Human Rights Showcase

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For our last few weeks of middle school, we have been exploring different human rights and create projects around them. We are working with Non-Government organizations. We focused on improving our understandings of the issues we have in our society and to learn about what we can do about it as students. In this project, we learned the importance of community service and proper communication.

Because of my service learning, I know the importance of helping out people in need. I can help with the experience I’ve earned from my hands-on service learning. In the future, I will keep track of what my organization is up to and maybe attend their events or continue to volunteer. My career options have been expanded, I might find a way to turn my future into a way of helping others and changing the world. Because of this service experience, I can start to do volunteer work with some more excitement and less nervousness.

By going to other exhibits, I learned that there are a lot more issues out there that I didn’t address, but other groups did.

I accomplished many things in this project, I built a diorama, presenting what happens in human trafficking and how it happens.

This is an image of our service learning at the Saigon Outcast market.Service Project Pic


PE Sticks Reflection

  1. How do you hold a hockey stick?
  2. What is the ready position?
  3. What is cradling?
  4. Where should the puck be on your stick when you pass?
  5. What should you be looking at when you pass?
  6. Where should you be after the pass?
  7. State and explain the positions in Hockey.
  8. How do we keep safe during our games with sticks unit?
  9. We played floor hockey, broomball, and scoopball explain what you liked about each game and what you didn’t like about each game.
  10. Which game did you enjoy the most and why?

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Human Trafficking Service Reflection

My team, Ariel, Angie and I have been helping out Home of Hope at the Saigon Outcast Market and labeling jams. We were going around and raising awareness and advertising the Jams at the market. The most satisfying part of the service was seeing someone try our jams, reading the flyers we handed out, and actually wanted to help our cause. I felt really uncomfortable at first because we did not know what to do, and the head lady of the organization was not there to hand out instructions to us. It was super uncomfortable to be walking around at an outdoors market, handing out flyers to people, questioning our place in the universe. Some people refused our flyers, even one lady straight out saying “no” to us. My only motivation to volunteer and help out others is my natural need to help others, as well as knowing that my school grade depends on this.

Look Business, Speak Business, Act Business, Breathe Business

I speak business, breathe business.

This quarter, we are learning about the very powerful language of professional writing. I learned how to do handshakes properly. Clearly, I’m not a professional-behaving person.

One of my best professional qualities, I believe is that I am not perfect. Nor do I strive to achieve perfection in everything I do. I think some people can appreciate that. I enjoy perfection, it feels amazing. But I can recognize that I’m not perfect. Sometimes I can pretend that I am, and that is just called lying. But knowing that I’m not perfect can be pretty powerful sometimes. I don’t do everything with certainty. There is a lot that I still have to learn, and much more that I can improve on. I believe that is one of my better qualities because I usually know what I have to do to get better. I strike out, but then I immediately know what I do wrong. I’m not perfect. I know how I can move in the direction of perfection, and that is a quality that I think everybody should have. I don’t always know how to be perfect, therefore I can’t achieve perfection. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t be perfect. I choose not to be, because I don’t like the attention. I feel like everything is under my control. I don’t have loose ends, and I don’t have any wild-cards that aren’t dealt with. I am not perfect, and that is completely by choice.

Anyways, I’m really, really, really honest.

That’s special quality in itself.

So, here I am. In my strong points, I chose to say that say that imperfection is one of my best professional qualities. And one of my worst qualities is being unable to recognize that I am far from imperfection. I like being modest. When I am faced opportunity to be great, I pass on it. Not because I’m incapable, but because I don’t believe in myself. I don’t think I can do things well, and it’s not usually a conscious decision. I find myself always failing in some way. Unable to achieve things that people set out for me to do.

You see, I always hate goal-setting. I hate it. I don’t want ask myself to improve, because I’m afraid of letting myself down. I don’t like being faced with high expectations from others because I might fall short of them. I set the bar low for myself, and I don’t achieve perfection. I’m always being honest with myself, and I honestly think that I am the embodiment of failure. This is one of my worst qualities. I am not vain, I am not egotistical, and I am not self-centered. Actually, I am the opposite of those things. I can help others better than I can help myself. I don’t like letting others down because that would be even worse than letting myself down. Whenever others ask for help, I’m there 100%. Those people actually end up getting a better grade than I do, sometimes.

And that’s the thing. I don’t like asking for help. I hate asking for help in any way. It’s a sad fate I have to live with.


But every time I see an A+ and my name next to it, I am very happy.

Reflection on the last DBQ of the year: Imperialism in Africa

The Influence that Technology had on Africa

With guns in hand and technology at their disposal, European countries took almost all of Africa by the end of the 19th century. Leaving an imprint on African history forever, Europe divided up Africa with force. European that countries took partition of Africa were motivated by nationalism and the number of natural resources that were available in their newfound land. Technological advancements were the primary driving force of imperialism in Africa because Europe’s superior firepower allowed them to take control of Africa without difficulty. It is often believed that ethnocentrism was the driving force. Although this argument appears to be plausible, they fail to consider that without the use of technology, it would have been unthinkable to take over such a large land mass with no weapons and no way to fight diseases.

Technology is the direct the cause of the partition of Africa.The development of guns and a better way of manufacturing steel empowered the Europeans and gave them the edge in taking control over Africa. The evidence suggests that European armies had superior firepower while fighting the Africans with several inventions such as a cheaper and faster way of manufacturing steel, the world’s first machine gun, and the Repeating rifle (doc. C). This example illustrates that with the fast and easy way to produce steel, European soldiers would have been armed with accurate and quick-firing guns. This would have overpowered colonizers and made Africa seem easy to take over, thus technology drove the partition of Africa.  As you can see, technology assisted the colonization of Africa through the inventions of weapons and a fast and easy way to produce steel.

Historians have argued that Ethnocentrism was the driving force in the conquering of Africa. In “The White Man’s Burden,” 1899, Rudyard Kipling argues that the White Man’s burden was to “serve the captives’ needs” and he called Africans ‘half-devil and half-child’ (doc. F). The evidence clearly suggests that European men looked down on the Africans, seeing them as inferior and thinking of taking care of the Africans as an unwanted burden. With these mindsets, Europeans were driven into thinking that the continent deserved to be taken over and and they had no respect for the African’s that owned the land. Although the argument for ethnocentrism sounds convincing at first, it overlooks the fact that without certain technological advancements, Europeans would not have dared to venture into dangerous land and be exposed to deadly diseases. According to Document C, a method of retrieving the treatment for Malaria was invented in 1820. Based on the evidence provided so far, it is clear that European soldiers would have been plagued with a foreign sickness that would wipe out all of the armies without the treatment of Malaria. It is vital to consider that without the cure for this sickness, the partition of Africa would not have been possible because Europeans would have been too intimidated by the illness to go further into the continent. In conclusion, the development of medicine and technology was the most powerful driving force of imperialism in Africa.

To sum up, the partition of Africa was driven by technological advancements because Europe’s improved arsenal provided them an advantage in battle. It might appear as if ethnocentrism was instead the driving force; while this position is popular, it is impractical when European armies are vulnerable to tropical diseases and there is no way of obtaining the cure. With the invention of quick-firing rifles and machine guns, colonizers were able to dominate African lands. Instead of technology, ethnocentrism has been believed to be the driving force of African colonizations because of the way that Europeans looked down on the Africans and saw them as half- devil children. The argument failed to take into account that technology was indeed necessary for the survival of European armies. Without the invention of a method of extracting quinine from tree bark, soldiers would have been powerless to the Africans and their tropical diseases. If these technological developments were never invented, Leopold would not have captured Congo to be 95 times the size of Belgium and if Africa had the same technology available to them, they would have been able to fight back against the Europeans.

I think that I have grown as a writer. In this project, I learned about imperialism in Africa. And I wrote an essay on it. Honestly, I feel so disappointed. At first, felt super proud of what I wrote. After getting my grade back, now I see how much it sucked that I didn’t mention communication or transportation in my argument for technology.

I guess my conclusion still sucks. My opening lacks other information about technology. HAha. Haha. Haha. I give up on writing. I could be illiterate for all I care.

What I did good was argue in the counterclaim.

I feel crushed.

I feel like this helped me improve as a writer an thinker by telling me that next time, I shouldn’t focus the topic and facts on just one type of technology. I should stop focusing my essay. I should generalize technology to include transportation and communication, and stop being so specific.

Exploratory Writing Persuasive

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My writing:

Millions of kids all over the world grow up having specific expectations what they should be like in the future based on gender roles. These expectations come from old philosophies from centuries ago. Today, people have begun to allow men and women to stand on equal grounds. We must continue to change our traditions for the better. Although some may argue that roles create order and structure in society, I believe that we should tear down the idea of gender roles and eliminate gender stereotypes to encourage children of the next generation to pursue their own interest as they see fit so that our future may flourish.

These gender roles were established a long time ago, when women were constantly being sexually objectified. We are holding onto an old tradition that is no longer applicable to today’s society. I say, we should eliminate gender roles so that future generations won’t have to be bound by old beliefs. These stereotypes are outdated. They value the ideas of femininity and masculinity and place them on a pedestal. These ideas are saying that women are weak and should be doing the clean jobs such as sitting at a desk as a receptionist or taking care of the children and the house. These ideas are saying that men are the protectors of the house, they make the money, and they do the dirty jobs. Women have been associated with the words “submissive” and “domestic”, while men are associated with the words “dominant” and “aggressive”. In recent history, there have been social movements such as the second wave of feminism that grant women the ability to stand on more equal ground to the rest of humanity, as they were originally seen as inferior to men. This is very disrespectful to successful women who work hard at what they do, but are unrecognized for their skills. Women are expected to be worse than men in many fields of work. There is still a wage gap that has been around for a very long time. However, we have begun to realize that there are a diverse range of men and women all over the world. Look at your daughters. Can you really say that they should earn less than the rest of the world because of how they were born? We have begun to realize that men don’t need to be strong or smart to prove their worth. We need to keep moving on this path so that gender stereotypes and gender roles are unheard of because they will be completely wrong in the near future.

Our parents and elders are enforcing these gender stereotypes on the young, we are taught and expected to fulfill the roles that society have set up for us. Because of this, men are constantly dealing with the stress of being seen as ‘masculine’, they are unable to freely show their emotions because it would be seen as being feminine. They are constantly trying to push themselves to act tough to prove their worth as a male. They are under peer pressure to be more macho to reach the pinnacle of male value in society. Men should be allowed to speak freely for themselves and their emotions, without fear of being demeaned because it’s natural for humans to have feelings and be able to express them.

As a girl, my mother heavily expects me to be good at cleaning, cooking, and sewing. She thinks that I would be better at fixing clothes than fixing cars. What my mother firmly believes in is what most parents universally do to their children. Parents worldwide have made it so that when we grow up, we won’t be rejected by our community by being different. Basically, they are destroying the individuality of young children by telling them that they should be a certain way to be accepted as an individual. You should really rethink the expectations you might be forcing on your children the same way your parents forced them on you. Maybe unknowingly, but your children might grow up with a mindset that they have to act a certain way, and this is diminishing their creativity as a whole. We should act against this for our children must learn to think for themselves.

Men and women are more than just male or females, we are individuals. Our sex is what we are born with, not what we grow up to be. Our roles are not assigned the moment we are born. Not all men are going to grow up to be protectors of their families or be athletic and smart. Not all women are good housewives or clean and proper. Sure, we are born with different body parts, but it doesn’t say “femininity” anywhere when a baby girl is born.  We shouldn’t push the responsibilities of caring for children only to women. We shouldn’t leave the hard, “dirty” jobs just to men. Sex is biological, gender is sociological. Kids should be able to grow up and choose what they want to do with their future, not having to follow guidelines that society has set up for them. Gender is only a part of who we are, it doesn’t define us as individuals.

There are a lot of people in the world who believe that gender roles are essential to having the best functioning society. These people think that our “roles” in society contribute to creating order and peace in society. Without gender roles, there would be chaos. Although this could possibly work to provide a sense of order in our community, these gender roles are actually a hindrance to a child’s personal character. Society can function perfectly fine if girls don’t grow up to be housewives, it would actually benefit the world’s economy. The world would be perfectly fine if men don’t take up masculine jobs and do the heavy lifting. Although women and men have different skill sets that make them better at different jobs, they shouldn’t be restricted from anything because of their sex.

In the end, it really matters who you are as a person, not what bits and pieces you were born with. We shouldn’t be listening to outrageous claims from the past. To allow the most creativity in children, and to have the most prosperous future, we must eliminate these gender roles that we have set up. The idea of femininity and masculinity is flawed, and it can be destroyed at any moment. It’s time to accept that your son enjoys dressing up dolls, and it’s time to accept that your daughter loves Superheroes more than Barbies. The first step that we take should be telling our future children, or the children we already have, that they can do whatever they want, regardless of their gender.

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Quarter 4 Goals

SLC went just fine. I did great. It went well. I learned nothing about myself, except that I really dread Student Led Conferences. I am really proud of my growth in geometry. Because I was good at geometry, now I am even better at geometry. My learning goal right now is to be more productive and do my homework better.