Spanish 8

Thinking about yourself as a learner is an important part of the learning process itself.  Think back about your work in this course.  Answer the following questions giving a thoughtful response that includes specific examples and details.

  1.  How is your work at the end of the year different from your work at the beginning of the year?

I think that the quality of the projects got better, especially on how I edit and plan it. I know that because in the beginning, I was really bad at editing videos and the quality was bad, but now it became better.

2.  In which area have you noticed the most improvement?  How do you know?

I think my consistency on my homework has improved because I got nearly everything handed in time except for a few of them. I know that because

Please, do not forget to upload the following projects into your blog:

Video – En una tienda de ropa

Cómic – Entrevista a un deportista famoso

Video – Entrevista a un deportista famoso

Video – Receta de cocina (Cooking Show)





The project I thought was the En una tienda de ropa video. I thought that it was the best because Me and Don worked on our video for a really long time, especially on the introduction which took over two hours for us to make itself. Also, we didn’t memorize our scripts so it also took us a long time to finish in total which was from 10 AM until 6 PM a total of 8 hours. The biggest challenge was our laziness because after we finished the introduction, we didn’t work on it for 2 hours and we were still not willing to work on it. Luckily, we decided to just work on it and it took us another 4 hours just to memorize the script and film. I think one skill I should use this year is to edit the the video better and have a good introduction. I think that because in the una tienda de ropa video, even though we did bad on the actual video, we still got a good grade because of our editing. If we could have redone this project, I think that we should have prepared earlier because we didn’t memorize the script and we ended talking and acting really weird. I think if we were prepared, we could have spoken fluently without bad acting.


 Another project I feel was successful was the comic Entrevista. I think that it was successful because I thought that I planned it out good and the quality of it was pretty good. Also, I got a decent grade on it. Most importantly, I returned it in time without making changes afterwards


I think that the most challenging on this project was getting the images because I couldn’t get the right images that fits the text.


A skill I learned this project is on how to pronounce all the words because when we present, we have to pronounce the words well and I learned how to do that

  If you were to redo THIS PROJECT for this class, what would it be?  What would you do differently to create a different outcome?



  Describe A PROJECT you feel was successful in this class.  What did you do to make it so successful?

 Describe what was challenging.  What did you do to overcome that challenge?

 Describe a skill you have learned this year that you will definitely use next year.

  If you were to redo THIS PROJECT for this class, what would it be?  What would you do differently to create a different outcome?



Life Saving Skills


The life saving techniques we learned ruing the unit was the Reach, Front and Rear rescue. For me my favorite was the front rescue because we were allowed to use materials and rescue them. My favorite game we played during this unit was water polo because it was just like playing handball and other sports. I think my effort and participation in this unit was around 8/10 because I missed a class and I didn’t do well in the warm ups.

CSI Industrial Revolution

CSI stands for color, symbol and image. My word is manufacture and it means to make on a large scale using machinery. The color I chose for the word is grey. The reason I chose that color is because I many manufactured items are usually grey such as cars, phones, and laptops. The symbol I chose for my word was a house with a roof. The image I chose was a picture of a saw and a shovel because people use those tools to manufacture huge items.


Newton’s vehicle no. 3

balloon car

In this project, there were many things we had to learn to be able to do this and there were also many things we learned after this. For me, in the design process, I learned that the lighter the material is the faster and further it goes. Another thing I learned was that the air in the balloon could affect speed. If I did this project again, I think I would change our wheels so that it would accelerate faster and further. What I learned about the Newton’s laws was that many of that actually can be examples in real life for example Newton’s 2nd law of motion, when I understood what it meant, I could think of so much examples in real life. If we could do it again and change the vehicle, I think I would want the wheels to be better and the car overall to have less mass so it moves faster. If we had a change to do a project similar to this, I would like to try out different types of cars because nearly everyone to had similar designs. I would also try to make it really light and have nearly nothing on the car except for maybe a stick and have huge wheels.

Newton Vehicle 2

balloon car

Our vehicle is first law of Motion through the balloons because the wheels will have a lot of friction, so if we have balloons then the balloon would push the car ignoring the wheel’s friction.  The second law of Motion incorporates with our car because the light materials that we use on our car which shows that there is less mass on the car. The third law of Motion incorporates with our car through the balloon because when the balloon exerts a force there will be another force pushing back inside the balloon and the car will move.

Newton Vehicle

Right now, the unit we are studying is Forces and Motion. Currently, we are learning about the 3 Newton’s Law of Motions. Also, after we learned about all the 3 Law of Motions, we were assigned to make a vehicle that uses the 3 Law of Motions. What he have do in this vehicle is that we have to make it travel 1.5 m without using a motor.

At first, our group were confused about how we would be able to do this. Later, when we went to the discovery stage, one of my group members thought about a good idea which where we could use a balloon. We also realized that that it could fit in more than one Law of Motions. That’s because if you exert force in the balloon, the balloon will release the air out so that it can move. It also explains the second law of motion because the law states that the mass and net force of the objects affects the acceleration. After that, we decided to design the car by using bottle caps as wheels, a random bottle, and a balloon connected to the straw.

newton vehicleballoon car




Game Coding 8

My game is a maze game and the main idea of the game is to finish all the levels. Not only do you have to finish levels but you also have to be avoided getting caught by a creature. At first, I had trouble thinking about a game I could create. So, I went on Google and searched up the best game ideas and I tried thinking of making a shooting game but I chose not to because I couldn’t think of ideas. Also, I decided to make a car racing game but I thought that the game would be a little boring. Because of that, I chose to make a maze game which is easy to make.

When I first started making it, I didn’t know how make the sprites go through walls so I had to search it up and I copied the blocks from the site. Then, I made a lot of blocks and what they did was that they changed the background(level) into another background(level) and I also put another group of blocks to initiate that they won level. Also, I made blocks that would allow the person to go back to the level they want so they don’t have to start over. In my game, there were only two sprites, the ball and the creature. The ball was the sprite and the blocks in the sprites section controlled the flow of the game. And, the the blocks in the creature sprite controlled the creature and I stopped the game when it touches the ball.



A day I remember

I was running really fast as I was late for school. However, I saw a big thing on the sky. Then, I realized it was some kind of fruit until it came closer and closer. Suddenly, it landed on my field! I was so mad that I ran to my field as I realized that it was my corn. Suddenly, I became really confused when I saw this man with green skin. He was pretty short and his eyes were really big. I was a little scared but then the man came up to me and asked this, “I’ve been here a long time ago for a little and the two people that lived here before were Catholic. But why are you not Catholic and the other two people you live with?” Then, I thought about it. So basically, I decided to explain the events that happened which made us a Protestant.

So this is basically what I said. “The two people you said you saw were actually my grandparents as kids when there weren’t married yet. So basically, back then, nearly everyone was a Catholic so my grandparents had to follow their parents which meant that they had to be Catholic. Right after that year and when my grandparents were about to get married, a man named Martin Luther who was a priest, wrote a book called The Ninety-Five theses in 1517. This book was about Martin Luther being mad about the Catholic church and he wanted to protest about the simony, nepotism, and the sale of indulgences. In case you don’t know what indulgence is the remission of a temporal punishment for a sin after the sin has been forgiven. Anyways, after the  The Ninety-Five theses written, the use of printing press went up a lot . Not only that but in the span of 10 years, there were 1 million books sold and 30% were from Martin Luther. Basically, because of that many people started to join Martin Luther’s thinking. That was the time when my grandparents fought the most. After years of arguments, they just decided to be a Catholic. Then after they gave birth to my father, he also married my mother after they became 20 years old and my mother was a protestant. So, they had arguments for a long time. After they had arguments for months, also the number of Protestants went up which was around 1560. But then, at around 1563, when I was born, my mother decided to end the argument and told my father to read The Ninety-Five theses. After that, I also became a Protestant with my mother and father. However, since my father’s parents grew up as a Catholic, they didn’t accept my father to be a Protestant. And again, there was a long argument which lasted weeks. But then, my grandmother, died shortly after I became one years old. Because of that, my father became really sad about not listening to his grandmother. However, he didn’t change his mind and was still a Protestant and he eventually became a leader in his city. As he didn’t change his mind, his father was really proud of him that his mother’s death didn’t affect him mentally and had success as a Protestant even when his parents didn’t agree. Because of that, his father also decided to be a Protestant.”

So this is basically this is what I said to the man or a creature or whatever it was. When I thought about the story I told him again, it still gives a warm feeling in my heart about how my grandfather reacted to my father’s choice.

Right then, the creature went into his vehicle and flew away to the sky. I waved goodbye to the thing I didn’t know what it was and walked to school. Then, I realized I was late to school as it was 7:58 and there was 2 minutes to get to class.

I think that the 7 min. challenge was a thing where he have to run our hardest we can for 7 minutes and calculate our score so we could test our endurance and strength. My goal for the 7 min challenge was to get to 1.5 km and I got that on my 4th trial by getting 1.68 because I’m more used to running in the gym than the field. The challenges I had to face was my mind because I kept on wanting to stop but kept on going and didn’t give up. One success I had was that I managed to keep on jogging and didn’t stop.



Activity BPM
Warm up 92
Dodgeball 102
Popcorn 130
Moshball 165
Resting 81
7 min challenge 168