In this project on human rights, we focused on learning about unequal access to healthcare. This is an important skill because this is still a big issue around the world. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to think critically of others. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

  • How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

By collaborating with my classmates I have come up with many more ideas and views of my project. This helped me better understand what I needed to do (take action). With my classmates, we would always discuss our ideas to see which ideas would best fit the task.

  • What will you do to continue your involvement with this group or social issue, or with other service work?
I would continue to be aware that many of these human rights issue are still around and would often stop to help people or organizations if need. Another thing I can do to help if to spread awareness, by warning people and getting them interested in the situation. I can achieve this by using social media.
  • Have your career options been expanded by your service experience?
yes, it has expanded my service experience a lot. Just thinking that what we did is going to help lots of people surprises me. Knowing those people at the hospital waiting in line for the surgery would be looking at our poster/flyer.

The Puppet

Moving towards the end of 8th grade, we have done a unit on poetry. In this unit, we have learned many things including the types of poetry and how to make poems etc. Currently, we have finished three poems and one of them are for the human rights project. I am happy to say that I got a decent mark on this project and I am still going for the extra points that are available.


  • How did you find the overall experience of writing poetry?

I really enjoy writing poetry even though I might not be the best at it, I think anyone (with time) would be able to make a good poem. So my overall experience with it was good :D.
  • Which of your poems did you like the most and why?

I really enjoyed my third poem the most because it took me a lot of thinking to find the extended metaphor. I also like it because it was the poem I enjoy writing the most and so I really put my time and effort into it.
  • How did your visuals enhance (add to) your poems?

Sometimes just sitting back and thinking about your poems can help you a lot. It not only helps you visualize it but after that you can start to see ways you can further describe a certain thing
A Game of Monopoly To wrap things up, I have really enjoyed this unit and I will still do poetry outside of school and continue to improve on my poetry skills. As for now I am waiting for my approval from teen ink.

Info 1:Along with the adults children were usually transported to the americas in vessels like this british slave ship, the horrible conditions were made worse by disease and starvation, travel sometimes lasted three months.

Info 2:Fishing from a bridge was a simple way for children to enjoy their precious and extremely limited free time.

book: Growing up in slavery by Sylviane A.Diouf

Made 2001

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In ELA, we have been working on our resume for a dream job. Mine was to become a dog day care trainer because I love dogs.

Some of my best professional qualities are that I am organized. In this resume, I have included some of my experiences to let people know that I have done a lot with dogs like supervised groups, clean and bath dogs. Overall I am proud of my general information and how I presented it.

Some things that I might need some work on still is my format. I think putting all these words is a bit hard to read when it's all together, so maybe next time I should maybe box each question. Also, the picture of the dog is kind of unnecessary. But overall I think I did a good job on this project.

In this project we worked on writing a DBQ about the imperialism in Africa, we focused on improving/learning how to support our claims and writing a DBQ in general. This is an important skill because in the future in high school we would need to apply these skills to be able to write a good DBQ.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to use evidence to support my claim. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

- How did I stretch myself as a writer on this piece?

I really stretch myself on explaining in depth on why I think a certain way and backing it up with evidence and reason to prove my claim.

-Strengths (bright spot)

A strength I showed was my ability to write a good analysis of evidence.

-To work on

I could work more on my introduction by adding the importance of the topic.


Europe's Driving force on the Imperialism in Africa

After the industrial revolution, England has chosen to rise to power to take over Africa. Along the way, many other countries have joined to take part in the colonization of Africa. There are many reasons why and how the colonization happened and people wonder if it was economics, technology, ethnocentrism that gave them the driving force to claim parts of Africa. Nationalism was the driving force of the imperialism because it motivated people for power. However, it has been argued that technology was superior for the claiming of lands in Africa because the European was more advanced in technology. However that may be true, Nationalism outweighs the counterclaim because it gives countries a competition for colonizing Africa.

Nationalism is the driving force of the imperialism because it motivated countries to fight for land and sea power in Africa. According to John Ruskin at Oxford University 1870 (doc B). He said that “This is what [England] must either do or perish: she must found colonies as fast and as far as she is able, formed of her most energetic and worthiest men;-seizing every piece of fruitful waste ground she can set her foot on, and there teaching these her colonists … that their first aim is to be to advance the power of England by land and sea”. Given the evidence, it is logical that John Ruskin wanted England to gain more power by claiming as much land and as much sea as possible. It was just a matter of pride because England (she) wanted to restore their traditional royalty and power, and to establish dominance. In conclusion, we can see that nationalism boosted England to strive for power and one way for doing that was to advance their power by land and sea and in this case it was claiming Africa.

It has been argued that technology was the driving force of the imperialism because it helped Europe colonize Africa dramatically. According to document C, there are many technologies that helped the Europeans for example, The steam engine (1787) was used as a source of power for a faster form of transportation. Another technology that helped was the Electric telegraph, it helped them communicate over long distance. Maxim gun was the first machine gun. Bessemer process, which was used to make steel faster and stronger for bridges, rails, tall buildings. There is still much more technology and these were just to name a few. From this evidence, we can easily conclude that with these technologies the Europeans were able to claim land in Africa easily and with this comes the driving force. The driving force is technology because with technology it was easier to colonize the land and claim the sea in Africa. While it is true that technology plays a huge role in the Europeans imperialism in Africa, national pride simply outweighs the counterclaim because it motivated countries to have a competition (a friendly one) for land and power. Basically, Friedrich Fabri in 1879 said that “Germany is very capable, so seaworthy, so industrially and commercially” successful of being able to take part in a friendly competition to strive for Africa and on the way learn from the British. He also mentioned, “Should new German Reich wish to prove and maintain its newly won position of power for a long time, it will have to take up the same culture-mission and delay no longer to acknowledge its colonial task”. According to document A we see the map split up into sections, this was the result of the berlin conference. Eight European countries receive a different amount of Africa. This shows that not only England but other countries in Europe has also established their piece to take from Africa. Germany (for example) has also decided to join in because they wanted to “maintain its newly won position of power for a long time” and to maintain that power they needed to take up the culture-mission (colonize parts of Africa). As you can see, many European countries have done the same thing and rise to power to claim Africa. This eventually becomes a friendly competitive race which provided lots of motivation to establish their (European Countries) power in the world. Wrapping it up, even though the technology was a big part of the imperialism in Africa, the actual driving force came from nationalism.

All in all, with national pride, comes the motivation and with the motivation comes forth the idea for power and to succeed they decided to colonize Africa. With the driving force being nationalism we can say that for sure they are going to be competition between many countries as they look forward to strength and power, and many countries would make colonization a competition. Even with the technology and tools, the European has the advantage on, people was actually motivated by nationalism. Summing it up without nationalism as the driving force for the imperialism in Africa there just might not be any colonization in Africa at all.

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In this unit, we have been working on our persuasive writing pice and I have decided to work on is called "Why Becoming a Vegetarian is Beneficial for you and the World". In this piece, I am trying to reach out to people informing them to consider becoming a vegetarian.

(my Writing)

Why Becoming a Vegetarian is Beneficial for you and the World

Did you know that Mike Tyson was a vegetarian? In fact, many famous people like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Ellen DeGeneres, Ozzy Osbourne are all vegetarian. Becoming a vegetarian is not easy, but if we all suddenly became herbivores it would benefit the world drastically by reducing chances of death, cruel ways of farming, and saving the world from global warming (greenhouse gases). Some may say that protein from meat is essential for human beings, at first, this might seem convincing but it has also been proven that being a vegetarian also can get you the same amount of protein.
1.Health is always number one priority. We all learn this at some point in our lives that vegetables are healthy and this is in fact very true. Becoming a vegetarian can lower the risk of death, according to a study in 2013 on 70,000 people found that vegetarian has 12% lower chance of dying to cholesterol that clogs arteries. That means vegetarians may be at a lower risk for chronic diseases overall. Looking at another study in 2013 of 44,000 people vegetarians were 32% less likely to develop ischemic heart disease.

2.Have you ever wonder what is going on in farms and how animals end up on our plate? Well the information you will be given might be disturbing but, in fact, true. There are a lot going on from the farm to your fridge for example chickens, you have seen eggs in the supermarket, fried chickens in store but did you know that these chicken were all genetically modified. Stores nowadays are demanding bigger and fatter chickens each day to satisfy their customers so instead of waiting for them to grow they inject them with things that would force them to grow fatter and in this process the chickens would be seriously in pain and some of them might die. Nearly millions of baby chicken are dying each day being grinded up in a slow and painful grinding machine right after they have hatched and this is just because they are male chickens. Pork is also a big thing as the farmers rush to get more pork on the market, they would rip off a baby pigs testicles with no anesthesia (by hand). Then inject them with chemicals that would make them grow faster, throughout this process millions of pigs are killed due to the fact that they suffer injuries and or they were slaughtered because they failed to grow. All these things are cruel and we as humans should always remember what they have been through and rethink our actions.

3.Being a vegetarian is not only beneficial for you but it's also beneficial for the world by reducing climate change. If the world didn't have farms and have about 1.4 billion cow population to feed us each day, it would reduce the possibility of climate change because of the millions of animals producing methane (7 or more times worse than Co2) and farms are producing the 60% of methane around the world. But we all know that it's not possible to shut down all the farms from around the world, so by reducing the amount of meat you buy, would mean that the farms do not need to produce as much food, therefore, reducing the number of animals they need to farm.

Summing it all up becoming a vegetarian can prevent a lot of bad changes to the world including health, pollution, and cruel farming techniques. This is the result of human extinction. Even the environment became an issue because of the farms increase rate of deforestation in order to raise animals. On the other hand growing only crops and vegetables is actually more beneficial. Raising an animal just to inject them with chemicals and give them pain, these are all unnecessary things. But as we evolve and grow we will start to realize that in the near future these things (stop eating meat) might just become a priority as we slowly change the world.

Here's what it looks like on teenink.

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