Human Rights Reflection

I feel that this piece of work was very rushed because the school was ending really soon. I really like the way students were able to work with their classmates and friends. It help us connect with others new to the school and learn about each other. I enjoyed working with my friends and classmates and I think that was the most enjoyable. I think the process of making the presentation was the hardest, we had agreements and fights. Challenge struck us the hardest, we couldn’t find a way to finish it the way we wanted. This presentation taught us many things over a long period of time. We have failed many times but have come backed up. So much have changed in presentation, failing and coming back up was our strongest suit. Although our topic didn’t match so much, we still tried to incorporate our ideas altogether. Even though my thoughts and the teacher’s are different, everyone knew each and everybody put a lot of effort into making this project. I honestly don’t know what grade I would give myself. I think effort out weighs  the grade of this project.

How was the SLC?

What went well?

I think the SLCs with my parents went really well. I think getting it done was probably what went well because if I hadn’t finished it, it would have been a hassle to my parents.

What did you struggle with?

I think I struggle with telling them about my classes because some words I can’t really translate to my parent but I managed to get them to understand whats going on in my classes.

What can be done to improve this?

I think there is alot of areas for improvement but the most troublesome one is going to have to be translating my words to give a better understanding of my subjects.


In Social Studies we made CSI. CSI stands for color, symbol and image. The reason I chose these colors because I thought it would be the best to represent my CSI.  I chose the color 65614E for my background color because of the coal mining industries. For my symbols I picked building blocks because people started to build and make new inventions which innovated me to pick this as my symbol. For my image I chose a person mining coal and iron because of the materials that were needed to produce machines.

vehicle post #2


1) Describe which part of your vehicle design will incorporate Newton’s 1st Law.

The force that will help the vehicle move is the balloon since the vehicle is at rest the balloon will push the vehicle with the air inside of it.

2) Describe which part of your vehicle design will incorporate Newton’s 2nd Law.

The wheels are going to incorporate with Newton’s 2nd law because it’ll help the vehicle continue to gain speed and accelerate until another force is acted upon it.

3) Describe which part of your vehicle design will incorporate Newton’s 3rd Law.  

The balloon will incorporate into Newton’s 3st law because the balloon is pushing from the outside then exhaling all the air inside it, pushing the vehicle.

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Vehicle Blog Post #1

1) What have you learned so far about… 

a) gravity

the force that attracts a body toward the center of gravity.

b) friction

Friction occurs when two objects’ surfaces slides with each other creating a force between the two objects. 

c) inertia

An object must change in state of motion.

2) Summarize Newton’s 1st Law in your own words.

Newton’s first law of motion states that an object at rest will remain at rest unless a force is applied.

3) Summarize Newton’s 2nd Law in your own words.

Newton’s second law of motion states that an object’s acceleration depends on its mass and on the net force acting on it.

4) Summarize Newton’s 3rd Law in your own words. 

Newton’s third of motion states that if one object exerts a force on another object, then the second object exerts a force of equal strength in the opposite direction on the first object.

5) What physics topics do you think will be important to keep in mind as you design your vehicle? Why? Name at least 2 topics – be specific.

Friction and inertia because I think these are the most important because if there is too much friction there isn’t going have traction to move more efficiently and to keep the pace of my vehicle

Bright Night

One night while I was walking home from school,I saw a bright mesmerizing light slowly descending to earth with bursting flames of inferno. As it crash landed to the earth, it hit the ground, created a large shockwave putting me back about 3 meters back. Then I slowly blacked out on the ground. As I tried to bring myself up I noticed a humanoid figure walking on two legs, towards me. I couldn’t see properly because of the shockwave that was created. As that lone humanoid figure walking towards me. As each step the figure took it became a little clearer. But my ears are ringing like bells so I couldn’t really hear what the figure said. But only parts of what he said.


“C-c-can hear m-m-me.” Said the figure


But I couldn’t make of it. I only heard some words coming out of his mouth. But I didn’t get all of them. Then my eyes started to clear up. Then The figure helped me up. It was a humanoid figure that looked exactly like a normal person. So I assumed that it was a normal person. Until I noticed the weird outfit.


“Who are you!” I exclaimed.


“Another human from a different planet, we are beings from the ancient times.” The human figure explained.


“We want to learn about your religion.”


“You mean the Protestantism?” I said, with a confused face.             


“I’ll tell you but once I do, will you leave this planet?”




“The protestant reformation started when Martin Luther questioned the authority of Church leaders and some of the Church’s teachings. They became known as “Protestants” because of their protests against the Catholic Church. Some broke away from the Church entirely because of the teaching.”

“Interesting. Then what are you?”


“Your family members, are they protestant?”

“Yes but not my grandparents,”

“Why is that?”

“The protestant reformation didn’t happened before the Catholic Church. They believe that the Catholic Church is right and their teachings. But thats not what my mother and father believe. They believe that the Protestant are the ones that are right. They say that the Catholic Church is corrupt and are using the teachings to benefit their own lives.”  

“Hey, you!” The swiss guard shouted.

“Follow me quickly!”

We ran into the flying object as fast as we can. Then closed the door on the guard. We could hear the guard shouting tell me to get out of this dish. We then became silence waiting for the guard to get the other guards. So I could escape without causing a lot of trouble. As the guard left I  slowly open the door and didn’t see anyone. So I made a dash straight to my house. As I ran, I could see the flying object fly into the night sky.

7 Good Techniques to Learn (Le Thao Custom)

The crossover is an important simple ball handling technique. It’s useful to easily evade your opponent by abruptly switching directions and to lose them for a brief moment. The second technique is called “The around pass, Fake”. IT’s when you fake the around the back pass and instead pass it under your legs from the back. Another skill we used was the through the legs crossover, which is an upgrade to the normal crossover. It uses your legs to protect the ball. Then the behind the back crossover, which uses your entire body to protect the ball and keep it away from your opponent, while effectively losing him. Then we also used the figure 8, which practices your through the legs crossovers, which will be useful in a game. Then we also did a custom behind the back pass. Which is basically the behind the back dribble, but instead of dribbling it, you pass it towards your teammate(s). Then finally, we did our custom layup drill. One person (with the ball) dribbles towards the basket, then after he/she passes the free throw line, passes straight behind them, where their teammate waits for the ball. His/her teammate catches the ball, and goes for the shot. If he/she misses, the other person will rebound and shoot a layup.

One challenge was actually coming up with all the custom ball handling techniques. Which were mostly just the old techniques combined into several modified skill moves. It was challenging because Thao and I had to create techniques that could actually improve or teach you things about ball handling. Like how to hold the ball and control it. How to do crossovers, behind the back, and through the legs. And then to do it fluently. But one of our successes was not making as much mistakes because we kept making mistakes because we didn’t have much communication.

Here is the video below

Who is responsible for the Gray area?

 I thought it Avery Wun was responsible because we could all see the evidence. The fishes have been dying in City that is my first part of my evidence. The sediment can effect the fishes. Since there was a large amount of sediment could kill the fishes because the fish couldn’t breath in that type of water. Cause the sediment effect the oxygen making very hard to breath.

Swimming Reflection about Alex and Time Trials score

In this video I think my friend/Alex needed help on the stoke he was working. Some comments I would make are. I think Alex has the dolphin kick going well but when you uses he’s arms to swing to the front, he loses control and starts to slowly drown. When he kicks he does the flutter kick in stead of butterfly kick. I think Alex kicks too much when he does the stroke. But the more he does it he improves it more. Overall I think he did well because he has kinda the form but needs to only work on the arms.



Time Trials

  • March   

Butterfly: 25.82

Breaststroke: 25.07

Freestyle: 19.95

Backstroke: 22.54

Freestyle 50 meter: 44.64

Time Trials

  • May 

Butterfly: 23.80

Breaststroke: 20.86

Freestyle: 17.13

Backstroke: 22.57

Freestyle 50 meter: 40.46


I have improved in my time trials if you look at the time. In each stroke I have improved in seconds expect for backstroke. I think there was a lot of improvement in my swimming. But in swimming we didn’t work on backstroke so I would expect it to be the same.