SS Human Rights Reflection

In this project on equal access to medicine, we focused on raising awareness of the current topic. This is was important because many people in Vietnam were dying because they were diagnosed with congenital heart disease.  This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What will you do to continue your involvement with this group or social issue, or with other service work?- In order to continue our involvement with other groups or service work, I will donate money, continue to keep in contact with the organisers of the organisations, and try to be part of it. 

What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?- I learned many different kind of things. I learned about harvest baking and ho they help kids do surgery by baking cookies. I felt like this was a very smart idea in earning money to help the children. I learned about Smile Bank and a lot of things about Agent Orange. 

In this project, something that allowed us to stay very organised was our group project planning form document. This document contained information on what we had to accomplish every class and gave specific directions on what each individual had to finish. It allowed us to finish our work efficiently because everyone would be working on a different task.

Time impacted our work significantly. We had a due date for every assignment and we had to rush to finish it. It wasn’t a big problem but if there was an abundant amount of time, we would be slacking off and not working to our full potential. We stayed focused by setting goals for each class and planing ahead of time. We would usually give out jobs to each person to do at home and to do in each class.


Resume Blog Post

Willy’s Resume

During Language Arts class, we were given an assignment to write a resume.

I feel like my best professional quality as a 8th grade student is that I am able to communicate easily with other people. Communication skills are extremely important as a student because it allows you to contact teachers and be able to speak with friends more easily.

The worst professional quality I have as a 8th grade student is that I usually can’t focus. I tend to go off task and do some other random things while the teacher is speaking. Because of this, I tend to miss out many prominent information that the teacher says such as the homework we were given. I have not forgotten to do my homework for all my classes thanks to moodle but if it weren’t for the website that SSIS created, I would’ve always forgotten what my homework was.

Feedback on Imperialism Essay

During Social Studies, we wrote an Imperialism essay and the main question was what was the driving force behind European Imperialism in Africa. I got comments on how I should explain more about what the evidence shows. One good comment I received was how I had a good background in my lead. I got an exceeding for my lead and got a meeting for my meeting. My evidence was sort of weak but my analysis on it was extremely good. The conclusion was average while the style and development was good. Mechanics was not that bad.

SS Toy Story Movie Review

On this project on toy story movie review, we focused on improving/learning using enlightenment philosophical ideas and connect it to the movie Toy Story 1. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to relate to the Enlightenment ideas while connecting it to the movie. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

We really didn’t have a lot of time to work on this and we were sort of rushing through so we didn’t end up with an outstanding video. I was John Locke and my partner was Thomas Jefferson. We were both suppose to give ratings of the movie diving it into sections of characters and plot.

First in Last Place

Team Talk Blue Sheeps– Summary of team talk for each day after soccer training,

A) Introduce and explain your role in the soccer unit.- My role for the soccer unit was the publicist and the job was to write a 3~5 sentence summary of what we did in soccer and the team talk. The team talk is what we do after we finish our soccer practice. During the team talk the coach tells us on what we have to improve on and the fair play coordinator will tell us our overall score for our effort for the day. 

B) Explain what you did well in that role and what were your challenges.- One of the challenges I faced was when someone deleted the files I had to memorise what we did for the day and summarise our team talk. I was able to overcome it with my great memory skills and that was the only challenge I think I faced through out the unit. 

C) Discuss your running results Did you improve? Why or why not?- I improved massively for my running results. So during P.E we were suppose to do a 1.2 km run every class and our whole point was to improve our score and not walk while we do it. It was a huge challenge for me and nobody liked doing it. My first score was 8:47 which was my worst score and my last score was 6:13 seconds, one of my best score and I felt like I did a great job in improving. 

D) Discuss your fair play points (effort and attitude). Did you try your best? If you went off task, why did you go off task? Did you talk kindly and positively to your teammates and the other teams?- I didn’t get good fair play points for the first two classes but then after I fixed my attitude it moved up rapidly. I started working harder and I myself felt like I did a great job. The reason I got a bad grade for the first two classes were because I wasn’t focusing enough, wasn’t trying enough, and wasn’t staying on task while asking stupid questions. Later on, I tried much harder and was able to get a higher score which I myself felt proud of. 

E) What did you think of this kind of unit? How can Ms C improve it? Would you recommend it to others?- I think this was a great unit where we got to learn a lot of new things about soccer. I personally don’t like soccer because it’s not a sport I enjoy but I sort of found it fun as I got to improve. I think that Ms.C can improve by removing the fair play points system and not do the 1.2 km run before the training for soccer because it drains all your energy. I would recommend it to other people because it’s a chance for them to learn more about soccer and have fun. 



Bright Spot: A strength I showed was my ability to be organised.

To Work On: I needed to work on using my own sentence stems and have a better rebuttal for my counterclaim.

The Enlightenment Period was a time, when philosophers hoped to find new ways to improving their society by proposing their ideas. A new society should prioritize the Enlightenment idea of gender equality because both gender have the same intellectual ability that will benefit society. Although a strong case could be made that religion would be better for a society to focus on, this argument is unconvincing because two religions would be a start of a conflict.

To begin with, a new society should prioritise the idea of gender equality because women would be equally intelligent like men if they could be educated and help society by sharing their knowledge. In Document D, it is argued that if women were to be educated, they would quickly become wise and virtuous. This evidence suggests that women have the same intellectual ability like men if they weren’t discouraged from studying. If they are set free, they would be able to provide suggestions or ideas that can improve the society. In conclusion, gender equality is prominent because society would become more prosperous.

It has been argued that religion would be more beneficial for a society to focus on. In Document B, Voltaire argues that if everyone had religious freedom, they would all be happy and live in peace. Given the evidence, some conclude that religious freedom would be significant in society because everyone would live in liberty. Although this argument seems persuasive at first, in reality religion would be a start to a big conflict. The evidence suggests that if there was over one religion, people would cut one another’s throat (Doc B). This leads to the conclusion that if there is two religion, it would create conflicts and battles. After looking closely at both sides of the issue, one can notice that society should prioritise the idea of gender equality.

To summarise, gender equality should be prioritised in society. However, some may argue that religion is more prominent for a society to utilise, but it can lead to a huge conflict. After examining the reasons, it is clear that if women were given the opportunity to study they would become equally virtuous like men and would benefit the society. Gender equality should be prioritised universally because women could share their knowledge to create a better world.