My Comic Analysis

I used a technique of giving a close-up to the heart and having multiple hearts enhanced the situation and give the reader a feel that they are there watching the paintball game. The frame gets bigger and bigger every time which gives the feel that the heart is pounding really show the feeling of the character. During the project, it was hard to come up with ideas to write about because at this time of the year the only thing I want to do is to leave for summer. Overall, I think the project is fun and is a good way to wrap up our year.

Art Chair Sculpture

What will be easy? What will be challenging? What ideas do you have already? Why do we use the design process and not just take our first idea? What are you looking forward to about this task? What topic are you thinking of? Why? 

This quarter is art, we are making a chair sculpture. The easy part of this project would be coming up with our theme. The challenging part would be making our chair. We have to go through a process because then we can have better ideas and add more to our chair. I’m looking forward making my chair because I feel like it’s gonna be fun. I’m thinking of making a bat theme with a tree in the middle. I’m gonna then add bats to the tree.

My sculpture board

My bat board

Day Reflection:


Reflect on your Progress grade. Was that what you were expecting? Why? What do you need to do to achieve an A?

I didn’t expect to get my grade because I thought I had everything done but I think it’s because I spent too much time working on one thing and not adding on to other things. I think I will follow my plan and complete things faster and not take a long time on something.

10 Class Timeline:

Class 1: Final touches on the roots adding and fixing polaces that is open or looks bad.

Class 2: Add on to the trunk and make the spine for the branches.

Class 3:  Add on to the trunk and make the spine for the branches.

Class 4: Plaster branch and trunk

Class 5: Plaster branch and trunk

Class 6: Plaster branch and trunk

Class 7: Plaster branch and trunk

Class 8: Make small bats

Class 9: Plaster bats

Class 10: Add bats to tree & Final touches

2 new video in 1…

New Vid:

Endangeredmalia Reflection

  1. Show/insert your final layered alliteration page.  Describe what you did on the page and give your opinion of the final piece. What do you like the most about it? Why? How well did the NY student’s work fit in?

On my page, I helped on the background and drew one of the axolotl. Even though we only used part of my background and added in another part of NY’s background I think both background fit each other pretty why. The final page look really nice and everything fit each other. From the page I like the color choices the most. I like it because even though different people work on the page the colors still fit each other. HY student’ work fit in perfectly with our work. The color was nice the design was great too.



  1. Show/Insert your other jobs (anything extra you did for the book) ie research, drawings, layering 3 animals/ cover. Discuss what was easy and what was challenging. What are you proud of and how have your skills grown?

After finishing my job I also did two other job. My second job was to work on another letter. I chose to work on letter X. My job in this letter was to draw the background and help with the layering at the end. I felt like letter X was more successful than my main letter.


  1. Explain what you did for your publicity job, add a screenshot/link/photo. (ie donation boxes, banners, letters to the school, book launch)

My publicity job was to create a banner. I used our charcoal drawing to decorate the banner. On the banner I had the word “Help Us” in red and black.  I chose these colors because they stand out from all the other picture.


  1. How did you feel about the Skype call?

The Skype call was really interesting. Everyone got to talk on the mic. We felt like we were really close. It also felt like a party because we worked hard to deserve it.

  1. Add a screenshot of the shop. Discuss what do you think of our final shop? How will you promote it?

I think the final shop is really nice and the description was really good. When we are selling this book I would post on Facebook and tell my parents about to spread the words.


Reflection for 3rd Trial

Quantitative observation:

  • 4/4 of our grasshopper died.
  • Some of the plants that we picked up from the garden died
  • there were no water left in the dishes

Qualitative observation:

  • There is a lot of water dropped on the side of the container
  • The soil got moldy
  • There were a lot of molds everywhere


Since our last ecodome we figured out that nothing was working well. This we took time to think about what grasshopper eat. So we went ahead and research about how to keep plants alive for a long time. We searched up terrarium that lived for a long time and how tot make them. Without a good food source no animal or insect can live. We found out that inside all the terrarium that lived for a long time have stone at the bottom and charcoal on top then soil. The charcoal is too keep away water bits that can create mold and kill the plant.

Changes Made on Work Day:

  • We added in soft and small plants because then the grasshopper and eat it. From our previous experiment, the grasshopper didn’t eat any of the plants because it was too hard.
  • Instead of adding in a huge amount of fertilizer we chose to add in layer of fertilizer and soil. We thought this would help because then when the water evaporate it evaporate from layer to layer.
  • We are only putting in two grasshopper because we chose big ones. We think that the bigger it is the strong which then it can survive longer than smaller one.
  • We added in stones
  • We added in charcoal
  • And had less plants so that the plants don’t fight each other for food.

ELA Research Reflection

In this project, my biggest success was to be able to use note cards in my writing to make it sound stronger. To do this i had to use note cards and research for a  lot for information. Without the note cards I wouldn’t be organized.

The biggest difficulty in this project is to be able to get a variety of sources to use. If I have a lot of sources then my writing would be very strong. Without it then my writing would sound weak. Another difficulty i had was to be able to find a video that gives me information about fast food.

Next time I would try and go to a public library becuase there will be more books. If I can find more books then there would be more information that I can use in my writing. Right now I feel like my writing is good but it doesn’t sound really strong. If I got a chance to redo I would go to the library and take more time researching.

My paper:

Quang Hieu, Dao

November 22, 2016

Block B

How can fast food give a negative effect on our health?

Fast food has been around for a long time, but only a few know what effects it has on our body. There are a lot of fast food restaurants around the world, all the restaurants are always filled with people eating burgers, french fries, and etc. Fast food are made for people who are lazy or just want to fill up their belly so they can go and do other things. Cooking a healthy meal can take a long time but ordering fast food only takes a minute or two. Eating fast food has many negative effects on our body. Such as, rising the risk of obesity, lower good cholesterol, and affecting the brain. These things can affect your body in the future.     

One major effect fast food has on our body is making our body gain fat which can cause obesity. Poor quality of diet and unhealthy choices from fast food raise the chances of children and adolescents becoming obese (Cashin-Garbutt).  As we can see a lot of children love eating fast food. They think the food are good and healthy because they make them full. Some parents might not know that it has poor quality and unhealthy for children and adolescents which causes their kids to have obesity. According to Dr. David Ludwig, working at Children’s Hospital Boston as director of obesity program, “Fast food is commonly recognized to have very poor nutritional quality (Study).”  Kids would think that fast food is healthy like any other food they get from their parents but they don’t know that the food has poor nutrition in it which causes them to have obesity. “The study was the first long-term look at the relationship between fast-food consumption and diabetes,” said Arne Astrup,  an obesity expert at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen, Denmark (Study). Many scientist have shown that fast food can cause obesity. Some people might think the only reason you get obese is by eating sweet things a lot. If fast food is taken in a lot it can also cause you to have obesity.  In conclusion, fast food contains unhealthy food and has poor quality which causes kids to have obesity.

Secondly, fast food can affect our body by adding trans fat which can make us have high cholesterol. The levels of unwanted cholesterol, Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, rise because of trans fats in fast food (@healthline). An ordinary person might not research the different kinds of fats inside something they eat. Scientist have shown that fast food has trans fats that can cause LDL cholesterol to rise. The good cholesterol, High-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, is lowered because of trans fats, this can give people a higher risk of obtaining type 2 diabetes (@healthline). If LDL cholesterol rises and the HDL cholesterol is lowered then that can lead to type 2 diabetes, but many parents think fast food is just like any other food that they cook everyday. “The high fat content in fast food can contribute to high cholesterol, which can also lead to atherosclerosis. That occurs when plaque builds up in the arteries and prevents the flow of blood to the heart and organs” (Stoddard), says White, owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios. Jim White pointed out an important fact that fast food gives you high cholesterol,  which leads to atherosclerosis, the stage of fatty deposit. This can affect children’s and adults’ health significantly. As you can see, fast food might be a small meal you get every once in awhile but it can cause a lot of dangerous sickness like high cholesterol later on in life.

Another big affect fast food has on our body is affecting our main manager, the brain. Every fast food has poor nutrients. It doesn’t give you enough vitamins and minerals that everyone’s brain needs  (Ipatenco). The brain is very important to everyone. If the brain doesn’t get what it needs to work it can affect other part of the body in many ways. Fast food can damage brain neurons in a way where the brain can not work how it should. If fast food is taken in daily they can take away brain nutrients so that the brain can’t function (Ipatenco). Everyday if people eat fast food they might think that it’s only a small amount and it would be okay, but if they eat that amount over a long term it can take away things that the brain needs. If the brain doesn’t have enough nutrients it can function differently that can cause mental illness, decrease cognitive ability, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Ipatenco). Trans fats in fast food takes over omega fatty acids with can affect our brain’s health. The brain’s health is very important because it controls everything we do. If we let fast food damage the brain it can cause the brain to not function correctly (Fleck) . Finally, fast food can affect the brain which can cause other sickness in the future.

As the result, fast food has many negative effects on human’s health such as giving people a risk of obesity, increasing the amount of bad cholesterol, and damaging the brain. Even though it might be a small meal at a time, it can be dangerous in the future. In addition, childhood is the most important time for the brain to grow and nutrition is important during this time. Parents should keep an eye on their children’s diet to prevent long term illness in their adulthood. This might be difficult because fast food is tasty and has a lot of advertising directed at children.     


Reflection for 2nd Trial

Quantitative observation:

  • 7/8 of our grasshopper died.
  • 1 of our water plants died
  • Our only small green plant died
  • All the water evaporated and the dishes are dried up.

    Dead Grasshopper From 2nd Trial

Qualitative observation:

  • There is a lot of water dropped on the side of the container
  • All the grasshopper that died is now turning yellow
  • One plant died and turn orange yellowish.
Dried plants from 2nd Trial

Conclusion Video


After our first attempt, we found out that they didn’t eat any of the leaves from the water plants (big plants). After knowing that we researched about what grasshopper would eat and we came across that grasshopper are not picky eaters so they would eat basically any leaves. Since they didn’t eat the big leaves we are gonna try adding in small leaves and softer leaves so they can eat.

Changes Made: Video

  • Instead of having a rectangular container we chose to have a circular and tall container.
  • Instead of having 8 grasshoppers we chose to have 4.
  • Instead of having big plants we chose to put small plants and only 1 big plants.
  • Instead of using banana peels we had corns and lettuce.

Reflection for 1st Trial

Observations of ecodome:


  • 4 grasshopper still alive
  • 4 grasshopper died
  • All of our water we put in, 6 of the dishes, all evaporated


  • Plants are still green
  • There are still a bit of water in the water dish
  • A lot of water on the side of the container
  • Very wet inside

Conclusion Video


After researching I found out that grasshopper likes to eat plants and seeds. So now we have decided to put in plants and add in some seeds and see how it goes. We are gonna do each things step by step. For example, we are gonna get the best food for the grasshopper then after that we will move on to getting the best habitat so they can live for a long time.

Reflection for Day 1

Picture of my planning doc:

What are the components of your ecodome? Why have you chosen each one?

  • We chose 3 normal plants because then the grasshopper would get enough food so that when it finished there will be new one grown for the grasshopper to eat.
  • I chose 3 water plants because it will grow by the time the grasshopper eat all its food.
  • Normal plant needs water to grow when they are planted in soil. So we chose water plants because the plant can grow in water so it won’t need to be watered.
  • I chose 3 trays of water because it will supply enough for the grasshopper to drink until the water evaporate and create new one.
  • I chose few banana peel because it can fertilize the normal plant to make them grow. We want to put the banana peels scattered around under the soil.
  • We chose cups of water to put our water plants in because then each water plant would get their own water and they won’t be too strong and take all the water from other plants.
  • We want to have soil because we want the normal plant to grow.
  • We want to put in 3-5 grasshopper because we wanted them to have friends and not be alone.

Changes made on design day:

  • this could include any change from your original design based on your experience while building; like adding or subtracting of materials, change in habitat design, etc
  • At the beginning we only wanted to put in 3-5 grasshopper but on the design day we added in 8 grasshopper because of the amount of space in the container.
  • At the start we only wanted 3 trays of water because we thought we would only put in 3-5 grasshopper. However, on the design day we added in 9 grasshopper so we had to put in 5-6 water tray to supply enough water for all the grasshopper.
  • On our planning day we wanted to use cups to put water plants in, but on the design day our water plants really big roots so they don’t fit in the cups. We had to bring in big circular container to put our plants in. After putting it in we would secure it with tape to make sure the grasshopper doesn’t jump in because the container was deep and wide.
  • From the beginning we only wanted to put in a few banana peels, but after that we added in a larger amount of grasshopper so we had to add in more banana peels so it can fertilize the plants for the grasshopper to eat.
  • From the planning picture we started off with a round container, but the amount of plants we wanted was too much to have a small round container so we had to change the round container into a rectangular container. Which then had to much room so we had to increase the amount of grasshopper, fertilizer, and water.    
  • My partner and I wanted to scatter the banana peels around under the soil. However, on the day of designing we scattered the banana peels near to the normal plants and on top the soil. We wanted this because then the fertilizer wouldn’t be wasted in place without plants. We wanted it on top because then if the banana peels decompress it would go down into the soil right down to the roots.  


Working With Students From New York

  1. When this task was introduced to you what were your first thoughts, reactions? Why?

When this task was introduced to me I was really excited and worried at the same time. I was excited because I get to work with students from New York. I’m worried because I didn’t know how we will communicate and get the best work. However, I think we will do really well in this unit.

  1. What are you excited the most about the collaboration unit?

I’m most excited about putting the book together and talking to our New York partner. Another thing I’m really excited about is drawing our animal in different positions. Overall I felt really excited about putting everything together at the end.

  1. a) Explain how you have been connecting with your buddy?

My partner and I have been connecting really well. We have been talking and getting our ideas to each other really well. So far we are working on our final things and to put everything together.

  1.  b) What is your buddy’s name and what did you learn about them?

My partner’s name is Alexa. I learned that she has a twin sister and she was born in New York.Her favorite movie/tv shows are BigBrother, Survivor, Dancing With The Stars, Speechless, Worst Cooks in America. One interesting fact is that she haven’t been anywhere other than the US.

  1.   c) What similarities or differences did you notice between you and your buddy?

I learned that we both like to draw and we both like dogs. We also like to watch Youtube videos. Alexa doesn’t like to watch movies because she is impatient. On the other hand, I love to watch movies because I like things that are slow but gets better throughout.

  1. How has (will) your drawing/learning been (be) affected because of the collaboration so far? (for example are you working differently because you are working with someone else?)

So far our drawing has been working out really well because we have been communicating with each other. We are getting main things done so that we can put everything together. Everything has been working out really well. By the end, we will get a really well-made piece.  

  1.  a)What did you think about Graeme Base writing to us?

Graeme Base’s letter is really helpful and interesting. We learned a lot about him and learned a lot of new ways to draw. In his letter, he also gave us tips and tricks on how to draw things to make them look realistic. I think Graeme Base really sat down and write to us.

  1.   b) What did you learn from his letter?

From Graeme Base letter I learned a lot of things. One big thing that I learned was how to draw animals and make them realistic. Graeme Base said, “The best way of making animals look realistic is to learn as much about them as you can from reference photos. I don’t actually have a great desire for realism – my animals are often caricatures – but I do like to get a lot of detail into them – it is interesting that detail can often be mistaken for realism! The trick is to take it slowly.”

  1. c) Describe what you think of his book.

I think his book is really interesting. I like his final verse for each letter. His drawing of the animals are really realistic and have something to do with the verse. His book is also entertaining and it makes me want to read it over and over.  

  1. What challenges have you faced so far?

So far one major challenge I face was to answer my partner from New York as soon as possible to let them know what to do, but the past few class I check Edmodo every day to see if I get any question from my partner.

Alexa's Background drawing
Alexa’s Background drawing
Jane's background drawing
Jane’s background drawing
Alexa's axolotl drawing
Alexa’s axolotl drawing
Quang Hieu's axolotl drawing
Quang Hieu’s axolotl drawing
Jane's letter "A" design
Jane’s letter “A” design

ELA Quarter 1 Reflection

In Quarter 1, our big project was to write a newspaper article. The main idea of this project was for us to go around and interview people and report on it. The first thing we did was find an idea that we want to report on. Then I went around and interview random people in 8th grade to get resources to use in my article. I also travel around Phu My Hung and interview adults and workers to get a variety of sources. After that, we would use the survey/interview and write a newspaper article. The article at the end was really good All the resources that is got was really well used in my writing. One thing that I would want to do again was writing my conclusion. I felt like it was strong enough.

During the project, I learned how to design a newspaper and make it look professional. That’s not all, I also learned how to interview people and get quality answers to use in my article. At the beginning, it was really hard for me to get good answers so that I can use. After a few time interview people I changed my question to make them think deeper and gave me better answers. After that, I got good answers that is really helpful.

Quarter 1 was a really good quarter for me. I learned a lot of new things, like writing newspaper article, interviewing people, and designing newspaper so that it looks good and appealing to people. Even though a lot of things went well there are still other things that I can improve in such as my Lit Circle final project. If I got to do this again I would organize my project and give more ideas to make it better.  

Link to my article: