‘Balling – Sonnet for Humanities


My love from me to basketball is great

The ball is far more brighter than the sun

I love this sport as if it was my fate

You’ll love this sport, and rate as number one.


Intensity throughout the game is high

The cheers from crowds is unavoidable

Adrenaline pumps ourselves high as sky

That’s what makes the sport so enjoyable

‘Ball and me are like babies and their toys

Both of us will not be separable.

I play ‘ball, like other athletic boys.

The stress of the day is repairable


Basketball repairs my all daily ills.

 It guarantees a lifetime of huge thrills.







Mandarin Unit Story

Once upon a time, there was a child name Adam. He loved travelling around the world. He travelled everywhere except for America. Adam looked really tall and handsome. He was a naughty person. Adam is  interesting person. He owns a buffet restaurant. It was a rainy day: he went to his own restaurant and ate too much. People had to call the ambulance. Later on it was found that it caused problems in his stomach.


Cóngqián, yǒu yīgè jiào yàdāng de háizi. Tā shì yīgè yǒuqù de rén. Tā qùguò shìjiè gèdì chúle měiguó. Tā xǐhuan shùxué kè. Tā zhǎng dé gāo gāo de hé hěn hǎokàn. Tā shì yīgè wánpí de rén. Tā yǒngyǒu yīgè zìzhù cāntīng. Nà shì yīgè yǔtiān. Tā qù tā de fànguǎn chī de tài duōle. Rénmen bùdé bù jiào jiùhù chē. Hòulái rénmen fāxiàn, tā yǒu wèibìng.


The Fire Alarm – Exploratory Writing 8

Have you ever wondered about pulling the fire alarms installed in your school? Places like the cafeteria, library, gym, etc. has them installed, in case of fire to alert everybody in the school. But you probably never wondered about how it works, right? The fire alarms in the school might look pretty simple to you, but as you unravel the secrets about fire alarms, it gets more complex and confusing.

There are few basic information that we need to know about the alarms. First of all, the purpose of a fire alarm is a anti-fire system that detects fire and alarms everybody. Second of all, there are many parts in the system: way of extinguishing, and alarm systems . Our school have fire drills often to train in case of a fire that might happen inside the school. Anyways, the fire alarm in the school can be set off in different ways, such as manually, by pressing or breaking the glass panel, or by the system detecting smoke.

The fire alarm detects smoke through an ionization detector. What is ionization? Ionization is changing molecules or atoms into ions. This detector sets the alarm off by small smoke particles from fire going through an ionization chamber. When smoke particles go through the chamber, it creates a change in the electric current, setting of the alarm of the school. As the alarm of the school goes off, the system such as bells, or sirens alerts everybody nearby with loud sounds. When there are big fires, the school system might use fire extinguishers or sprinklers to cease the fire.

Fire alarms are for our own safety, by alarming us if there was a fire. Ionization detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, alarms that are installed in our school are to keep our students in the school safe. If there were no fire alarms, the school might burn down because no systems would alarm everybody in the school. Never press the fire alarm as a prank, because it will cause confusion throughout the school.

School Fire Alarm

Science 8 – Balloon Car Reflection

When our group first started the Newton’s Law of Motion Unit, we were going to use a water as the mainframe and build around it. Later when we finished our first car, the body was too heavy so it will not roll to the front. The materials that we used for our final car was foam boards, skewers, straws, bottle caps, and balloons. Foam boards were durable and light in compare with other materials like cardboard. We also used bottle caps as the wheels because there was grip on the cap, giving friction. The straws and skewers acted like axles on our car. Our main power for the car to move was using the air in the balloon. We used small thin straws because they blew wind smoothly, unlike the big straws, where the air releases rapidly.


Our car was first made to learn and review about the Newton’s law of motion that applied to our vehicle. The first law of motion is that an object will stay in rest unless an unbalanced force is acted on it. Also, object in motion will stay in motion unless there is an unbalanced acted on the object. To show this on our car, our car will stay in motion because there is no force acting on it. If the car was to move, the unbalanced force would be the air inside the balloon. The second law of motion is that the heavier the object, the more force is used to move the object. For example, our car would need more air in the balloon if we had to move a heavier object. However, since our car is really light, we need less air in the balloon to move the same distance. The third law of motion is, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This law can be shown, by the air in the balloon releasing as the action, and the reaction of it would be the air behind the cars pushing back to the car.


When all of the cars in the class was gathered up, our group thought that we would win. We tested out the car indoor, and it would go out really. However, when we started the race with other cars, our cars was different; we were last in almost every race. Our group, “The Rice Angels”, thought that our car had a lot of mistakes while operating the car. One mistake that all of our teammates did was that when they blew air inside the balloon, we moved the direction of the straw moving. The straw had to be straight, but our straws always went left or right. We also think that the floor outside of the classroom is not fit for our wheels, because of the friction. The weight of the balloon also affected our distance and speed, because the balloon was too big and it could not move.


JS’s Food Story

Rice cake soup (Tteokguk, 떡국) is special to me because I eat these every year. This rice cake soup is eaten every year during the celebration of Korean New Year (Tet in Vietnam). The origin of this soup is from Korea, where people used to eat from long time ago. In the old times, people were too poor, so this soup was not eaten often. They would eat this at Korean New Year, as a meaning of “growing one more year older”. During the time eating this soup, it gave importance to our families because we would gather up in one place, to eat this soup and grow older. This soup has special meaning because this is food that everybody Koreans eat together at the Korean New Year. When I was young, I really, really hated this soup because it was not my taste back then. However, now I try to eat them because my mom would cook this meal not really often throughout the year. Anyways, here you have it! The recipe for this tasty soup 😀





-Rice Cake







1. Put anchovies and kelp in a bowl of 500 ml of water for 2 – 3 minutes.

2. After boiling the kelps and anchovies, we take out the remaining things from the bowl.

3. After taking out the remaining kelp and anchovies, we make the taste of the soup better by using small amounts of salt.

4. Then, we put the rice cake in the soup. Boil until there are bubbles in the bowl (about 1 minute).

5. While waiting, break 1 egg open and mix it until it is all yellow.

6. After boiling 1 minute or more, we put the egg all around the soup.

7. Get few amounts of shallot, and cut it up into small pieces.

8. Put the cut-up shallot into the soup. Let it boil for another 1 – 2 minutes.

9. Take out the soup into small amounts for your meal, and make taste by using pepper depending how you want to eat it.

10. Put laver on the soup and enjoy!


Images (in order)

js cn 9










js cn 7











js cn 8









js cn 3











js cn 2














Reflection for Bento Box

I personally like bento boxes when I go to Japanese restaurant. There are a lot of different foods types like side dishes, main dishes, dessert, etc. which can give the person who is eating a lot of enjoyment. After searching a lot of creative bento boxes on the internet, it gave me inspiration to make a bento box that is creative and also delicious. We made a bento box in our class, “Cooking and Nutrition”. My project was finalized into a pacman bento box, with the pacman as rice. Also, the ghosts in the bento box was made my spam, being cut by spam.




   rice, ham, cheese, cucumber, kiwi, apple, cherry tomatoes, rice, lettuce, spam


1. Get ingredients.

2. Wash all the fruits and vegetable.

3. Place few lettuce on the bottom of the box.

4. Shape the rice with the cups.

5.Place the rice on top of the lettuce.

6. Cut the rice into the shape of a pacman.

7. Place the tomatoes on the bottom of the rice.

8. Crack the egg open and mix it all yellow.

9. Start frying the egg, while cutting pieces of apple and place in the top of the rice.

10. Finish the egg, and cut the egg into the same shape as the rice.

11. Cook the spam. While waiting, make ham flowers by cutting it into halves and twist it tightly. x2

12. Finish frying the spam, and start cutting the spam into the ghost shape with scissors. x2

13. Add eyes to the spam with seaweed.

14. Peel the kiwi, into halves, and cut it into little pieces. Place them in the corner with the cupcake wrap.

15. Do the same thing to the mango, and place it next to the kiwi.

DRY ICE! – Science 7 Reflection

Video Lab Reflection

Scientific Lab Report: Written vs Video

1.) What were the positives and negatives of using video instead of writing your lab report?

2.)What did you learn about Dry Ice?

3.) Embed your video link into your blog

The positives of using video instead of lab report is that we do not have to write in our paper. The negative of using a video is that we do not have any question to reflect on, or talk about. In this lab of experiencing dry ice, we learned few things about dry ice. I learned that dry ice sublimates. Sublimate mean is going to solid into gas, not liquid. We did 3 labs in our video lab report. These are the questions: Does dry ice melt the way regular ice does, what happens when dry ice is placed in water, and how can we make dry ice sublimate faster. We first did our experiment of melting. Dry ice sublimates, but regular ice melts into liquid. The other thing we did is put dry ice into dish detergent. We saw dish detergent and bubbles coming out of the cup. The 3rd lab was putting dry ice into cold water and hot water. Hot water melted faster than cold water.

This is our YouTube video link for our dry ice experiment: