Seaweed soup

By: J.K. Jeon

The seaweed soup has been the food that our ancestors started eating four or five hundred years ago. It’s sometimes called, “the birthday soup.” because a lot of Koreans like to eat this soup during birthdays. Even I used to eat this soup during my birthday. I even remember making this soup with my mom on my dad’s birthday. I also eat this soup when my go to my grandma’s house. My grandma has a secret recipe that can make this soup extra tasty. My grandma makes her own soy sauce. However, the tradition of my family has changed. Our family now eats cakes for birthday, and my family eats this soup only for breakfast. I still eat this soup often because my mom brings the soy sauce that my grandma makes The soy sauce is crucial to the flavoring of the soup. My grandma told me once that this takes at least 3 weeks to 1 month. My grandma would make the secret soy sauce and would store it for years. I sometimes even see soy sauce that are at least 5 years old. My mom told me that she stores it for a long time so the soy sauce can undergo fermentation. Since my mom can’t make this sauce, my mom just brings a little bit of my grandma’s soy sauce back to Vietnam so I can still eat this soup and it looks like my grandma has made it. This soup has a lot of meaning to many Koreans.

This soup is contains, beef, anchovies, seaweed, (the ones that grow under the sea.) soy sauce. The Ingredients can change depending on how you want to eat it. You can also put clams inside the soup instead of beef. Here are the steps on making the soup.

1. Cut the seaweed open.






2. Put the seaweed inside water and let it soak for 10 minutes.

image (1)





3. After 10 minutes mix the seaweed and pour out the water

image (2)





4. Fry the seaweed and add sesame oil.

image (3)







5. Add water to the seaweed and let it boil.

image (4)






6. Add two full spoons of soy sauce (this is my grandma’s secret sauce)

image (5)






7. Add a little bit of salt for taste.

image (6)





Basketball players are here for the game.

They defend, they score, they play to gain points.

Each and every player looks for great fame.

Every single fan is rocking the joint.


Pride and fame does not symbolize greatness.

Teamwork has an crucial meaning behind.

Your efforts show your talents and straightness.

Teamwork show teams talents and hard work defined.


Coaches make up the play for their offense.

They can execute plays so perfectly.

The fans are on their chairs feeling tense.

Teamwork shows that they play effectively.


Everybody has talent that wins games.

Teamwork is always the one that wins fame.




The story of David (Mandarin)

从前有一个人他叫 David. 他二十一岁了。现在 David 生活在胡志明市。 David 他有长脸和很矮。David 喜欢聚会。David 去夜总会。David 回来后已经凌晨三点了。上次,David 去医院因为他去聚会太多。 明天,David 去迈阿密。David 和弟弟一起 吃早饭。David 有很多钱。他用他的钱在夜总会玩. David 有一个弟弟,一个哥哥, 九个妹妹 和妈妈爸爸。David 向往自由. 他总是很累,所以他决定找一份工作。David 回到西贡. David 存了他的钱. David 成为了一位成功的人。

Once upon a time, there was a guy named David. He is 21 years old. Today, David lives in Ho Chi MInh City. He had a long face and was really short. David liked to party. David went to the nightclub. Tomorrow, David went to Miami. Him and his little brother ate breakfast together. David had a lot of money. David used all his money in nightclub. David had one little brother, one older brother, and 9 little sisters. David looked forward to freedom. David was always tired of going to nightclub. Therefore, he decided to get a job. David returned to Saigon, David invested his money in business, and David has succeeded.


사진 1

Do you need to find a way to be healthy? Do you need to find an easy way to pack your lunch?  Well, here’s an example, you can pack your lunch more creatively or simpler. There are really easy ways to pack your lunch and today I’m going to show how to create the most simple Bento Box ever. First of all, here are the ingredients for the Bento Box I prepared. This Bento Box I prepared is really healthy because foods like bananas and oranges has a lot of Vitamins in it. I also added anchovies because anchovies has a lot of calcium, which makes your bone stronger. I also added some vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes. This bento box is based on healthy ingredients without any artificial ingredients.



1 cup of Rice,

1 Lettuce,

1 cup of Tomato,

1/2 cup of Bananas,

1/2 cup of Apples,


Eggs (Optional)

Oranges (Optional)

Seaweed(for the eyebrows and lips)

Beans (For the eyes)


Step 1, I shaped my rice into a triangular figure to make it more creative.

Step 2: Use Beans, seaweed to create the eyes and the eyebrows.

Step 3: Place the lettuce underneath the rice.

Step 4: Place tomatoes, lettuce and fruits as decoration.

Step 5: Get Anchovies and start mixing with vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes

Step 6: Get fruits like Bananas, Apple, Oranges as a dessert.

You have completed making your own lunch! How simple it is!

It’s actually quite easy to make. The best part of making this lunchbox is that it is creative. Now, do it by yourself at home! It’s simple and it’s healthy.

Total Cost: 74000 VND


Reflection about the NEWTON CAR-3000


We were asked to build a vehicle that moves based on Newton’s three laws of motion. The purpose of making this vehicle was to make sure that we understand Newton’s three laws of motion, and how it’s applied to it. This vehicle was made of recycled materials such as water bottle, bottle caps, straws, skewers and rubber bands. We wrapped our bottom of the water bottle,which is the front of the vehicle. It can reduce air resistance with aerodynamics, which makes our car faster. We started without wrapping the bottom. Our car went really slow because it created a lot of air resistance as our car was moving, which made our car decelerate. We used the same techniques as airplanes, by making our front of the vehicle really pointy. This technique made our car really fast.


Our Vehicle uses the three laws of motion. First law is the law of inertia. According to Newton’s first law,  an object will remain at rest unless an unbalanced force acts upon it. If you blow the straw, our car would be able to move using the air coming out of the balloon. Basically, our car will only move when we blow the balloon. The second law states that the greater the mass, the greater the amount of force is needed. Our car was meant to be light, and our car used light materials. If our car was really heavy, than our car would be hard to move faster. The third law states that it pushes back if you push an object. Basically action force of our car is the balloon, and the reaction force is the air coming out of the balloon. The air coming out of the balloon pushes the car from the opposite direction and is able to accelerate.


From racing with other cars, there were a lot of great cars that were faster. There were a lot of cars that travel more distances. The winner was Jonathan’s group because they didn’t build a car. They built a rocket with balloons. The poorest team in this race would be Ui Jin’s group because their car wasn’t going that fast. Also, they had a lot of issues from the race because their balloon popped. If I had to do this project again, Our group would improve the wheels a little bit more because they weren’t From this project, I got to understand Newton’s three laws of motion more clearly and how we apply these three laws in real life.


What I thought about The Outsiders

I liked this book generally because the plot was showing us life of greasers and how they survive and live together. It also showed us that friendship is very important to them and what friends mean to them. I liked this book because it reminded me of my friends. It was very nice. I liked the way we studied this book because we can find out how the character really feels during the story. Also, I liked how we looked at each characters during the story and discussing about their characteristics about that character. I also liked when we studied each vocabulary in the book and learning it’s meaning. I learned that although the social classes are different, we are still same human beings.

Dear Johnny (The Outsiders)

Hey Johnny,

I heard it from Dally. This is going to get serious. I can’t really believe you killed a soc, a crime that I never committed. You and Pony were there, at the park and met Bob and four other socs. They were also drunk, which made the problem worse. They tried to get you as a revenge on picking up  Cherry and Marcia. Ponyboy was getting drowned inside the fountain, when you got an switchblade and stabbed Bob in the stomach. I know you had a bad memory on the rings that had badly cut you last time. However, It was brave of you to save Pony from getting drowned inside the fountain, but man, it’s not your fault that you killed him. You had to kill Bob because he tried to kill Pony. Look man, we’re just greasers and they are just socs. We’re just two people divided. It’s sometimes very normal for that crime to happen.


Johnny, I recommend you and Pony to runaway somewhere around the countryside. I’m telling you this because it’s the safest place to go hide. Take a freight train to the countryside and become a farmer. Never Ever give up yourselves on the cops. Besides, who would they really believe? Obviously the socs. Johnny, since Pony is coming with you, you are going to be safe, I guarantee. Pony is very smart, so he’ll be able to use his own head.  You’ll be safe because the police wouldn’t reach far to the countryside. Wish you good luck, kid.

Your good old buddy,

Two- Bit