Mi viaje a Lima fue lo mejor que he hecho

Hola me llamo Sue. Era 1 de junio, y tuve que despertar a las 4 de la mañana. Iba en un viaje de un día a Lima. Cuando llegué al aeropuerto ya eran las 5 en punto, el registro fue muy fácil, pero la línea era muy larga. Después de pasar por seguridad me senté inmediatamente y comprobé mis redes sociales. Mi avión iba a volar a las 7, así que tuve mucho tiempo para caminar y comprar cosas. Finalmente no fui a ninguna parte y terminé durmiendo.

Fue finalmente las 7 y abordé mi avión, no tenía dinero, así que tuve que sentarme en la parte trasera del avión. Era un viaje en avión de 22 horas, por lo que me pasé todo ese tiempo durmiendo. Después de desembarcar el avión, y conseguir mi equipaje, me dirigí fuera del aeropuerto para encontrar un taxi. Mientras iba a mi hotel, pude ver un montón de edificios históricos.
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Reservé una pequeña habitación de hotel con una cama individual, que resultó ser muy barata. Después de registrarme, caminé a  la plaza mayor. Mientras estaba en la plaza mayor, vi algunos hermosos paisajes como la magnífica fuente de bronce y el jardín de flores.¡Era tan hermoso, no me lo podía creer! Después de un paseo por la plaza mayor, fui a un restaurante cerca de allí llamado Isolina Taberna Peruana, decidí comer comida auténtica como lomo salteado y Pisco Sour no alcohólico. Fue muy delicioso.

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En el momento en que terminé ya eran las 8 de la noche. Procedí a caminar de regreso a mi hotel, me duché, me cepillé los dientes, y me fui a la cama. Al día siguiente, volví al aeropuerto y volé de regreso a Ho Chi Minh. Este fue un viaje increíble que nunca podré olvidar.

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Which of the parables appeal to you most, and why?


I think that the most appealing is the good samaritan because I  thought it was shocking how many people walked by the injured man and did not help, and there is only one person that helped him. When I saw this video I was really shocked because I never knew that people could be so mean like that. I also really like the moral of the story because even though the person you hate is hurt, you still have to help them. Once I saw a video about this social experiment where people would fall down to see if people would help them. I was shacked because on some people did, and some just walked past him.


How do parables relate to the spreading of ideas?
Parable help spread ideas faster because parables are like a really short book, so it is really interesting. People can read the parable, and they could get the idea or the moral of the story, and they can think of more stories, and they can write more parables. They can read it and get the moral out of it.

Throw and Try to Succeed

In P.E we were learning about juggling. You first start of with one ball and one hand and you throw it up in the air so it’s passes it to your other hand (you can start with a ball in any hand). Once you’re used to having one ball, add another one so this time you start with two balls in each hand and you throw one ball up first then just slightly after you throw the first ball, throw the second one. Just practice that many times until you are fluent then repeat the same steps and add another ball, and it is like juggling with 2 balls but there is just a third one that is always going to be in the air. It was really fun watching people fail, and watching people succeed. I thought it was really sad that I could catch 1 ball on my hand, but the other one, just bounces somewhere else. The best tip for juggling is to take your time and practice, soon you can do it.Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.08.48 PM

ELA 7 Book talk Reflection

I think that I did well on explaining the setting and plot of this book. I gave lot of information to the people that did not read this book yet. I told the summary of what happened in the beginning of the book, and I also told them what the mystery is all about. Something that I should improve on is telling the audience more about the main character because all I did was tell the audience who they were. Next time I think that I should tell the audience more about the characters personality and more about them. One thing that I did well on my public speaking was talking really clearly and loudly. I think that a lot of people could understand me and understand every word that I am saying. One thing I need to improve on my public speaking is I stutter a lot and I hesitate too. I should work on remembering my notes so that I don’t stutter. I think that I could be happier, and more enthusiastic so the viewers don’t get bored. Overall I thought that it was really fun and I am happy with my result.

History Maker Awards

Martin Luther King Jr. deserves to be honored with the history award because he stood up and he defended the rights of black people during the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Although King did many things like give speeches, but the main thing that he did was inspire people to stand up for themselves . According to Encyclopedia Martin Luther King Jr was arrested for leading a successful “nonviolent” campaign in Alabama. This shows us that Martin Luther King Jr. was an Important history maker because he was brave enough to stand up to people and give speeches to them on why slavery is cruel. King was assassinated in April 4, 1968, Memphis, Tennessee, United States. People don’t really know what the reason is but people believed that he was killed because white people did not like what Martin Luther King Jr was doing. to give anymore speeches. This shows that Martin was doing very good, and people do not like it. In conclusion Martin Luther King Jr. deserves the history award because he did what no one else could do, he died for what he was doing, and no one else could do that.

How did the chicken evolve?


How did the chicken evolve?

“It has been argued that dinosaurs did not die out, but just evolved wings and flew away. At a certain level, this reasoning is sound…. Birds, as a group, did descend from dinosaurs and … all 8,600 species of birds living today carry some inheritance from their reptilian ancestors.” – David Raup (Paleontologist)

Paleontologists have long accepted the fact that dinosaurs are the great ancestors of chickens. Although it took quite a long time for people to realize, chickens and T-rex’s have more in common than they seem to. They both walk on two tall legs, both have scaly feet with sharp claws, and both have a shaped head perched on top of a long, arched, and narrow neck. Chickens also have slight signs of short tails. But then how did these giant scary creatures turn to these harmless chickens we know in this modern world? In addition, in  this writing piece, we’ll be talking about the evolution of the chicken, and how the chickens became the chickens we know today.

It seems quite hard to believe that this could happen. There’ve been many gaps in the process that led scientist to doubt the fact that chickens evolved from the t-rex. For instance, there was a time when a species called the Archaeopteryx  was found to bridge the large gap between the t-rex and the chicken. The Archaeopteryx had similarities from both of these creatures, for example, it it has small reptilian teeth in and beak-like mouth and wings with feathers and a tail, which isn’t as long as the chicken’s, but long enough to see the fact that the t-rex evolved into it. It also has reversed first toes, which  both the t-rex and the chicken have. The t-rex’s small arms seemed to have grew longer, and the Archaeopteryx seems to have claws at the end of it’s wing-structured arms to grapple it’s surroundings.

One of the most obvious reasons of why  a t-rex is very similar to the chicken is that their bone structures are really similar, as mentioned in the first paragraph, they have reversed toes, a tail, although  you can’t see the short tail on the chicken, through its skeletal view, you can see a few traces that a tail has existed there. On the other hand they both have reversed first toes, like the Archaeopteryx. They both have two legs, which they walk upright on. Furthermore, they have a long arched neck with narrow head placed on top. Although they aren’t bother either birds or reptiles, they both lay eggs, because birds were thought to have evolved from reptiles. Likewise, chickens have wings, which might have been the t-rex’s short arms that grew longer with feathers.

We’ve been looking at their bone structure and how these creatures look the same, but recently scientist have also been able to support this theory by looking at fossils of dinosaurs and old preserved bones. Apart from the fact that they have creatures between them, and that they have similar bone structure, the preserved molecules of this massive creature’s bones are similar to a few modern animal species, which one of the animals is known as a chicken. They analyzed both of these creature’s molecules from the bones, and they found similar patterns. T-rexes were then found to be quite closely connected to many different types of birds, but then again, more specifically, the chicken.

In conclusion, although it took a long time to believe that  chicken was once a big and strong animal called the tyrannosaurus rex, scientist have been researching the two of them to see the similarities, and they have found a lot for examples. As said before, they both walk on two long legs, they both have scaly feet with sharp claws at the end, and both have a shaped head perched on top of a long, arched, and big neck. Likewise, scientists have found out that some of the bone structure were almost the same. Thus, we can say that these big t-rexes evolved over time and became little harmless chickens that we know today.

My SLC 6 experience

Something that went well for me was that I did not get nervous when I talked to my mom, and my mom was really was really interested in my blog, and my reflections. One thing that I struggled with was that my blog was being really weird, and everything started glitching out, some of the links did not work so I had to wait a long time for it to work. If I could do this conference again I think that I would check my video right before I get to the video because it was lagging.


5 Paragraph Essay – Religion Unit

Sue Ngo


Ms. Mckinnon




27 August 2015


During the past few weeks of social studies, we have been learning about the world religions. We focused on two religions, which are Christianity and Islam. We learned a lot of cool fact about those two religions. We also read some information packets to understand how the two religion Christianity and Islam worked. It was very interesting to learn about the two religions because I personally didn’t really know a lot of things about religions, and I think this unit taught me a lot of cool things. For example, I never knew Easter was the most important holiday for the Christians, I always thought that it was Christmas because that was when Jesus was born. One thing that I did not know about Islam have to do to call themselves Muslim. This unit was interesting because when I first heard that we are going to learn about Muslims. At first I was really scared because I literally did not know anything about Islam, but then as I kept learning, I started to know more and more. It was also fun seeing the differences between those two things. In this essay I will be teaching you what I have learned about Christianity, and Islam. I will also tell you what my favorite part of the religious unit was.

The first religion that we learned in Social Studies is Christianity. Christianity is one the of the largest religions on earth. 33% of the world are believed to be Christian. Christianity is ruled by a God named Jesus. Christians believe that Jesus created the universe. Christians also believe that Jesus rose from the dead, and join his father in heaven, they believe that they too can look forward to life after death. We also learned about Baptism. Baptism is where a person is fully underwater, when you get baptised it makes a person a member of the Christian Church. We also learned about Holy Communion. Holy Communion is a sacrament that Jesus made at the Last Supper, he gave bread to to his disciples saying “This is my body” and then he poured wine saying “This is my blood”. He told them to practice this sacrament in remembrance of him. Almost all Christian churches celebrate Holy Communion. Generally this involves sharing bread and wine or grape juice that has been specially blessed. Christians go to church on Sundays because they believe that Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday. In Christianity Easter is the most important holiday in Christmas because it celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. They also believe that Jesus bring the promise to everlasting life.

The second religion we learned in this unit, was about Islam, the two foundations of Islam are the Qur’an and the Sunnah. The Qur’an describes God’s laws and teachings, while the Sunnah is the things that Muhannad set for Muslims during his lifetime.In the Muslim life, you have five basic acts of worship to do, called the Five Pillars of Islam. The first Pillar of Islam is called the Shahadah, or the “Declaration of Faith”, usually before something important happens Muslims tend to say the Shahadah for good luck. Muslims also believe that God created angels to do his work throughout the universe. The second Pillar is the salat, daily ritual prayer. In the Muslim communities, Muslims pray five times per day: Dawn, Noon, Mid-Afternoon, Sunset, and nightfall. Before praying muslims have to be purified, after being purified, they may enter the prayer area. Muslims don’t always have to pray at the mosque, and they can also worship wherever they are, but they have to be facing the direction of Makkah. The third Pillar is Zakat, which means charity. Every year, Muslims must share 2.5% of their left over wealth, and share to the poor people, they could also donate other stuff like clothes, food, and more. The fourth Pillar of Islam is Siyam, Siyam means to fast. Every year, during the month of Ramadan (the ninth month of the Islamic calendar), Muslims go without food. During Ramadan, Muslims fast  from dawn until the dark, during those fasting hours, Muslims are not allowed to have any food or liquid, including water. The fifth pillar is Hajj, the pilgrimage to the Makkah. On the twelfth month of the Islamic year, Muslims from all over the world come together at Makkah, and all adult Muslims have to be able to make the journey at least once during their lifetime. For five days people dress up in plain white clothing and perform rituals, after the hajj, Muslims celebrate a four day feast.

In Social Studies, we have been doing a lot of projects about this unit. One of the project is the “Day in the Life of a Muslim”. In that project I have to create a poster that explains a normal life of a Muslim, I had to create an event on  four out of the five pillars. One other project that we have was the “Christianity Virtual” presentation. In that presentation I had to find pictures that describe all the category. For example, one of the category is Baptism, then I had to put a picture of someone getting baptised. I think that the most interesting part of this unit is the “day in a Life” because it was really cool creating all of the picture, and explaining everything. I also like it because I could draw, and it was fun making a fake day. Doing this project made me realize that being a Muslim is actually really hard because Muslims have to do a lot of different thing. For example, they have to fast which is really hard because you could die of dehydration. In a Muslim’s life you have to pray five time. I think my favorite part of this unit is the “Day in the life of a Muslim” because it was really interesting, and fun learning what it is like to be a Muslim.

Overall I thought this was a really interesting and fun because I got to learn a lot more about different cultures and what do these cultures have and don’t have in common. The “Day in a life of a Muslim” was my favorite part of this project because I got to draw a person’s day. I also got to learn a lot of stuff like how many times they have to pray and that they have to fast. I was really fun learning about these two things because there were a lot of facts that I didn’t really know, and so I learned a lot of things while doing this project. I think that everyone enjoyed it because I did. This was a great experience for me, and I hope that we learn more things like this because it was really fun and interesting.

Top 7 Most Handsome Movie Stars

7 Most Handsome Movie Stars
By Sue, May 28 2015

Around the world there are famous movie stars, and a lot of them are very pretty and handsome. If you don’t know anyone in this list then, you must be living in a cave because these actors are handsome, famous, and successful. Most of them have also won Grammys and more awards. Almost all of these movie stars are from America. These stars are really handsome and talented.

#7 Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner is one of the most handsome man. Taylor started in the Twilight series, Valentines day, Abduction, and a lot more movies, Taylor is also into modeling and martial artist. He is a very well know actor, he has also won many awards such as the MTV Movie awards, People’s choice awards, Teens choice award, Young choice artist, and more .Taylor is only 23 years old so he is still really young, and successful.

#6 Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is one of the best characters in Marvel. Chris plays as the the main character in Thor. He also stars in the Avengers 1 and 2. He is an Australian actor and is very well know for his accent. He has a lot of grammy. He is 31 years old, he maybe old, but he is still handsome. Chris is not the only one that is hot, Chris Hemsworth has 2 brothers named Liam Hemsworth, and Luke Hemsworth. All of them are actors, and all of them are famous.

#5 Chris Evans

Just like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans is also an Avenger. Chris stars as the captain of the group. Yes, he is Captain America. He is an american actor. He has been on a lot of movies such as Captain America 1, 2, Snowpiercer, Fantastic 4, and a lot more movies that are waiting to be watched. That is why he has landed #5 spot on my list.

#4 Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin is one of the rising stars of 2015. He has become famous from a TV Show called The Flash. Grant is handsome, smart, and he can sing and tap dance really well. Grant Gustin first started his career as a tap dancer, then he decided that he wanted to become a TV star, he first joined Glee , and got the role. As time passed he stared in different shows such as The Flash. Grant is 25 years old, so he is still really young. Grant is becoming one of the best looking actors, that is why he is #4.

#3 Channing Tatum

Channing is one of the most well known hotties in America. He stars as the main character in 21 and 22 Jump street. He is also a model, dancer and film maker. Channing also has a daughter named Everly Tatum. Channing tatum is 35 year old, but he is still one of the most well known and hottest celebrity that ever lived, that is why he is on the number 3 on my list.

#2 Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder is one of the most handsome guy ever. Ian stars in one of the most famous tv show called The Vampire Diaries, he also stars in Lost, and Smallville. He is also a model. Ian is also a director, he is also 36 years old, but he is still really handsome. That is why he has landed #2 on my list.

#1 Zac Efron

Zac is hands down the most handsome movie star ever. He has starred in High school musical 1, 2, and 3. He is also stared in a funny movie called The neighbors, Zac has also won a lot grammys. Zac is also a really good singer. Zac Efron is only 27 years old, so he is not that old. Zac started his career in the late 2000s staring in the famous High School Musical. Zac has starred in at least 10 movies. He is one of Hollywood’s, most handsome and successful movie stars. That is why he is #1 on my list.

That is everyone on my list. You should go watch the movies that they have started in because it is watching to be watch! All of these men are handsome talented, and they could sing. They are handsome in movies, and in real life.