the flower crushing two of my

beloved needs. My camera buried in

the dirt, the one good flower was crushed too.

“why does this happen to my camera too?”

I turned around in pain and stared at the

dog. I walked over that annoying dog

I was aggressive towards strangers now

I slept through the night in pain thinking how

can I make my life better even now.


Chinese PRJ Narrative Writing

“好了!你玩儿电脑游戏十二个小时,你还没有吃早饭,午饭,和晚饭!” 我妈妈喊叫我。“侥幸今天的天气很好,所以我想要你去外面做什么。”

“妈,我不要, 今天的天气不好, 今天的天气是晴天,所以今天很热。” 我说

“没关系,你带一个帽子就可以了。你不要去,我打你啊。” 我妈妈喊我。

我不知道去哪儿。 我想要去我的朋友的家玩儿电脑游戏。 首先, 我要吃什么东西。我到KFC 吃汉堡包和喝我的西药。对了,我生病了, 玩儿每天玩电脑游戏让我发烧。我生病了,但是我还没告诉我的妈妈。

对不起,我还没告诉你我是谁,你好!我很高兴认识你!我叫王大为,我是十五岁,我有一个妈妈,一个爸爸,和一个妹妹。我的爱好是玩儿电脑游戏,我最喜欢玩儿一个游戏叫 DOTA 2。我很帅,可是我的妈妈说我不好看。我不胖也不瘦,我是马马虎虎的。我是一个外向的人,可是我很老实。有很多人说我很聪颖。



Dota 2


“Okay! You played computer games for twelve hours already, you did not eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner! ” My mother shout at me. ” Luckily today’s weather is great, so I want you to go outside and enjoy the outdoors.”

“Mom, I don’t want to, today’s weather is so bad, today’s weather is sunny, so therefore it’s hot today.” I said

“Never mind, if you wear a hat and that will do, if you do not want to go, I’ll beat you up.” My mother threatened.

I don’t know where to go . I want to go to my friend ‘s house to play computer games, but first of all, I want to eat something. I went to KFC to eat hamburgers and drink my medicine. Yes, I’m sick, play computer games to play every day so that I have a fever. I’m sick, but I did not tell my mother.

Oh I’m sorry , I did not tell you who I am, hello! I’m glad to meet you! My name is David Wang, I was fifteen years old, I have a mom, a dad, and a sister. My hobbies are playing computer games, I like to play a game called DOTA 2. I am handsome , but my mom says I don’t look good. I’m not fat nor thin , I’d say I’m so-so . I am an outgoing person, but I’m honest. There are a lot of people say that I am very clever.

Well, I’m here at my friend ‘s house, and now I have to say goodbye, because we may not be able to meet again.


Dear Isabel,


Topic: Slave Code

Dear Isabel,

I know you are trying to help the foreign country that you are in, and telling Colonel Regan about Mr. Lockton’s conspiracies on the assassination attempt on George Washington. I have something important to tell you that I think is essential to understand. Isabel, it think that starting now you have to be very, very wary about the laws that you have broken, and understand that you will be punished if you were caught. If you don’t know what the slave code is, then be ready to be overwhelmed by the extent of cruelty that human beings can be. The slave code are the laws for slaves, and what is required to do when a law was broken. When the slaves don’t listen to their masters, the slaves would get whipped, beat up, and even lose an ear. It’s sad Isabel, and I don’t want to you get hurt is all. You’re are too young to suffer such pain, in fact nobody should suffer from this insanity. We live in a world where we all try to help each other as a community, but sad to say that there are just some people in the world were they don’t understand that. They think highly of themselves, and consider themselves to be better than others. Since the slaves were bought, most of the white folks think that you’re all objects, or pets that need to be submissive and meek. They created the slave code for obedience and torture. With a democratic situation, I would say that having a slave code is wrong and everybody in the world are of an equal statues. You must understand how important it is that humans are selfish, and do as they like to do what would benefit them best. There is something I want you to harness out of this letter before it comes to an end. I want you to understand that because of the slave code, it makes slavery in the new world awful. Remember Isabel don’t lose hope yet, for you can still find the guy that has the forums that prove your free. Believe in Colonel Regan, and just stand strong until this nightmare ends. Patience is important with the game you are playing right now, understand that freedom will eventually be in your grasp if you wait and make the right moves, then you will be able to achieve your freedom. I don’t want you to go through such intense suffering, and be traumatized for life. Please, please, please be cautious about your actions you take, because the punishment will be excruciating. Be careful Isabel, and thank you for reading my 4th journal.


Jonathan Lee

448 words


End of Year Reflection

I think this year was a great year, and I learned a lot, especially math. I really enjoy learning in the SSIS community, and with my friends. Some goals that I set for myself were to read more than last year, and to improve more on math. I have achieved both of the main goals that I set for myself. I think that most of the goals that I set for myself were about 80% accomplished. I can see the difference, and the improvement since the beginning to now. In my point of view, I think that the majority of the effort I put in studying mostly came from my parents. My parents would always give me a lot of advise, but would never help me, instead they would give me a helping hand to guide me to how I find the answer out (90% of the time though). I noticed somethings that I needed to improve on, are: homework, organisation, and tardiness. Even though these aren’t my goals, I will consider this for next year. Another huge problem for me is that I like to play and game all the time, so eventually my homework doesn’t get done, and then I email my parents. Either than these points that I noticed behalf of myself, I know there are plenty more things to improve on

In 8th grade, I am most certainly going to note down my bad points, and improve on that. For next year, my goals will most likely be: practise my saxophone at least twice a week and for 1 hour, try not to be late for school, don’t play to much games, do your homework, and try to be more organised. Something that I will try my best on, is to try not to lose my glasses or break them. Another troublesome situation, that come across again and again is when I lose something of mine, and can’t find it. I will, for sure next year, try not to lose my belongings. Something to improve outside of school, is to stop getting lost all the time. Something that I notice in myself, is that I tend to not pay attention to my family, and then they wander off without me. I am really excited about next year, for I get to meet new people, and learn more.

40 Book Challenge Reflection

I have achieved 27 books in total, with in 40 weeks (one whole school year). I didn’t expect to get this score, when this 40 book challenge was announced to me, for I thought that I would have had a very bad score. I knew from the beginning that I wouldn’t completed it, but I think that I didn’t put a lot of effort into completing the 40 book challenge. I think that I excelled with the genres such as realistic fiction, and fantasy. I think I need to read more of historical fiction, biography, and autobiography. I think that I did much better than last year, and I did okay. Before (last year) I think I read about 18 books, and this year I have improved by 9 books. I think that the 40 book challenge is a very good way to make reading a habit for us, and it will stretch the amount of books read a year. I sometimes don’t like it, but in the end it is pretty cool. My thoughts on reading will always depend on the book that I just read, because most of the time I like to read good novels. The problem for me is that I like to read, but I like to read books that amuse me, and entertain me, and that’s when I read with effort, and with interest. I don’t think I will ever change my points of view with books, for I like to read books especially in a series.

My Food Story “Half Boiled Egg”

This personally is a very special dish that I really love, because this dish reminds me of my rich memories of me and my family in Singapore. Whenever me and my family don’t know what to eat for breakfast, we always have the thought to eat half boiled egg. This dish was introduce to me when I was 7 years old (I am not sure if I was 7), and I thought that it would taste weird, but turned out very well. My dad introduced this dish to me and my family. What make this dish unique is how the meal taste, and looks. Since 90% of the ingredient is egg, the simplicity of the meal is outstanding, and it taste very different than a normal egg. An egg has many different taste to it, but when you cook half boiled egg, it’s texture of the dish is at a borderline from a raw egg and a boiled egg.


1 or 2 eggs (your choice)

a pot of water

so ya sauce


One pot

one bowl


1. fill the pot with water, and let it boil until it starts evaporating. 2. once it is ready, add the egg(s) in to the pot gently, and wait 3 minutes. 3. slowly take out the egg, and put it into a bowl. When you take out the egg, and crack it and scrap out the egg meat. 4. once you have the meal prepare add in the so ya sauce (not to much). 5. ENJOY 😉

Image By: chanyinkeen